We All must be born again! We all must be Resurrected!

This is the problem, it's not Jesus, he is G-d in the flesh and said don't follow me, be as me! And what he meant by saying he is the son of G-d and son of Man to get the message across WE ALL MUST BECOME RESURRECTED!!!........... BORN AGAIN OF THE SPIRIT! Twice born, our second birth, this EVERYONE of them has said!! Instead we are just building up something that we don't understand, take us to that line that someone says "YOU JUST DONT DO THAT!" its just an imaginary thing if i say "Alright close your eyes, off we go, to the kingdom of G-d!" it's not that way, Something has to happen within our AWARENESS, you have to BECOME more than what you are now, and this has to come through an EVOLUTIONARY process, so you HAVE to UNDERSTAND that our evolution has come THROUGH a LIVING process,
and by THE LIVING ENERGY OF G-D! When a seed has to become a tree, it has to sprout! How an egg becomes a bird it has to grow, THEN the transformation takes place, in the same way you have to become THE SPIRIT! Its christianity that is the problem, that antichrist Paul is the problem in all this confusion! It's not a fake thing someone puts a bit of water on you head, to BECOME baptised into the Spirit, its not that way,it's a LIVING PROCESS that has to take place! Baptism is an ACTUALISATION, a BECOMING! And it's got to come from an authorised person and not just by going to a collage with a certificate, it has to come from a realised soul, a candle lighting another, John the Baptist was a realised soul, the kingdom of G-d is within, if God has made us from ameba stage to now, don't you think it's all built within us, so we have to look at all the religions and take none, literally, the words and sayings are different in ALL but the meanings are the SAME, they are all saying the same thing, we must become the spirit! We must be born again, but HOW! in Sanskrit it's known as Kundalini and That IS the reflection of the HOLY GHOST within, (as Your spirit is a reflection of G-D ALMIGHTY within!) and it is The PURE DESIRE OF G-D! and it's the process of awakening the kundalini that gives us our SELF REALISATION, our SECOND BIRTH! We connect with our spirit and ACHIEVE meditation when the Motherly, spiritual energy known as kundalini becomes awakened and active! When the energy is flowing within us, it provides an expression for the spirit, and our spirit COMES into OUR AWARENESS and becomes ENLIGHTENED! It's like being in a dark room and you was holding a snake and I say to you "hey, you are holding a snake!" And you would say "no it's a rope!" And you won't let it go until it bites you, or there is LIGHT in the room! Then you will let it go, automatically! The same thing happened's when you become the spirit,you ARE transformed, Your TRANSFORMED, You become Automatically righteous, all habits drop away, if you live at one with the truth how can you live with falsehood anymore the Ten commandments come alive, you BECOME virtuous, and that's what Jesus meant when he said LOVE THY 'NEIGHBOUR', AS THY SELF because unless you are IN the kingdom G-d (of the spirit) then you are an outsider, you have no neighbours! This is something very hard to explain to people who are living 'by the book' in G-d's will, and not in self will, and that's why Jesus was with the unholy, prostitutes, drinkers etc because they were living in
self-will (of the flesh) in body, trying to explain to them, they must BECOME THE SPIRIT! Must be born again! By the mother you are born, the Holy Ghost! wwwAdishakti.org pls read from a couple of pages down to understand the Holy Spirit is a feminine spirit, and is our MOTHER, and THIS was the BIGGEST mistake of that horrible man PAUL, whom said women is inferior to man, and making them in the bible nothing more than whores thus denied the Divine feminine, which sets Christianity apart, and it would of completed the holy trinity FATHER,MOTHER&child pls read
john 14:25/6 and the other write up I have done, on here, this is the age of the Holy Spirit, the divine feminine is creeping back slowly into our consciousness within the west, without knowing she is the kundalini, your MOTHER, the Holy Spirit within!........with Love & light!
"Peace doesn't happen by waving a placard and demanding it, peace happens within!" - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

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