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Creating A New Way Of Life  The energies and directions are now evolving around taking this time to feel, experience and understand that we are living in some very exciting and powerful times.  On the deepest level of consciousness, radical spiritual transformation is taking place and it is happening within each of us who are paying attention to and participating in this transformation.


This Oracle is really just a reminder to continue the spiritual processes you have been going through over the last few years, but specifically, to continue to take a good look and see what you need to let go, what or who you need to release from your world, so you can build your new world in its place.  This is almost a daily process at this time.  Eyes wide open!!!  It is enough if you will just identify them, write them down and maybe keep track of them…adding and deleting like a “To Do” list.  Keeping them in your conscious mind and it is always interesting to look back and see where you were at the beginning of 2013, if you journal along the way too.


If you are feeling discouraged or the negative mind just will not let go, release all that mental busy-ness by fixing your attention on a beautiful image or just go outside and look at the trees, the clouds, the plants, the flowers, connect with nature.  Feel grateful for this beautiful Planet, hold your attention there until the mental struggle abates and you find a sense of renewal.


The changes taking place begin with you and as more and more individuals are awakened, that awakening vibration moves into mass consciousness shifting each and all of us along the way.  This releasing or “Breaking Karmic Patterns” is one of the most important spiritual processes you can put in place in your life, truly releasing the old and creating the new.  As you are moving into your new life, the old, duality, must pass away and it is a constant journey to look and see where those “old” patterns are impacting you, limiting you or holding you back.  Think “no limits!”


Let your mantra be:  I AM releasing the old so I can build the new…And So It Is!!!


Love from the Lotus World <333,



Note:  This Oracle is from the Spirit of Darity © 2010-2013 The RYS Center All Rights Reserved


Further Note:  See Darity’s “Monthly” Oracle in OM-Times Magazine. Please enjoy OM-Times Magazine – a wonderful publication www.omtimes.com.  Also, the Oracle for the Month of April is done, it’s about Trust.  If you would like a copy of the April Oracle by email, I will be happy to send either, just email me at Darity@ReviveYourSpirit.org and put “April Oracle” in the subject line. 

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