"Unexpected" LIightworkers...Keep your higher eyes open

I’m going to be up rather late tonight. There are several posts I need to finish. This one will be rather short, but I wanted to point out two (of the many) key Lightworkers that have been and are pointing out the dark elements, and bringing light to these dark elements. These men have had the courage to speak freely, and in some ways, can speak truths that others would avoid.

These two people are Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In this article, I will only address Mr. Ahmadinejad.

First, I will post the text of a NesaraNews article below (also mirrored in a similarly worded Guardian article about events in the Middle East).


Ahmadinejad speaks the truth to power

“The US is seeking to use the intifada contagion in the Middle East to set-up American “humanitarian” invasions or covert régime takeovers in Libya, Iran and Egypt, following their specious occupation models in Iraq and Afghanistan. Washington’s objectives are control of oil production and oil revenues, control of illicit drug routes and revenues, the seizure of national banks (as in Iraq and Haiti), the establishment of new US military bases, and concretising local support for the Nazi-continuum project in Zionist Israel.

“Developing World leaders such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) and Fidel Castro (Cuba) are seeking to articulate this American subversion and get the World Global Settlement Funds released by the US Federal Reserve Board. The distribution of this $47 trillion plus aid package to one hundred and forty different nations across the globe is vital to secure food, agriculture and medical supplies to some of the most impoverished countries on Earth. Washington is blocking the fund disbursement and the global debt forgiveness schedule which follows it for internal political reasons. These have to do with protecting the constitutionally illegal Washington DC private corporation and the fiat paper banking system which it has used to hijack American élite governance.

“Speaking in response to the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he was certain that the wave of unrest in the Middle East would spread to Europe and North America, bringing an end to governments which were oppressing and humiliating their people. “The world is on the verge of big developments. Changes will be forthcoming and will engulf the whole world from Asia to Africa and from Europe to North America.”

“Ahmadinejad said that the world was in need of a just system of rule that “puts an end to oppression, occupation and humiliation of people. It’s a wave that’s coming. Anyone who does not heed the demands of his own nation will have a clear fate.

“The robotic demonisation of Developing World spokesmen such as Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Castro by the corporate US media bears eloquent testimony to the effectiveness of what these “anti-American” leaders are saying.”


The next part is my own reading of this.

Although some are possibly “shocked” by this, I can tell you that there are hundreds, thousands, possibly more, of people who have had to play multiple roles in this ascension process. They have essentially infiltrated, each in their own individual ways, a “dark” culture or governmental structure, particularly ones that have been considered “crazy”, in order to be able to express their Light. These ones appear to most of the world, in particular through the world media which paints them as “crazy”, or far out, to be the least qualified to be Light bearers.

Yet how many leaders of other countries have ever called for the U.S. “government” (in quotes, because I am speaking here of the corporation U.S.) to open another reinvestigation of 9-11? I would say, none. Ahmadinejad is one. And I believe Hugo Chavez has called out the U.S. for corrupt practices as well. Here is what Ahmadinejad said at the U.N. on September 23, 2010.

“Some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack,” Ahmadinejad told the General Assembly. He followed with the claim that the attacks were aimed at reversing “the declining American economy and its scripts on the Middle East in order to save the Zionist regime. The majority of the American people, as well as most nations and politicians around the world, agree with this view.” (ref. 1)(also see ref. 2, and ref. 3)

As soon as I had heard about this, and watched all of the U.S. delegation walk out (I will add, in a politically “robotically loyal” fashion), I knew what Mr. Ahmadinejad’s purpose was. He was here to shine the light on 9-11.

Okay, so I am going to rather quickly drop this for now. If you are unhappy with this, please look within. I am looking with eyes that have seen this for several years now.

Black hats may actually be white. “Dark players” may actually be the stars, the heroes. Many are out there who have become expert at changing hats as they need to, just to stay in the game arena they have chosen to be a part of.

The Lesson: Look with your Higher Eyes.

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Comment by tree faerie darlene on March 2, 2011 at 11:54pm
thank you, erika!! i appreciate your perspective and also loved the part about the pres. of Uruguay driving a VW bug...yes, it is true. not all dictators are really dictators....(in cuba, the life is really nice... i have a friend who visits there from netherlands for business..). i agree that what we know is limited about other countries-only from view of what we know here... that is why i try to read the international sources.. much love to you!  
Comment by tree faerie darlene on March 2, 2011 at 11:44pm

hi ashana: 

i have to admit that i did not think much of nesara's part of this post (never heard of nesara until that day. i am a reader of NYTimes, Guardian, French Presse and listener of BBC/NPR.. and usually do not read those other news sources that are not considered as valid, such as nesara)....i did not post this because of the nesara part, i posted because of the guardian article and because of some part of kauipele's commentary that i found to be interesting, not all of it). i consider the guardian to be a valid source of news information. (when i was an english teacher, we had to discuss this issue in class about sources and which ones are valid). this was said below in my comments.  ...


i think that you may have misunderstood the point said in passing about george bush, ashana. (on the face of it, i suppose you could understand it as that, but it was an analogy only-just a closing remark to aid the idea that politicians can sound good, but not always follow through, sadly--i only hoped that in this case, it would be different. that is all). this is more than you would ever want to know, but i voted for the green party in 2000, not knowing that it would hurt the dems (happily, as obama came along, i voted him this time and will vote for the dems from now on... was on the ACLU board for Texas in 2005, so i am not right wing at all, just trying to be open-minded and not judge from the outside appearances, as things are not always so simple as they seem to those who are not involved-that would be us). i was from texas, but moved to NY during the first term when George Jr. was elected. was harassed all of the time for being from texas (even though there are many here who are not in agreement with the GOP, we are in the minority. however, happily, dallas and travis county went dem this time, so things are changing). i do not think anything good came from George Jr's admin., except for the public interest repayment student loan plan for those who work, as i did, in service jobs like public school teacher, fireman, police officer, pro bono legal services, death penalty defense. i was only saying that when i heard the speeches from George Jr. that they sounded good, but nothing came of it, sadly. i was only making a point, an anology, a connection with this present speech. (when i was up in NY, i used to say to the law profs, hey what george said last night sounded pretty good.... they were older than i was, i guess, and knew it was all talk..i learned that, eventually). i tried to give George Jr. the benefit of doubt, but he obviously failed. i was sad that he was re-elected.. that was a shambles, of course, and ought not to have happened. shame on the supreme court. ...


just trying to see things from a less biased point of view. if you look at my comment, that was the point. (i do not support the words from nesara. that was only one small part of the post from kauipele, even though i guess kauipele emphasized it... i was not really with him on that part) for me, i am able to distinguish the parts that need to be ignored in a post,as it is a part of being a critical reader (part of my training...


i used to write provocative law review articles on women's law issues that were looked down upon as fluffy by the men...i was one of the few, other than doris lessing, bless her, who wrote in NYTimes not long after 9/11 and, like me, viewed 911 in a different way than most Americans...that we here in USA are not different than other countries and ought to expect to have the same troubles as others and not be treated differently or better than others. she was shunned for her views. if i had written my views, i would have been shunned, too (in my own family, i was called anti-american and elitist because i believe it is important to read international news, have an international view and try to see things from other perspectives outside the USA. (i was also upset about the way that muslims were treated here after 911). ...


normally, i am not even political anymore... i find that it is waste of time. but i guess i found something of value for healing the duality in the post, of else i would not have posted it. at the end, i noted that i hoped that the pres. of iran was being sincere... maybe it is possible. looking at prior history, there were BBC commentators who noted that israel would be better off in hands other than netanyahu in 2001, even though it appeared not to be so, from a historical perspective. this was the case, as (now i cannot remember his name) the person in charge who had been a war monger in the past became the peacemaker for his time and backed out of gaza and stopped building the settlements, which was a groundbreaking move for peace. anyway, it is true that people can change their stripes and become different...that is always possible and always will be so long as we are human. we have that capacity for change. it is the beauty of our humanness. (however, as i am not so very political anymore-it is many years since i was interested in this... perhaps i will not post kauipele's posts anymore. they do seem to be politcal.. i do not like to get into scrapes due to interpretations of posts that i did not even write and would even write... just think there is not harm in having a differing view. when we cannot have a differing view, it becomes a bit closed minded. sometimes, it is good to look at every view point. one can always toss out what one does not want and keep what one does want. 


i will look forward to your st. germaine post... i always do. much love to you, as ever.  

Comment by Ashana on March 2, 2011 at 1:56am


I was kind of surprised to see that post...Political games, quotes from speeches of those who discredited selves in political arenas and known as manipulators of words. but most important is Nesara....If if you read messages from St. Germain he suggested that it is all lies. All politicians are playing dirty games that we simple falks will know about may be centuries after we and all will be gone. So I will not discuss what and who said what.You may be think that George Bush is not so bad from his speeches, but I see what he has done home and around the world... Politics...

I know that for sure and never post any thing that is coming from them because they overloaded media with own games... People now need to separate from those games  and get busy awakening and growth. Politicians are not about people but about own power, so why join their games? It is all not about help people, nor about Spirituality nor about clean politics (that never exists) - about deception and dirty politics. about lies and dirty manipulation.

 Simply quotes from people with dirty minds that may be sound great are  the same as firework, live for a moment and diappered in in smoky skies in matter of seconds.

What is the most important in our lives? May be you like it, but I do not.... Just share my opinion about it.

But one thing that hit me very hard in my life: some people believe in Nesara.

Those who started it are couple people who began their campaign on Internet and I remember their interview where they said about this game that been played on hope millions of people while l gamblers who admitted that all is a hoax. Some are picked it up and continue that unrealistic dream.....It is no more then mind game. Why do you think I do not post Round table material? because they are still promoting Nesara. No one who is promoting it is a clear channel and working for benefit of people.... Their messages do not bring truth because from the High level  - St. Germain is coming warning about Nesara...

Whom do you trust?


Comment by RaK on March 1, 2011 at 11:32pm

Erika, I love  the book you refereed to  form Eduardo Galleano, The open vain of Latina America,I read it when I was going through College in Brazil, where I was born, what you have said here is true and very real, i lived through it as well, I also suffered from dictatorial times in Brazil  during the Military government.I remember Allende being killed, and Pinochet and all the other governments saying Amen for what he was doing with his own people.It was a sad period for South America, we suffered as a whole, the great dream form Bolivar! There is an amazing book and movie from Isabel Allende about the  story of the Allende family, The house of Spirits.

 I am too Erika,  one person living here but not an American, and I know what you are talking about. I also believe that there are good people everywhere, and  there are also bad people everywhere it is not a privilege of a country or civilization or one culture only. We need to concentrate in our similarities not our differences, This is what makes the matter, the heart and soul of humanity, the reason we are all here,



Comment by tree faerie darlene on February 28, 2011 at 10:19pm


Ahmadinejad, whose regime resorted to violence to disperse an opposition rally earlier this month, condemned Libya's use of force. "This is very grotesque. It is unimaginable that there is someone who kills and bombards his own people. I strongly advise them to let nations have their say and meet their nations' demands if they claim to be the officials of those nations," Ahmadinejad said.

"Anyone who does not heed the demands of his own nation will have a clear fate."


Maybe it is just a sound bite? I do not know. - I know that when George Jr. was president, I used to listen to his speeches and say, he is not so bad... but, then nothing ever came of it. But this is something different. This is a leader who is saying that type of system he is involved in or was will no longer work. He is realizing this. That is good. Let us hope there will be actions behind his words. Then, real healing can happen for him and his people. 


Namaste and love,

Sa Eck Ra 

Comment by tree faerie darlene on February 28, 2011 at 10:18pm


we are like the mitochondria of the earth and the earth is the mitochondria of the universe. our small bits are the bigger pieces in the perspective of someone else. we are just a tiny piece of the interconnected all...but yet, we are more than that.. 


In the mayan calendar, where we are, is the ethics period... it is near the end-beginning age of aquarius soon (march 15 or so?), which will not become predominant until later in the period. i know this is not news, but this is just part of all of that... the ethics big finale (or near it). it is a human drama and nothing more. we are a witness to it as we, too, are human. something watching a shakespearan play, except it is more real. the actors have chosen their parts and some have chosen to be the dark horse and others the white. but in the end, we are all together (in the end of it all, we will all be in the cosmic pub sharing stories, as marlow and shakespeare shared stories after the play, perhaps...it is possible). so, viewing the enemy as non-enemy brings about unification and healing, in a way. (perhaps, if we could view others as a part of us, really, we could heal now, before any more blood is shed-to stop it all, to stop this illusion of sadness and separation).


the part i really the best liked was the guardian article..here is a quote from the guardian article above, from the Iran section, as quoted from Pres. of Iran (even though I do not care for him, particularly, i found this to be an interesting quote and sensible:  

"The world is on the verge of big developments. Changes will be forthcoming and will engulf the whole world from Asia to Africa and from Europe to North America."

The world was in need of a just system of rule, he said, that "puts an end to oppression, occupation and humiliation of people. It's a wave that's coming."

Ahmadinejad, whose regime resorted to violence to disperse an opposition rally earlier this month, c

Comment by tree faerie darlene on February 28, 2011 at 10:17pm

hi RaK:


as to nesara, it is a bit extreme...maybe i ought to have blacked that part out.. sorry. :(

however, the guardian article was good.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/feb/23/middle-east-unrest-conc... maybe i ought to just have posted the guardian article. (I am a person who can take the part that is meaningful and leave the rest). 


i normally like kauipele's blogs, as he gives a different view (not for the nesara part) (i like some parts at the end, even though he went a bit far)... however, the part about there being good and bad, light and dark in everyone is true..no one is 100% of anything, even though we try to be.... even in the dark side, there is light (it just needs to be brought out and seen more... remember about feeding the third eye and seeing the good in others?-it includes everyone, even those who we think are evil... even those people have some good in them) and in the light, there are dark parts (sometimes, they come out and have to be healed to unify as a part of the whole/all/one)...


i thought it was an interesting view.. everyone has to discern for themselves)...i do know that to heal, we have to love our dark parts, too. maybe kauipele goes too far in saying what he says, but i think that it might go in line with unifying... if we can view ourselves as not always being so different than the enemy, then we can heal our dark parts and become clearer.. as a whole. the people of the world are like our body and its parts...all together, but do not seem to be so. we have to love our dark parts to heal them. until then, they just stay in the dark.


we are like the mitochondria of the earth and the earth is the mitochondria of the universe. our small bits are the bigger pieces in the perspective of someone else. we are just a tiny piece of the interconn

Comment by RaK on February 28, 2011 at 7:20pm

Do you believe in what nesara says?

 I have serious restrictions to them. Since when the President of Iran and  Hugo Chavez  are committed to the truth and progress of mankind? I believe this is again another trick from the Dark brotherhood to confuse people and to make divisions again.  What they say to the open world is one thing another thing is what they say, do and treat their own people, that is what we should keep our eyes opened to.



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