The power of our root system as seen in an Aspen Tree Grove

Artwork - Autumn Dreams by Jonathon Harris

Mother Earth has been telling me something for a few months now.

She often shines a vision and impression of the

Aspen trees in Colorado to me.

I would be so confused as this area is half way across

the country from me and I couldn't wrap my head around why she kept exposing me to the impressions of her beautiful Aspen trees.

Today her seeds of impressions finally sprouted in my being in an understanding of what she hopes for humanity to strive for in the near future.

Let me start off with a little history and background before

I explain what her message to humanity is.

As a child I had the privilege to have visited one of

Mother Earth's most beautiful places

the awe inspiring groves of the majestic Aspen Tree.

They seemed to go on forever shining in their glory of colors,

their crispy clean white covered trunks

and their spinning leaves that took off as an emulation

of a forest fire with red, orange & yellow.

I could hear them as they shouted with their

loud & colorful voice that they were preparing to drop

their leaves to the ground in their annual autumn offering fall to Mother Earth.

It was not a voice that I heard but their colors that spoke to me so clearly.

I truly find their cyclical seasonal processes of naturally

protecting & regenerating themselves for the winter

hibernation fascinating.

Not only do they possess the power to

replenish and re-tree themselves after the adversities

of nature but they are self nurturing as well.

They enrich their own soil with their own leaves

allowing for the nurturing their densely

intermingled root system.

These nature cycles empower Mother Earth's soil making

for a richer more abundant world to live on.

Each leaf, branch and piece of bark do their part to participate in the creation/destruction/recreation cycle.

It has been shown to me that our chakra root systems

are to be like the Aspen Tree's roots system.

Each tree's roots stretch reaching to another to

grow and rebirth within their grove with tremendous power

thriving on each other irrevocably.

There is no question, no thought as to will the grove survive.

This is how "She" desires us to rely and trust one another

we living as trees intermingling our roots supporting

each other thru her.

Not one tree living without the entanglement of the

other's strength to support the other and live with vitality.

Translated as thousands of trees/humans living as one

entity with not only one heart and mind

but one root system.

This is our new step as humanity

she calls us as her children to bring forth our root systems

thru her to each other that we trust and love in

wholeheartedness allowing for healing in so many misunderstandings

from the lack of grounding with each other.

Bringing us to the next step forward of wellbeing

and the force of humanity to thrive in

complete love and trust.

Just as an Aspen Tree Grove started with one seedling

then grew into the powerfully rooted majestic grove

one by one from the roots up.

So does the human race begin with

one seed, one egg,

so shall we grow a powerful & majestic

root system for us to thrive on.

Empowering and nurturing others to grow up as tall

love trees in fullness of grace.

As you grow closer to Mother Earth you find that this process

will be effortless and you will automatically begin to stretch your roots out to worthy others.

Her advise to us is to choose wisely from the family of

awakened and enlightened

beings to connect your roots to so as to make sure the beginning foundational structure is inpenetrable.

There are individuals amongst you that you will learn to trust and grow with.

You will know where to stretch your roots to as there will be no feelings of hesitation only intimacy and powerful trust.

Please stand up as tall trees of love & allow our roots to intermingle

and meld into each other in perfect love and resonance of the

Aspen Tree Grove.

Reaching our roots thru her to each other in a powerful group

meditation that will empower us like never before.

Withstanding all adverse elements and conditions

with our divine right to reach fullest ascension positions of power and glory.

Nurturing all that exists in the Universe with our ever flowing

waves of energy generated from Mother Earth's depths thru our collective transmissions of love.

We as the human species can learn so much from Mother Earth about our spiritual bodies from trees & ancient woodlands. This why I composed this segment regarding Aspen Tree Groves to help humanity understand the potential root systems that we can create to strengthen by emulating them.

Sending all my love


A couple fun & interesting facts about Aspen Tree Groves:

In contrast with many trees, aspens are important hosts acting as food plants for butterfly larvae.

Their root systems are so powerfully structured and deep underground that Aspens withstand forest fires by growing new sprouts after a forest fire burns out.

Aspen grow their colonies by spreading their root suckers that stemming trees up to 40 metres in distance from the originating parent tree. Each one with the potential for living up to 150 years.

The root system of a colony could be thousands of years old, sending up new trunks as the older trunks die off above ground.


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