Uganda Outreach Project :Executive Report

Uganda Outreach Project.

August 2009

Progressive Report.

By: Harriet Nantale

Country Director


The August Outreach Program was conducted in two separate internally displaced camps (IDPS) camps namely, Unyama and Tegotatoo. This laterr camp is marginalized in the sense that it is far from the penetrable camps. Also it is due to the fact that most of the internally Displace Persons (IDPS) are living in the most remote parts of northern Uganda. The programs that are run by other charitable organizations are symbolic instead of being programmatic and sustainable. The TDMI team was involved in selecting 30 children to be retuned to school and handed over sponsorship funds to the Head teacher.

Due to the on-going resettlement plan (returning all IDPS from camps back to their respective villages and districts.) most of the projects under Uganda Outreach Project are the appropriate ones needed in the disgruntled lives of IDPS. The on going Feeding Program is totally matching with the call (government) to fight malnutrition in the above region

Feeding Program (FP).

Every time TDMI sends its teams to administer and monitor the Feeding Program, over 520 children. In August 2009, TDMI teams under Uganda Outreach Project provided food to 627 children. TDMI emphases the need to buy food like rice, oranges, carrots ,sweet bananas, breed, maize flour, beans, meat, glucose and milk powder to be provided to the displaced children. This helps to provide enough and qualify balanced diet for all the children. We have photos that can explain most of our services to the children. Children sat in groups and others back to the camps after receiving food. There is total commitment by TDMI and its partners (Humanity Healing Foundation and Unity Corps) for responding to this generation’s need. Children need proper feeding in order to even perform well in class. Much ax organizations and service providers will emphasize education; there stays an equal need to have proper feeding for all children.

It takes $2,500 to provide food (qualify) to 627 children per month. We call upon all child-centered organizations and individuals to always rise up and support this noble cause. The real picture of the problem is;” most of the children eat once a day or even once in every two days” the guardians and parents have just begun to go back to their fields/villages and start digging. But that food isn’t ready as of yet. Some are still afraid of returning to their gardens because of the fear of land mines that exist in some parts of the region in this post-conflict period. Healing humanity is a process. We therefore call upon all our donors to stay at the rescue of this scattered generation.


The children (most) have no clothes. But TDMI has continued to provide clothes to the children. We encourage donation of used (second hand) clothes that are in good condition to be donated in order to preserve human dignity.

Every month, TDMI delivers clothes through churches and local leaders. However, this August, the main activities where feeding, education and meditation. We encourage all humanitarians across the world to join us in this service that builds nations with hope.

Child sponsorship.

All the 30 selected children received their measurements for the uniforms that the hired tailor is sewing right now and they will be delivered to the children before September 15th. And as a matter of making our services stronger and grounded, TDMI has established and signed a memorandum of understanding with various government aided schools to partner and provide volunteer teachers with skills in English, Mathematics, Science, Sports and Physical Education. We therefore invite all interested volunteers to contact Humanity Healing Foundation offices for details or contact TDMI office in case of questions relating to such services. The Uganda Outreach Project needs sponsors who can help individual children with their education. Also, due to the on-going resettlement plan, some of the children we had photographed for sponsorship left the camps and returned to distant places or even others went to different districts. This has given a new approach of providing general support to individual children or school instead of a single child who might immigrate anytime as peacefully becomes paramount/eminent

Life in camps.

As a way of encouraging these victimized children, the TDMI team always encourages children to gather and sing songs of hope in their mother language (Acholi). Some of them due to the rampant deaths of their relatives as a result of HIV/AIDS, besides the war, most of them weep while singing but with hope. The widows are the majority .Yet HIV/AIDS will continue to kill the IDPS due to the fact that those seeking new relationships don’t even consider going for HIV testing before engagements. The Uganda Outreach Project is considering the project of HIV free testing and counseling services to all camps .This will involve showing films and movies that show the threat of the scourge. Actually volunteers (medical practitioners) are needed to team up with the local staff.

There was one woman by the names of Alice Akello who was kidnapped and abducted by the rebels in 2006.She was later tortured and brutally harmed. She came with her friends. In the photos, that woman is there. Indeed she has a saddening story about her life while in the rebel hands. To be precise, when she returned many people stigmatized her on allegations that she has demons, a curse to the clan and so like.

TDMI recommends that under the various projects, Uganda Outreach Projects deserves to initiate a social/psychological rehabilitation program that would heal such victims. Such women are being considered for seed funding by TDMI in order to start their own small businesses.

Activities Accomplished.

* Providing food, fruits and breed to 627 children in both Unyuma and Tegotatoo IDPs camps.
* Measuring the sizes for the 30 children selected for sponsorship. Uniforms and shoes will be provided.
* Counseling child-mothers in the above camps.
* Examining children who need /require immediate medical attention and recommended them to nearby clinics. Free transport was provided for such children. However, clinics/health centers lack drugs.
* Local leaders encouraged to be part of Uganda Outreach Project by participating in their related activities.


* The order to expand the Uganda Outreach Project, all project partners are encouraged to be kept in the loop about all events.
* At least a timely support (financial) be advanced to the project once a month in order to keep all project activities alive.
* Emphasize the volunteers’ involvement from TDMI partner offices in order to solidify the mission of the project.
* Let Humanity Healing Foundation and Unity Corps if possible organize a music and film festival in USA in order to raise funds and international exposure about the mission of Uganda Outreach Project.
* Depending on the size of funds available, Uganda Outreach Project through TDMI intents to increase the Feeding Program from 627 to 1000 per month.

Here all requires and calls for the generous commitments from partners and donors available.

Thanks to the donors of Uganda Outreach Project.

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