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Twin Flames - The Release of Feminine Anger

Release of the Feminine ANGER
It is the Month of Love,   and yet  having  just finished a Venus Retrograde,  as there has been  a crescendo of  Feminine Energy,    There are many feminine  people ( of both genders)  who have  been  feeling  quite a bit of  anger,  and  worse still,  without really knowing  how to release it.   Many people  are feeling  particularly provoked.   You are not expected to be like a character who can set someone on fire,  even though you may momentarily feel capable of it.     In Past lives,  with our powers  we actually have caused much damage,  and yet in this duality it only serves to further separate Twins.   Reactions and “Cause and effect” no longer works for us.
Do Angelics  get angry?  Do 5th Dimensional people get angry?  YES they do……yet  we are the  ones  still here in this density which  holds things and makes it hard to release.
This ANGER is exactly the  platform needed sometimes to push off from to Regain your dignity, set your boundaries, and your perspective.
It is  very  important at this time to know  HOW to release this,  particularly for Twin Flames,  whether you are  with your Twin  or not.
It is equally important  for you to know that  it is  natural to feel anger at times,  either at people or situations,  even your Twin Flame-  and many are under a misconception that it is not acceptable  to be angry at your Twin,  or that it conflicts with “unconditional Love”.    This is not the case.
Unconditional Love is what  is  keeping you coming back together again and again.
Yet,  if  allowed to keep building,  anger – in this density we are leaving can devolve into Rage,  resentments, or worse,  skin eruptions,  chest aches,  pains, getting sick.
Please know YOU  are the  one  who is  Control.    Control of your emotions, and……
The Feminine is always  the One who is  the “Controller” of the Union.
If you feel anger,  express it,  it is  all right to be angry at your Twin…..and  if they are not with you,  you must go into your Heart,  and speak it to them.
“ I am very angry at you and I expect you to make some changes”   is what you can say in your own  Heart or similar words,  but this is  how you let your Twin know.
Then get busy,   and focus upon taking good care of YOURSELF,  nurturing you, and doing things that are special to you,  even if you may feel lonely doing them.   You get busy Loving yourself.    
Do not hold this anger,  do your best to release it,  by recalling times that perhaps you had someone angry at you,  and  if it held too long,  it  altered the relationship, even if it was  family,  friend,  or  customer,  it may never have been the same.   There is no more time to indulge in lengthy anger or any  prolonged emotions.  You must become very  practiced at this.
You are Twins,  and as such,  leading by  energetic example,  once you send this on the way, it paves the way for other Twins,   as well as  outward example.
It is important to Love yourself, Physically,  and in this manner you will be able to fully release this into the loving Light.      You are also the  one  who is  the  Master of your own  Sacred Sexual Energies and as such,  able  to direct this and  circulate it through your body.
You have immense  universal  help to assist you through this,  and  it will pass and things  will change as they already  are moving..
Love and Hugs
Patricia McNeilly
Illumined Twin Flame

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Comment by Jan Lee on February 11, 2014 at 2:24am
Thanks for your wonderful blog and videos. Are you going to write a book? Do you recommend any books? I read patricia Joudrys book on twin flames. And the teaching of little crow.
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