the FOYER of your home feng shui transition point

From outer world to your sanctuary ...HOME
~ OM Space ~ the House Foyer ~

Everyone is moving thru so many energy shifts on the planet and in our lives right now...we are all experiencing..the Doorways or what in feng shui is termed' the mouth of the chi'...your entrance to your Home space is the Mouth of inflowing Chi. Let's TALK....
this is also True for your Business and inflow of Business....Namaste Roshandra

Today more then Ever we are all seeking the benefits of PEACE and CALM and Environment can provide that.
This is why feng shui has become a truly beautiful tool to work with and influence your living spaces with the principles of this practice. The picture above is a clients space. Some very simple elements were arranged in this foyer to allow the leaving of the outside world and day of business behind and enter into the cool calm and clean uncluttered quiet of the transition to the HOME space..

Buddha statue in the element of Family and Tree energy..calming and soothing..earthy too.
Taupe walls with a slight putty to them..also tones down outside yang world energy..
Wood foyer flor again gently grounding and calming..
One Mirror to deflect out unwanted 'chi' while creating a water nourishment to wood element and perfect balance and focus point for the 'energy' there.
Carpet runner is in colors to be neutral and calming and richly adds the touches of comfort and home..

Taking 'your shoes off' when you enter your home space is a simple but spiritual practice to honor your space and harmony of transition there..

If we TREAT our HOMES as Sacred Spaces the energy will meet that and you will feel it as SANCTUARY.
Home can be a Restful Calming Womb space and one of Great PEACE....Designed to support your needs..

Leaving your HOME daily the FOYER is also the moment to look in the mirror to see if you are prepared for the world's day and to leave the quiet internal space of OM HOME into the Outer World...Foyer is your Bridge between those two worlds....Namaste....Blessings Roshandra.......
all 'rights reserved by Roshandra Mitchell Simon ~ The Art of Centering' .. ...

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Comment by Roshandra on July 7, 2010 at 11:50pm
This foyer i just loved...the client is a high pressured real estate agent in very hard....the foyer became a favorite place to take a breath and center for the day ahead..even taking the pictures of this space...........there is that ahhh feeling........Namaste Roshandra

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