woke up with this dream-voice echo, "War is in the blood, as blood is in the war." - i'm thinking it's a comment on the inherent nature of conflict being part of the human condition. and i know it's about me and my psyche though thousands of years of history and a few decades of observation tell me i'm not alone.

for all that have done battle, in a foreign land or in your head (and that's every one of us) i'm wishing the deepest healing at this very moment and in the coming days, weeks, and years. we are in this together, and maybe a little less crazy-making could leave coming generations more hope and choice, and give us an honorable legacy. there are battles we've only begun to fight.

also i'm familiar with the stance that we are creating our surrounding reality as a reflection of what is going on within the Self. It may be unpopular in certain quarters, but as i said "the inherent nature of conflict being part of the human condition." - i'm not sure of the history of this belief that some white light culture will make this a paradise on earth, knowing that throughout the ages some have hoped and dreamed for it, and i do respect those that promote that possibility, it's a tricky loop - so in saying im not sure about that theory/belief then one may say that i'm creating a lack of world-shift,

"what you see is what you get" - that may be a good starting place to deal with current events, here, now. philosophy is an honorable study, and while waiting for a new world so many are hungry, broken, hurt, and not aware of this battle within their selves, just looking for survival.

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Comment by Anthony S on December 29, 2011 at 10:00am

well put Martin, a nice balance between a hopeful future with more safety for all and the ancestral DNA/patterning/cultural behavior influences. and so true that our impact may be in our own corner of the world, and yet may too have great influence. i really believe that engaging in dialogue is a great step in these matters..... blessings.

Comment by Martin Samsom on December 29, 2011 at 4:28am

Yes Anthony, the confusing bit is that we are totally connected with no only our own Karma, but also to that of mankind trough our line of anscetors. We can do only so much within this particular existence, however, any real progress towards enlightment I believe has a tremendous impact on the whole planet, so there is a big bonus for your efforts!

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