Note : I would like to share this material  written as a  Developmental Psychology subject requirement based on Plato's Cave Allegory by HH member Eric Egner.  Deep Gratitude Eric!

The analogy I am going to use is, in my opinion, the most dangerous belief structure you can hold. You are a prisoner in your own body, victimized by your health.

Many people suffer with all kinds of dis-eases and they truly desire to have the ability to feel better, but day after day week after week they suffer. Bound up by unnecessary and loveless beliefs; being trapped by their very judgments while living in the belief structures they have created.

Unhealthy people seem tied up, powerless unable to look in other directions. They seem unable to even humor the idea that they can let all of it go and just feel better. Dis-ease will lie, telling you anything that will help to cripple your very will to protect yourself. Never thinking that you’ve been deceived and in that way believing what you’re told keeps you a prisoner.

When belief whispers in your ear it strikes fear in your heart, your mind believes that this is what is, “deal with it, you can’t let go of what is wrong with you. You deserve to be sick”. This is the key you lock yourself up with and you are not alone, everyone suffers with to one degree or another. When your body feels weak, sick and out of energy, you're locked in your body like it's a cave. When you are suffering with low health you become a prisoner in your own body; it's the conundrum that turns into a vicious cycle and seems almost hopeless to get out of.

Even the biological diseases within many bodies are a part of this prison. Almost everybody holds the belief --Why is this happening to me? What is wrong with my body? Year after year we mentally suffer, physically hurt simply uncomfortable in our own skin. The media, religion, the government, and medical all hold you in the belief that you're meant to struggle and being sick is the norm, you always have to strive to be good to feel good but it seems just out of reach for you, maybe the next supplement or the next drug will make it so.

If it's not cancer, it's a headache that won't go away. If it’s not the flu, what you have instead is continual back pain. If it's not your throat hurting so bad that you can't swallow, something puts limits within your mind making you depressed, sad and feeling unworthy. This causes mental disease, holding all this as truth creates all kinds of disorders. What a horrible prison to be in. It is one you can’t get out of because it is your body, mind and thwarted ideas.

No matter what you do you just don't feel well. Within this prison of dis-ease you don't only suffer physically but also in the stability of your home, the comfort of your home suffers and life suffers; the overall quality of life you live is bound with dis-ease. This is normal, exactly how it's always been, you just live with it. If you could afford it you might feel better; then you will find something else wrong, especially when you can afford it. When you close your eyes you see a prison with bars you can’t go anywhere, you just stand in the med–line with all the other prisoners. Then when you sleep the fever of fear gives you nightmares showing you being chained to cold walls deep with in a cave.

When you're unhealthy it's hard to maintain positive thoughts, you might not even know what a positive thought is any more. Getting captured by bad health is a prison where discomfort and suffering becomes so bad at certain points it's easier to frown than it is to smile. Misery, darkness, defeat, confusion, pain, weakness, overpowered and exasperated these are all symptoms of being in your prison.
The paradigm of bad health is a vicious one. It’s so wrapped up in our culture that it has become a physical attribute that everyone deals with. From generation to generation, from person-to-person, from mouth to ear nearly all people fear losing their health. They become self-aware that they can get sick, then they mindfully hold on to worry, becoming scared of germs and contact with anyone around them.

Sadly what is warm and energizing, the very thing that can make them well, becomes the light that casts frightening shadows on the wall. Crippled with fear and unknowing can strike them down. It leaves them unable to turn around, to find that they can be whole.

Parents fear their children getting sick so they become overprotective. People become mindful of what could go wrong; keeping in their thoughts scary possibilities. Being mindful in this direction only manifests disease. Holding thoughts of worry become the intention of their focus making the shadows bigger and scarier.

Again this is all they know, nobody is there to tell them different. From parent to child the same beliefs get passed on becoming the same story to their children. Debilitating fear of the possibility that you could get sick only calls for sickness to become you. Reassuring that their idea and belief on this is true. The deeper the spiral goes down the sicker and sicker they become, so they lay down close their eyes and way sooner then they should give up. The story head line says they sadly passed away far too young.

When the illusions that you see becomes so big and out of proportion these shadows are now what is real to you. You simply give up, find how it's hopeless, and in that moment there is no light to how dark black gets. The smallest things to overcome become too treacherous. Not even the light in their soul has the energy to burn and they just stare at the shadows being cast on the wall of their mind unable to escape and see that it's friends who care, or see that there is hope giving you a way out, unable to see that there is a way out of the fear of being and feeling unwell.
Understanding that poor health is an illusion is difficult to pull off in an allegory because to so many people being sick and unwell are not illusions. Let's say health is a fire that burns through you, cleansing you, bringing you back to new and making you whole by shedding light in the darkness, giving warmth when it's cold now that is good health.

People fear the fire, thinking they can get burned even by knowing it’s there as a part of reality. Some won't even look at it because of all the fears that they have learned. But actually it's the sun it is a friendly touch, the warm smile on the face of a stranger that has the power to heal.

People have held to the belief for so long that help is always on the balance of disaster, that there's no hope for them to become well, so the opportunity just pass them by. If only they could turn around and see that the fire is cleansing, it has the ability of burning away all fear removing all the unnecessary energy with the power of its heat. Giving them the ability to be reborn fresh new and whole.

To them there is not even a possibility for help the fire is a demon in their eyes that throws frightening shadows on the wall of your dungeon all the while this reality is really making them sick. Generation after generation has the same life presented to them and they sit still staring at the walls accepting these stories that keep getting passed down as truths. In their mind there is no other way to know, there is not anything to quench their thirst, nothing to warm their pain stricken hands and bodies. Their muscles and bones buckling them over in pain, when just behind them is the fire that could take it all away. Restoring them back whole making them 100% new and free never to be in lack of their power and health again. Keeping all control of their well being free to make what feelings they wish to have out of life.
You feel as if your existence has become mundane and stagnant, fear gripping your heart and mind, the illusions you see dancing in front of you have became the monsters attacking you. Then you see it, the most ominous shadow you have seen, is growing larger and larger as if it is going to consume you. You gasp and close your eyes at the very moment a hand rests on your shoulder, you open your eyes directly seeing straight into another person's eyes. This person sees you crippled with fear, but their eyes are soft as they look at you.” Let me help you” as they release your bondage then walk you outside of the prison you've always known.

Stepping into the warm sunlight for the 1st time, finally noticing the brilliant colors the world has to offer. It's all brand-new and it starts revitalizing you at your core, this person who stepped in and pulled you out of your darkness explains to you all the wonders of thinking new. Showing you the capabilities of this world and your body and self. You're brought to a new understanding; you comprehend on a completely different level now. Disease lets go of your body hurt, pain and suffering evaporates sending you into an effusive duration. Your universe has now become expansive; you see things from brand-new eyes.

You begin to walk taller; your body starts to regain strength, feeling so well in your body bringing you to euphoric experiences. You're able to let go of all the judgments that you've held to, beliefs that did don't suit you leaves your body; suddenly you realize the abundance of joy around you. Clarity now resides in your body your mind and your spirit becomes creative in order to show you wonderful ways to write your existence.

You finally get to play and a smile accents your face as your mind lets go of the fact that you ever frowned. Each day excites the taste buds of every sensory in your body. Experiences are more profound and energized as you realize you choose what your life will be like. Unnecessary feelings and emotions are released, replaced by strong, powerful, uplifting emotions and feelings. You find that everything is abundant and life seems to have placed you right into the center of the law of attraction. Life becomes synchronistic and every opportunity brings you to your higher self. Even hardships had become simple to walk through, and appear less and less frequently. You now realize that you are a human being, being.
Excitement is swelling up inside you so much you can barely contain what you feel like. You're going to burst at the seams. Now that you know this truth how could you ever have existed in that other condition before? You are so full of joy the feeling that you have to share what you have learned about expands you.

You boldly muster up some courage and walked back into the reality of these old illusions in hopes to save others by sharing what you learned with the suffering souls still trapped in their prison. As you enter the fear of being stuck there again overwhelms you and you stay back by the fire the light that had cast frightening shadows in your mind for years. You shout at the tops of your lungs hoping that your voice and help for them is received, that your joy can be heard. But you stand still afraid to approach as are too afraid to walk forward to them, the ones you are there to help. You can’t even get close to the wall of shadows in fear your going to be trapped again. That is all you can think.

” I can show you a whole new life just turn around, and look at me I'm right here, please TURNAROUND!” you shout again and again but they can’t hear you, that world you now are a part of doesn't exist. There seems to be nothing you can do but stand by the fire. Without realizing it you have now become one of the shadows being cast on the wall.

If only you'd believe that you could never be trapped by this illusion again being a prisoner of it is not an option anymore because you know the truth. Step down away from the safety and know you can walk up to each person individually with out harm to yourself. Touch him or her on their shoulder become that helping hand that will release them from their bondage. Believe and have faith that you can become the very person who saved you.
The idea that our thoughts create what our reality becomes is not a new idea. Within my allegory disease and sickness of any kind is the illusion. The thought process that keeps you there seems to be written in our DNA, illness is a part of so many realities. It gets past down the family line or can be caught by a simple touch. Giving time to think about these as truth only creates a darker existence.

So many people suffer with this illusion, which drastically has become a delusion. It ties into so many other belief processes that finding the right thread to cut seem impossible. So you stay trapped in sickness, hurting is just life. When you're in darkness light shows you the way out, light shows you what feels good, light is brought to make darkness go away. This is very sad when this light becomes scary because you don't understand what it is. The light can become distorted in your mind, making your thoughts run wild and uncontrolled with the grip of fear.

The monsters within this illusion are frightening and can even take your life; they seem to have no objection as to who you are. You could be young or old and they will attack you the same. Seeing so many other people suffer with your same illusion just reaffirms that this is reality.

Then miraculously from the light walks the stranger who touches you with a caring hand releasing you from your chains and then gives you their shoulder to help guide you to a new life. As you step out of your cave in your mind you become aware of your creative power. Everything that you once knew disappears and you become a part of the human experience that expresses joy.

The same way that misery thrives with company, the expression of joy wants to uplift others into the warm embrace of its existence. Knowing that you can walk back and forth without harm to yourself each time you step into the darkness, to help save other people is the hardest part about living in the dual reality. Once you know joy then it is too frightening to go back to fear. The memory of that other life haunts you.

"To truly be strong within your joy and knowledge of self-creation you must realize that you truly can never be harmed."

~Eric Egner~

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Comment by Eric Egner on May 10, 2012 at 1:22pm

Thank you, all I see is love. Thank you

Comment by Ann on May 10, 2012 at 5:54am

Thank you Eric this was absolutely beautiful & received with open heart.  Blessings to you~

And Eli bless your heart for posting my friend

Comment by Manju on May 9, 2012 at 7:22pm

Beautifully written and expressed from your heart! Well done dear friend! Thank you for sharing this, Namaste!

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