It is easy to get lost in the reality that is painted around us... thing is water colors merge when the rain comes then the sun dries it all and it is a blank canvas awaiting new artwork. This life is a challenge at times when we turn over our canvas to others. I am learning to just let go and let the day come as it does and the night. I am at a junction where I do not try to control the artwork that comes forth but to embrace what ever emerges from a higher power.

All my life I have been told that i am wrong or crazy for the gifts that I have that others can not understand. I hid and pushed out a huge part of myself to please others. Now I understand that it is not only about my gifts that I have to share but about the people who accept or deny them. However, my part is mine and their part theirs. I just need to simply be me and what others do is on them. It is as real as accepting that my eyes are brown. Someone can argue that my eyes are a different color or that I am wrong, or lose their cool over a truth, but I have knowing in me. Plain and simple people choose their reality. I choose to be open to many and listen to the knowing as it is in me. For life even mine is not just about me but about us. Including the us that many never have contact with or experience. I am no longer afraid to be myself, I am just careful because others are fearful and that same knowing tells me this.

There is a place within every person that is balanced beyond the heart or the brain that is the whole soul connected to everything at every moment and that is where it is that I call knowing. This is the place that absolute love comes from that is the basis for the best interest of every being everywhere. Everyone has it and when we tap into it we are awake. Being in this place of wholeness is where eternal life is because we understand that through every transformation and transition that we change but remain the same energy as always. This is a beautiful truth that we can share with each other because even when we are not aware of it it is occurring and we are always sharing. By becoming aware we can bring things up a notch and include positive intent making this world a better place there by having a ripple effect through the others. This is my best way of stating what my experience is, for if I was to truely explain the whole it would really take forever for existence is so vast and limitless that I can only scratch the surface.

I will leave you with this that no matter what we face we are love and loved by many. I pray you carry this with you in your hardest times and share it with intent for those who are in hard times.

~Namaste <3

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Comment by Ann on August 3, 2012 at 2:08pm

This was just plain & simple a really nice upbeat share lovely, loving & loved, LoveLightsPeace.  Bless you as it helps me get myself out & to volunteer around the corner today.  Thank you

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