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Sacred Journey – The energies and directions are continuing to evolve around continuing to practice staying in the moment…Read on…

“What is the greatest challenge on the spiritual path?”  The answer is: “Everyday life!”  It seems the structures, foundations and thought forms of this world are based on the illusion of separation from Spirit.  It is an illusion.  It is a dream.  And yet, most of the manifestations that you encounter each day are projections based on this illusion of separateness: the fears, the mistrust, all of the learned negative tendencies that have sprouted up so profoundly on this otherwise lovely planet.  Because you are sensitive and opening, yet still existing in this world, in daily life, these energies do affect you in certain ways.  Not always, but much of the time.  Indeed, to go and sit in a cave and meditate is a way to insulate yourself, to isolate yourself from these negative energies, but it is also isolating you from a full and complete realization of the magnificence of the divine play.  For within that divine play, even those so-called negative energies have a role, have a direct and important teaching role for you.  They are strengthening and empowering you.  The energies of this world penetrate your emotional bodies.  They “push your buttons” and bring up the energies that you need to clear in order to become more fully realized, more blissful, more connected.

It is a testament to each of you, to your courage, to your strength, that you have chosen to come here at this time, to walk this steep path of Self-Realization and Ascension in a world that is undergoing massive emotional clearing and healing.  Indeed, it is quite a task you have set for yourselves, quite a challenge you have accepted.  For not only is there your spiritual path, there is the grocery store, there is family life, there is your career, there is money—all of these aspects of life that must still be maintained and honored even while you are undergoing this incredible transformation.  If you feel at times overwhelmed, please do not think less of yourselves.  Consider all that you are doing.  We honor you for your commitment, for your openness, for the strength that you have shown.  Indeed, only the strong of heart were invited to this party in the first place!  And not only is there your spiritual practice and your worldly lives, but there is the planetary Ascension process that is occurring in each moment.  The world under you very feet is transforming.  There is a quickening of energies transforming everything even more profoundly.  Where in all of this is your sanctuary?

Within each moment there is a gate and that gate opens into a state of surrender that is beyond whatever external phenomenon you are encountering, whatever your mind and body and emotions are encountering.  Each moment holds this beautiful gate of surrender and that gate opens into your sanctuary.  You will find that the dreams you have held onto in the past for security, for satisfaction, do not provide you with that feeling, that security, that nurturing, that safety, that connection.  You will find that your memories of the past, no matter how beautiful they may have been, do not bring up that feeling of connection and sanctuary within you, that feeling of Union.  It is only the real and practical opening to the Self within you in each moment that opens the gate that allows you to cope with this life, to transform in the ways that are required in order to maintain that peace and joy.  That moment, fortunately for you, never leaves.  You go to the gas station.  You are pumping the gasoline.  You spill it on your hands.  The moment and the gate are still there.  In that moment you have a choice to become angry or disturbed or to laugh at the absurdity of life and enter that open gate of surrender.

Human beings come before you with their strange projections and dreams and your reactions to those color your experience.  To hold to the Real in each moment, in each moment as it opens, is your path.  That is all you have to cling to in these final stages of growth.  And in that moment is the Love, is the Light, is the Grace that takes you home.  It only exists now.  And “now” becomes that timeless place where you can dwell, where we dwell, where all Masters dwell.

Let your mantra for now be:  I give thanks for all my lessons, for my everyday life and I enter the gate of the moment for my safety, security, sanctuary, life…for my spiritual food...And So It Is!!!

Love from the Lotus World in San Diego, CA <333,


Note:  This Oracle is from Sananda: The Gate of the Moment from the book Sacred Journey by Eric Klein (c) 1998 Eric Klein

Further Note:  See Darity’s “Monthly” Oracle in OM-Times Magazine – a wonderful publication www.OmTimes.com.  The Oracle for May is done, it is all about Appreciation.  I will be happy to send it to you by email.  If you wish to have a copy just email me at Darity@ReviveYourSpirit.org and put “May Oracle” in the subject line. 


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Comment by Charlie on April 30, 2012 at 3:09pm

You're welcome  

I am glad that this is resonating with other's as much as it does with me  



Comment by sagenhoney on April 30, 2012 at 2:50am

Nice message - thanks.

Comment by Ann on April 29, 2012 at 5:09pm

Wow thanks for posting Charlie.  This is probably the very best one I can remember to date.  I just love this:  "To hold to the Real in each moment, in each moment as it opens, is your path.  That is all you have to cling to in these final stages of growth.  And in that moment is the Love, is the Light, is the Grace that takes you home.  It only exists now.  And “now” becomes that timeless place where you can dwell, where we dwell, where all Masters dwell."  I beleive we are all Masters me you & everyone dearest (((Charlie)))

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