The sphinx speaks the human consciousness.


The sphinx speaks 

the human consciousness.

Have any of you ever looked at the human consciousness as it is around your earth at this time?


Let me ask my messenger to explain her experience as she travels through the spirit world.


Petra: Every time I was expanding my consciousness, the first thing I would see in front of me was a black blob of energy, no other way to explain it. It was moving slowly and seemed to have the consistency of very thick oil, a bit shiny with some really tiny stars it seemed, almost like a gold glitter, but not many glitters as most of it is just a dark blob.


Each time I would see it I wondered what it was, and after days I finally figured it out. It was the human consciousness. After I figured this out the sphinx stepped in to explain more about this to others.


The sphinx: The energy of the human consciousness is dark and heavy, many feel this at times but ignore it as they see this as not part of them, but only of others.


Yes, some of those dark and heavy feeling are from others, in fact most of them are, but the fact remains that each time you expand you consciousness or awareness you move through this consciousness that is effecting your awareness.


My messenger, she has disconnected herself a long time ago, this is why she sees this mass of energy in front of her and not above her, she moves past it, but she sees it. One of the reasons she sees it is that she is becoming more aware of every layer of energy around her and the planet. Normally she would skip many layers to reach her answers, but this time she was working backwards to reach the point of the beginning of creation.


This is however what many do as they travel into the spiritual realms; they pass through many layers without knowing what is within those layers. Even though these layers hold much of what you need to learn and experience.


The other point is, that by trying to move through these lower layers directly into the so called higher layers, you are influenced by what is within those lower layers and this influence carries into your experience and awareness about what is present in those so called higher layers.


Many have heard about matrixes, crystal grids, the veils and they have no problem seeing these as they know about them. It is not that hard to imagine a crystal grid around the earth. But how about the ones you don't know about?


Can you see those?


Do you really know what is within those many layers, the lower dimensions 3, 4 and even 5, as you move through them?


And do you know how it can affect your experience within those so called higher layers?


Even the crystal grids that some are or have been placing around the earth have an effect on what you experience and how your experience, as well as your preexisting belief systems as to what you are going to experience. Not to mention the other grids that are within those dimensions specifically placed there for you to have certain experiences.


Yes, it is something many do not want to think about and many channels do not have this information as many channels are not able to see the energies, as well as if it is within the message they translate, they are not able to receive it as they are not aware of this. This means that a lot of what is being channeled is filtered or is coming from or through all these grids and systems.


This is how the human consciousness works, each and every human connects into this human consciousness as it was being used as a communication system to receive and send information. This was created a long time ago when the human population was way less than it is now.


Some humans have disconnected from this consciousness, but most are still connected and at this moment in time it is more a disadvantage than an advantage for many.


As there of course also have been manipulations that have taken place within the human consciousness and the control system is using it partly as well to present their views and realities within the human matrix.


Each human has their own consciousness, but they connect into the human consciousness energy that was created for a specific purpose of staying connected as humans over great distances. In the beginning this was a conscious connection, it watered down into an unconscious connection.


At this moment the human consciousness is more of a storage place of experiences that humans can tap into, and are tapping into many times.


A lot of these experiences contain very heavy energies and with so much light being send into the human consciousness, it is not clearing these heavy energies, but more compressing these energies, and as these energies get heavier they seem to lower themselves, or to say it in another way, the human consciousness is being lowered more closely to the humans and in this way having a greater influence on each human.


This can be greatly felt by certain humans as they feel the heavy energies and sometimes darkness more than others.


If you wonder why there seems to be more happening on earth as far as the rising up of the people, the wars, the killings that seem to be going on more and more. It is partly due to those dark and heavy energies. As the light being sent in is not clearing the human consciousness, it is making changes in the human consciousness, but maybe not in the way you would like it to change at times.


You can see it this way, when light is being send into the human consciousness, the human consciousness does not really expand in any way, the light takes up space, but floats to the top and in this way is compresses what is on the bottom, the darker and more heavy energies.


Clearing the human consciousness can only be done through the human consciousness that is not connected into the overall human consciousness.


But many humans have most of their consciousness connected into the overall human consciousness, as this is a safe place where they can feel some oneness with others.


There is however only a shared human consciousness, I want you to be aware of this, and there is not a shared cosmic consciousness or any other type of shared consciousness or awareness once you disconnect or get past the human consciousness. We will explain more about this in a later time as it is a subject that requires more than just a couple of lines.


Awareness is not just about the so called amazing experiences, in fact some of those are really not what they seem to be. Awareness is being able to see all experiences as they present themselves through all layers of your being and your inner worlds.


The human consciousness can be deleted, but it will take time. As more are able and find ways to disconnect, the human consciousness will become smaller and at one point disappear as new ways of communication are coming to the forefront in time.



From one source to another


Petra Margolis

February 23, 2013

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