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Reincarnation – Karma – The energies and directions are evolving around contemplating perspectives on reincarnation and karma as you travel on your soul’s journey…read on…


To understand how all this works (our Soul journey and creating our own reality), we need to understand a little about reincarnation.  Reincarnation states that we live many lifetimes in many different bodies with a period of review between lifetimes.  It holds that we are spirit traveling through the world of matter, which is like a school for us.  The lessons of the physical universe are many and varied, therefore demanding a variety of body types, historical periods, environments, people, cultures and challenges.  They also allow us to experience life through the ever-changing lens of our evolutionary status.  Thus, a young soul will learn from a situation something different than an old soul in the same situation.  So not only do circumstances change as we evolve but also what we bring to them.


“But, why bother?” you may ask.  “Why have all this pain and struggle?”  The answer to this cannot be fully appreciated from the physical frame of reference.  But once we are out of the body, why we bother is eminently clear:  we choose to.  Our soul eagerly embraces all experience and the opportunities these experiences afford for growth.  When we quiet ourselves long enough in meditation to experience our Higher Self or soul, we know this.  We know our existence to be purposeful—and glorious.


Contrary to what many think about reincarnation, we are not on an endless treadmill or wheel, returning to life to make amends, only to reincarnate again in another imperfect form.  No, we are here to evolve beyond the physical dimension.  For that, perfection is not required, since human beings can never be perfect.  For that, only understanding and love are required.  When we have finished with the lessons of the physical plane, we move to another dimension and its lessons.  Just as certain lessons can only be learned on the physical level, others only can be learned on other planes, which are not physical at all.  Life is a progression: the wisdom gained in one lifetime is carried into the next and built upon.  And this continues indefinitely in other dimensions.


We are continually evolving, as is the Godhead, of which we are part.  We are not entities apart from God as much as aspects of God, which continually expand God.  We don’t have to become God—we already are God (or part of God)!  This explanation is simplistic but useful.  It may be all that we can hope to grasp of our greatness while encased in the physical body and limited by the mind and senses.


Like reincarnation, the concept of karma is often misunderstood.  Some think that their problems are punishment for something they did in a former lifetime.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth or the spirit of karma.  Karma is the means by which we receive the lessons that we need to evolve.  Our karma is the situations we create to teach us these lessons.  These teachings come in many forms, some painful and some not.  Actually, many of our challenges are not karmic at all but are chosen by our souls to speed our growth.  Challenges are the means by which we evolve and become conscious of ourselves as Spirit, as something beyond our personal self – not proof that we did something wrong in a former lifetime.  Difficulties are part of the natural process of evolution on the physical plane.


The nature of life is to evolve and this sometimes necessitates pain.  Blaming ourselves, others or God for our misfortunes is a waste of energy and a misuse of our will.  And yet, we are free to choose blame over acceptance, although this will lead to stagnation and pain rather than wisdom.  Although we may not be able to choose whether or not we will evolve (but we all eventually do), we do choose how we will evolve – slowly or quickly, through pain or through acceptance.  Accepting everything that comes to us is the joyful choice!


Let your mantra for now be:  I AM paying attention to my thought patterns as I AM becoming more and more accepting of All That Is…And So It Is!!!


Love from the Lotus World <333,



Note:  This Oracle is a portion of an unpublished manuscript by Gina Lake called Sojourn reproduced in the book The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap for the New Millennium by Robert Perala ©1998 Robert Perala












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