The world is my where's my pearl?

“All that Adam had, all that Caesar could, you have and can do… Build, therefore, your own world.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some days you just don’t want to hear “just do it”. Especially when you can’t see the start line. It’s not lack of motivation or laziness, rather the daunting and large task of beginning. Let’s face it, sitting on the couch in puzzlement, stuck in the mire, leads to frustration followed by a headache or watching LMN with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s (or ESPN and a 6 pack). Where do you start? How do you maintain a forward motion?

First let’s look at energetic framework. There exist a duality, the masculine which is light and brilliant ready to manifest at your command and the creative void, feminine, dark and internal. Both filled with potential energy. You could also say one is conscious mind and the other subconscious. It is the union of both that transform potential into physicality.

Success is knowing the steps. The first step is to discover what “it” is. What does your pearl look like? Think outside the box. There is no reason you can’t “boldly go where no one has gone before”. How do you envision your best life? What are you doing? What are you creating? You have to gather the tools. It’s like tilling the soil, get the land ready for the seed you want to plant. The oyster needs that grain of sand… Then womb time, this is the part where you spend time in contemplation, creating, fermenting and distilling. This is a tricky phase because it’s easy to become distracted and de-railed. Following this is the… ah-ha moment, clarity presents and you can see that pearl fully formed, shiny and looking very desirous indeed! It’s ready to come into form, your vision is clear, your energy is ready to pour forth and flow. The “just do it” is much less annoying and you can pass on the LMN/Ben and Jerry’s. The urge to get started and create is almost overwhelming.

Spend some time deciding what your pearl looks like. What are your interests? What are you passionate about? Are you sufficiently interested to invest your time and energy? Talk about your pearl with others who have similar goals. It is a process, you must devote enough womb-time for a good result. Rushing that phase is precarious and could result in not meeting your goal. Proper gestation time, and yet not becoming side tracked, is the biggest stumbling block you will face. Support from other like-minded people will help. If you still feel like it’s too big to tackle on your own then consider a life/creative coach. There are many qualified and supportive coaches out there who can walk you step by step and make sure you stay on track. Life is way too short, walk the beach, find your oyster and harvest that pearl!

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