Note:  Just to let you know for those who didn’t read yesterday’s Oracle and pay attention to this stuff, it’s a pretty good looking week for getting some business done and accomplishing what you want.  There is a Time-Out and a Falling Out period from 2:05 to 10:11 p.m. Pacific (5:05 p.m. -1:11 a.m. Eastern) on Tuesday January 25th…so depending on where you are in the world, Tuesday is the day to pay attention to to make sure you set your intentions and make your decisions in the morning/afternoon. Mark your calendars.


For those who do not know, “Time-Outs” take priority over everything.  Don’t take important actions or make important decisions during these times.  Nothing positive comes from them.  It is a great time to brainstorm, discuss, consider issues and avoid pushing forward at this time; plan, develop, research, catch up on paper work, clean your office, clean your house, discuss, write, develop ideas – just no decisions.  It is not a time to sign contracts or negotiate contracts, start anything, open any kind of business, hold important meetings make presentations start business trips or make travel arrangements.  Just stop, relax, enjoy yourself or do nothing – meditate, introspect and get centered. (To learn more about the Better Business Guide, which I have been using since 1999, check out


Today’s Oracle 


Oppression – Five of Wands - The energies and directions are evolving around misperceptions and how we oppress our very own selves…read on…


Oppression is a constant reminder that life is about liberation of all your potentials.  Every form of oppression is an opportunity for liberation.  To recognize your oppression is to understand the freedom of yourself.  You cannot know freedom without knowing oppression.  In knowing your oppression, you automatically know your way to liberation.


Oppression is always self-created (yes, indeedy!) You create your own oppression through your ignorance, through your lack of self-awareness.  Your limited self-understanding is your barrier.  INCREASE YOUR IMAGE OF YOURSELF and you will unlock all your talents.  Free yourself from limitation by seeing yourself accurately.  You are truly the universe.  All things are possible if you see the possibilities.  You need to see yourself and your situation in a new light.  Free your mind from your limited narrow viewpoint and from negativity.  Look through other doorways.  Do NOT despair.  You cannot know freedom except through experiencing this bondage.


Your spirit is limitless and free.  Your negative mind, however, only sees your limitations.  The negative mind sees no way through setbacks and wallows in disappointment.  Negativity perpetuates itself to the confinement of your spirit.  Live in the radiance of your spirit and you will soar!  Do it NOW!!!


Let your mantra for today be:  I AM increasing my image of myself and expanding my self-expression...And So It Is!!!


Love from the Lotus World <333,



Note:  This Oracle is from Voyager Tarot: Way of the Great Oracle by James Wanless Ph.D. © 1989 James Wanless


Further Note:  See Darity’s “Monthly” Oracle in OM-Times Magazine. The Oracle for the Month of January is done and is up at Om-Times Magazine, here is a direct link:  It says EXPANSION is the energy needed for January. Please visit - it is a great online media magazine. Let me know if you would like a copy of the January Oracle and I will be happy to send it out individually


Remember:  If at any time you wish to subscribe to ~The Daily Oracle~ simply send me an email at, just put “Subscribe” in the Subject Line or sign up at


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