Last evening I was sent a link and an appeal to watch a video by It was a video entitled "The Many Faces of God". It was a video done by a man who strong in his conviction has been strongly opposed in his own religious dogma to a belief of unification. A unification between people of all spiritual paths. The opposition to his convinction is shared intimately by this man (to read and watch please visit the website of

The simple, yet profound, message of the video was "the message of LOVE, one larger than the boundaries of a church, religion, or political orientation". A message of unification between the sacred and spiritual paths of all religions. To see that the Divine answers to many names and has many faces. To find respect and integrity between all paths rather than the differences. The message led me to have tears of joy and of heart ache at the same time.

How many times do we hear a message of love only to have it quantified by some dogmatic statement? Recently, I have read many articles and spoken with many 'light workers' who speak of love but in th enext breath lay a judgement upon another spiritual belief or practice. The Divine Love is never quantified. Divine Love is never judgemental. It is only unconditional. God, Allah, Yewah, Great Spirit, Divine, Creative Source, Goddess, Buddah, Jevohah, I AM, Lord, Almighty, Alpha and Omega, Elohim, Brahma, Amun, Ishvar, and the unamed are all the many faces of Divine.

As the video speaks of, tolerance of other spiritual paths is no longer enough. To post the barage of quotes and inspirational saysing is not enough. To stand and reach across the boundaries that tolerance alone places and act in love is what is needed. To find the unification of all paths which within principles all embrace the same underlying wisdom. That wisdom being love that transcends differences and embraces the similarities.
It is time to stop talking about unification. It is time to stop talking about tolerance. It is time to stop talking about embracing and sharing love.

It is time to act. It is time to stand up and be a leader in acting out of "unconditional love" toward all persons regardless of their path. It is time to seek out the similarities and stop focusing on the differences between each of us. We are all spiritual beings having different human experiences. I urge you - no I challenge you to visit the onelifeministries website and watch the video. Then pause to examine your path. Examine your actions. Be the shining beacon that leads the way.

I applaud and thank onelifeministries for this video and for acting past dogma to build bridges to unification in humanity.

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