The basic premise is that we, most of us on the North American continent, live in a culture/society dominantly influenced by Christianity, (and all that means with its diverse pathways) and what is our relationship to that reality?

What we suppress, some teachers say, will eventually surface in some form or another. As we reject statements, people, situations, even parts of our self – we may not have cleared that within, or may have blocked it, or tucked it into a secret part of the self or body. We then move on only to have it resurface later in feelings of doubt, anger, confusion, fear, or lack of purpose/destiny.

As we embrace, or explore, the rich tapestry of Planetary Beliefs what is our position with the Christian message, or Christians in general, and how is that (if it is) different than the message of Christ himself?

At the very least let us recognize, for the most part, we live in a society where this spiritual heritage is prevalent. Our friends, neighbors, acquaintances, strangers, and the American culture in general is and has been influenced by these beliefs and teachings. (as well as the wide range of interpretations, methods of implementation in daily life, and outright abuse/manipulation of any potential gems for healing and happiness.)

Our cultural entertainments, economy, and stories/myths are part of this environment. This is embedded within our psyche at a childhood level in the majority of the population. How do we position ourselves in this milieu?  Does it matter in our daily and life-long routine and dreams? Can we ignore this psychic/soul energy without it having influence throughout our individual lives and society?

If you had a Christmas tree, went to anyones home that had a Christmas tree, exchanged wrapped presents, saw/heard any holiday advertisement in the media, witnessed holiday symbols and scenes or heard holiday songs, that was an influence on the psyche, the mind, and the heart. How did it feel?

Yes, I do know of the pagan roots of some to the practices, which makes this study and dialogue all the more interesting and relevant. There is not Easter bunny or painted eggs in the Bible, and the resurrection of Christ is perfectly timed with the resurrection of nature in the spring. And this was most likely celebrated throughout the ages without any knowledge of Christ or his teachings.

These symbols and practices may have a greater influence on our psyche, our mind, and heart, and on every faction of our life, more than we realize. I believe that dialogue in this area could be healthy and fruitful. It may push buttons, it may even offend, which also is a clue of the depth of influence this matter may have.

This is speculative on my part, to consider this as a psychic or spiritual wounding. We are surrounded by it, some of us have had it engrained deeply, and yet we still may not recognize or honor that presence. To approach and discuss possible wounding, and blessings, may be to approach deeper healing.

Feel free to comment, share, question, and participate. This is a scaffold for a very large dialogue in todays world, the Unspoken Conversation.

The Us vs. Them posturing is so prevalent. If one is a Christian (determined by a range of qualifiers, depending on the belief-thread) then there is a sense of separation between those that “believe” and those that don’t, even within family and between ones that we love. And again, this is with a wide range of posturing and behavior, from the most strict and rigid, to more of a mouth-service style and great flexibility, but still a part of the emotional environment.

If one isn’t a Christian there may be a sense of separation and even escape from something that may have had far too much influence on the personal development. Also this may include loss as something that once was believed, even if not by choice, is now gone and may not have been fully released, still holding regret and resentment or the feeling of being manipulated at a young and trusting age.

So we reject each others positions, unspoken and not even knowing our own stance. This spills over into politics, business, relationship and every corner of society.

The dilemma is the two positions of rejection of Christian values, teaching, behavior, and culture – or reclaiming our heritage at any level that feels authentic, after consideration rather than knee-jerk rejection due to injury, looking at the wounds or scarring, or simply saying this does not involve or concern me. Even them let’s remember we are surrounded by this belief system, regardless of our personal path or head-space, and it does influence far more of our lives than we may care to recognize.

Without putting too many boundaries on the dialogue I think it could be helpful for those that “witness” or testify in their belief to use “I” statements rather than slogans and common affirmations used to proselytize.  Also if we don’t’ support anyones belief or perspective, again please use “I” statements rather than bashing or sarcasm.

We are exploring this terrain together. Maybe there are unspoken wounds, anger, or just general disgust or disinterest. There may be value in this dialogue or possibly we have resolved this in our own personal ways, or just simply but denying the influence of these early experiences. Framing this issue with process, language and authenticity may give us more options as we live and operate in this society/culture.

 Also it is a given that throughout the history of the Christian religion some have behaved less than honorable. That fact may not be evidence of its lack of influence in our lives, and if we are triggered by discrepancies in the teaching or hypocrisy in its followers or teachers, this may be a rich journey into the human psyche and heart.

I expect most folks on this web page do understand the message of Christ, and separately i am addressing the rejection of those teaching by our general population, and replacing our western heritage with trans-cultural practices, which i understand and support, just curious as to the depth of rejection of our own culture, and the possible wounds that aren't being addressed.

This potentially could be a conversation with much juice in to, a deep well for us to gather at with hope for understanding and connection, both within the self and between each other.


Peace and Blessings as we move through these coming months and years.



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