Statistics: Approximately eighty percent of adult smokers surveyed started before they turned 18. This translates into five million of our children living today will die due to smoking.

Over fifty percent of teens from twelve to seventeen state pot is easy to get.

Forty percent of all teens admit to drinking when they get upset

One third of college students said they wish alcohol was not served at college sponsored events

Teens watch approximately seven hours of television a day.

These are some pretty intense statistics. Who is at fault? The American Family Research Council surveyed parents and teens recently and came up with a total of thirty eight minutes per week that the average parent spends in conversation with their children. That is less than an hour a week. And adults, politicians, and parents wonder why the teen population is in trouble. If we don't listen to them, we can't hear them.

Try spending fifteen minutes a night listening to your children without a TV on or some video game in the child's hand. Don't know how to start a conversation with your teen - how about "how was your day?" You may be surprised what they tell you.

Having two teenagers at home and a young woman, I have had my share of teen difficulties. I have also had my share of "mom thanks for listening". We do not have to have the answers, sometimes our children just need to verbalize their feelings to some one who will just listen and not try and judge them or change them.I started with my oldest (the young woman now)not having a clue how to parent a teen. I was teen when I had her. So when I did all the wrong things and my daughter sought out other ways to relieve her pain, anxiety, and frustrations, I did not know where to turn. A counselor suggested a journal. It has proved to be one of the most beneficial keys to communication with my teens. I write something to my teen in their private journal. Sometimes it is a way to go and other times it is want to explain..... Then my teen writes back. No judgment. No punishment. Only words opening the door way.

Take your teen to lunch. Sounds silly, but take your teen and just your teen to a real sit down restaurant lunch date. It can give you that much needed quiet time with your teen.Have a game night. Let the teens pick the game. It gives you as a family unit some family time to laugh and enjoy one another.

The statistics can only change, when we as parents change. It is not the teens that are asking to be lost in life. Our teens are the victims of our adult hectic fast paced lives. Take 15 minutes a day and talk to your teen. It is only 15 minutes. Isn't your child worth it?

Originally published on for Rev. Carla Goddard Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Article Source: The Lost Children and Victims of Neglect

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