The Spoilt Child Who Became A God (Chapter Three)

Once paradise was lost the spoilt child no longer visited his created ones with tenderness as he had when all was at start yet as one who is to dominate with
fear. Thus it was for all transformed in to hardship as survival came but
through labor yet it was there that all was to the delight of the spoilt child
who took more delight than ever at what he feared to indulge in above all else.
This being pain to overcome in subsisting that no longer took limits in passion
and lust yet ventured in to agony and all which was its equivalents.

The time had come when all should have stayed as was for in the scenario that was angels to include Satan had been laid with satisfaction as humans had to use more of
themselves in the delight of those who observed yet in all the spoilt child’s
did not endure. For it came to be that his creations started to expire as did
the first to be leave whilst being replaced by those to cometh second and
beyond in time stretching to centuries of number high. It being this factor to
bring tantrum in the spoilt child as his anxiety was unable to bear the wait to
lead upon to choice of limiting the life span of humans to extend not higher
than the century plus a score yet this as all required justification from
culpability. It being in this area that Satan was called upon to come forward
with inventiveness of the deceiver. For it was he who devised pretext for
humans save two to be taken by a flood of castigation upon lives strayed from
the will of the spoilt child.

The spoilt child was a jealous god as thus he would declare for he alone could be hailed or such fashion did he decree as his will was to be imposed upon all with
vengeance arising to those not to conform on commandments of caprice from the
originator. Exoneration was to all yet delight was provided in attempts to gain
immortality offered in sacrifices of what held nay clarity in shape or
existence though in all it would be Satan to tempt in efforts to afford the
spoilt child with ploy to come upon those who fell with wrath.

Admiration would eventually come in the familiarity of envy to the spoilt child of the works of humans. As it was in creations of their own where they were able to
surpass the spoilt child whose splendors had ceased whilst those of humans rose
beyond all expectations to rival any. Disregard was to descend upon the spoilt
child for his created ones for in all qualm arose in a parting of ways between
he and humans; seeing theirs was to heed not or lend creed to the one their
eyes no longer encountered. Thus culminating in Gotterdammerung to humans
granted but their own fortification.

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