The Nothing is Everything and Everything is Nothing?


Part of the book of Genesis has been translated by theologians as GOD creating everything out of nothing. "ex nihilo" It was is a way to show GOD's limitless ability to created out of nothing. Not needing to have something previously exist in order to form or create; like a potter with clay forming a vessel. I think this theology is limited in its presentation of what GOD did. Here is my limited take on that passage:

Genesis Chapter One

Verse 1: In the Beginning GOD created the heavens (GOD limited GOD's Spirit creating the nothingness) and the earth (the formless void),

Verse 2: The earth was a formless void and darkness covered the deep (the nothing)

And the Spirit of GOD hovered over the waters (the chaos of everything).

[in other words this is how GOD formed the earth, GOD created the earth by limiting GOD’s self to form the nothing, the formless void; a bunch of strings vibrating, what we see that is (everything) that surrounds us in the form of GOD’s Spirit (heaven) hovering over the waters. GOD is BIGGER than our limited understanding of GOD. Our understanding of GOD is limited because GOD's universe that surrounds us is GOD limiting GOD's self. GOD's Word brings forth the LIGHT of man's limited understanding, since we communicate mostly with words. Once we think we grasp or truly understand the divine, we in reality have nothing which is part of who we are and what everything is; which is part of GOD in limited form.]

Some would say this is heresy. So living out this heresy of limited understanding means to embrace the foolishness that there is no Good or Evil; there is only GOD in with the Beginning. Why should or would we embrace this foolishness? Why would GOD create everything good and then after allow humankind to come in and make everything bad, so GOD would need to die so everything would be good again? If the Word is Christ, and the Word was in the beginning, than Christ is the LIGHT of our limited understanding. Isn’t this the foolishness of the cross in which Paul teaches? Unless, I AM interpreting that wrong; or at this point, if you are feeling you are right and I AM wrong, who do you want to convince or change? I can’t change you and you can’t change me. Maybe GOD can change things? We can just pray for each other; if praying is needed at all. Let us suppose that GOD would just fix us to be like what we think is right (oops is that our ego). If I AM wrong and that is ok because my theology is focused on understanding of GOD in my limited perception. So I perhaps, I AM like Job although not totally righteous, like Job was or the one (who maybe represents humanity like Adam); but I AM like Job and can ask the following questions and only receive my perception of limited answers.


Job says to his wife; “You speak as any foolish woman would speak. Shall we receive the good at the hand of God, and not receive the bad?" In all this Job did not sin with his lips.

If GOD is a loving creator why do we have evil in our world? If GOD created it, then GOD is flawed? If we created it, then we have the power to create and in essence have the power to create good. This would mean that we aren’t totally dependent upon GOD or maybe that is what we are suppose to do, i.e. to create good. Taking the another way to see this; If we want to blame the Adversary of God or Satan, then we are giving great power to an Angelic being; or as some have created an opposition to Christ; the evil side of temptation. Isn’t that heretical since there is only one GOD? Isn’t it interesting that we picture a devil on our shoulders and an angel on the other; so where is Christ in that picture? What if it has everything to do with our ego, our sense to preserve our own identities? We either want to feel good about ourselves or prevent ourselves from prevent feeling bad. Kabbalist call this “the will to receive for ourselves.” What if we are all part of the DIVINE COSMIC Christ who finds HIS identity humanity (GOD with us) as being part of the whole? What if we are to grasping the nothingness from which GOD created everything and recognizing the love of self in each other and all that surrounds us that is good and loving even in the perceived evil which only has to do with our egos. Why do we have the need to protect our own identity? If we identify with the LOVE of GOD who created all people in GOD's image, what do we fear? What if to awaken means we need to grasp our limited understanding of GOD in being in the middle so to speak. What if we are to look for the DIVINE in others, not seeking recognition or a thank you, that would be the ego, but embracing the pain we face and not seeking it out, that too would be ego. What if we are not to not focus on self in religiosity, but we are to chew on the love and essence of who GOD is in the form we recognize as the living sacrifice of GOD’s self in the Lamb of GOD. Metaphorically this would include anything we chew upon (nothing is everything) Here comes the heretical rub for us all. Whether we believe what Jesus said or not doesn’t really matter. Because those of us who have the same mind as Jesus; must be connected to GOD. A GOD in one description is the Father who is in Jesus and Jesus is in us, Jesus is one with the Father and GOD the Father is one with us. Therefore, when Jesus said I AM the way, I AM the truth, I AM the life, then we too understand that we are part of that DIVINE RELATIONSHIP. Being Christ like; doesn't require this leap of faith, it is a leap that GOD took from the BEGINNING investing in the creation of the mystery of nothing that we see as everything; it is a leap into the divine consciousness becoming part of the GREAT I AM of eternity; ONE with GOD and ONE with each other. Anything else separates and is in essence an illusion of reality; what Christianity calls sin. We are part of the limited nothingness that GOD has created and part of EVERYTHING that is GOD. We have no need for religion with the DIVINE RELATIONSHIP in the BEGINNING. We have the mystery of the ONENESS of GOD in all things. The strings of nothingness that gives form to the ball of reality which is beyond imagination; where the WISDOM of the DIVINE bounces with joy on the plane of love; this eliminates the need to protect our self, because we are all part of the ONE.



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Comment by Chuck on October 18, 2011 at 7:15pm
Thanks Ksenia!
Comment by Manju on October 15, 2011 at 9:44am

Thanks Rak, thanks Chuck! Blessings of Peace and Love!



Comment by RaK on October 14, 2011 at 9:58pm
Everything came to existence  from the three veils of negative existence,according to the Kabbalah; the No-thing that  transformers itself in Every thing, through the manifestation.I believe in what you said, It was a divine vow of trust to "invest " in creation, because  The supreme Being being unlimited  and still in pure potential,it could not initially divide itself into Good or bad, but  it needed to apprehend the dimensions of his creation through individual experiences; meaning through us.

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