DR. ROBERT O. YOUNG, AUTHOR OF BEST SELLER " The pH Miracle for weight loss.

It is likely that you are part of 75 % of the world's population suffers from chronic dehydration . This means that you 're not taking at least
NATURAL two liters of water per day recommended by health experts.
He knew that the average person consumes only a liter of water a day, like coffee, tea , and refreshments are drinks too much acid. Drinks Made Known all produce a high amount of acid , including Sports , fruit juices , energy drinks , and most of the Purified Water . Most of them cause more SED, and entered the "vicious circle of imbalance . "

Practically we are drinking , nor the quality or quantity suitable for our Trilon Hydrate of cells, which " literally " Relief sent desperate cries for obtaining a natural water droplet to extinguish the fire caused by many ACIDS debilitating. Remember that the acidity irritates and burns our gastrointestinal tract, tissues, organs , etc. Ask someone with Reflux Nocturnal what it feels like !

To be able to maintain optimal health conditions, you should drink at least 2.5 to 3 liters of NATURAL WATER A DAY. I do not mean Purified Water , Ni Garrafon , or to Drinking Water, Water Less to Jamaica, or Limon. I mean the water that Mother Nature gives us , the coming down from the mountains , flowing springs, this is the ideal water for hydrating the cells.
The average adult loses day to less than 2.5 to 3 liters of fluids through perspiration, respiration , P****** , scrolling and even sleep, so the body becomes dehydrated , unable to replace it. So our Wonderful Human Body , a Surprising Survival Equipment uses the most intelligent protection mechanism to keep us alive : Fluid retention ! And we feel uncomfortable , swollen , with pain varied, but above all: SICK AND TIRED ! .

But now the biggest problem of this vicious circle of chronic dehydration , is that our mind begins to confuse the signs of EDS HELP BY HUNGER.
Yes, believe it or not , you have very thirsty , not hungry ! Says Dr. Robert O. Young. Here I share my testimony in this regard:

It was a chilly day of October, in the City of Durango , Mexico , was busy preparing the wording for my interview next Tuesday on local television, the theme was "THE MYSTERIES OF WATER" I spent an entire week to prepare it finally on Sunday I ate very little, just a Guacamole , but not enough I took the alkaline water should consume daily. ( I have two years to consume 5 liters with a pH of 10.5 ) for the Monday night was beginning to feel tired and hungry , but he must complete the development of the subject. Just had dinner a little, and I took a liter of alkaline water. That Monday , I could hardly sleep, I started to feel more STRESS as the night wore on and did not finish . At daybreak I took a refreshing shower and went to Channel Televsion , where he was waiting for the hosts of "Health and Beauty, " Ms. Adriana Sifuentes, who carefully interview me every Tuesday and Thursday from 11-12 AM on Channel 47 Local, which only deals with the theme of the acid-alkaline balance in our human body, for two years . Transmitting the teachings of the great pioneers From Antonine Bechamp , Reich , Rife , Enderlein ,
Even the current and Gaston Naessens , Sang Whang and Dr. Robert O. Young and The New Biology. Caused theme so popular that we had to expand the program, to more than one time and that changing one part. I was excited, but very hungry, the Hours made me very long ! As the program ended , she rushed to the Office, was on my daily intake of alkaline water . When I opened the tap that feeds the ionizer , place a glass of water in the hose of the output alkaline water, and began serving in the vessel that appeared not to be filled because I immediately devoured the Water. I remember I took almost two liters custion Minutes ( EYE Please you never go to do it is only for those who are used )

Then I went walking and cross the street and ordered a salad at a renowned restaurant , spent more than 30 minutes, and suddenly, like magic , when they were about to serve , THE HUNGER virtually disappeared. Could not believe it , but had not eaten in several days and I felt bloated , as usually eat and drink too much , many raw vegetables and alkaline water of course. and now it happened to me? Why I have no hunger? And then I started to remember what I always had said thousands of times Dr. Young , who had read and I also taught " you're not hungry , you are dehydrated . " Wow that is hard to believe until I experienced it firsthand.

Then while eating the salad , but to forces that want , I started to remember when Dr. Henry Coanda Romanian , Nobel Prize winner , who was investigating and seeking for 60 years, which would be the perfect water to keep health and longevity, Where is " The Fountain of Eternal Youth" and found in the Hunza Valley , Pakistan. It is a Glacier Water from the Himalayas , where the population lived longest on the planet. This water is called "Living Water " living water . What is most strange is queLongevos Romanian Investigator fed only raw plant Root and because practically violated all principles of nutrition , biology , but especially of Western Medicine and Theory of Pasteur , as all the 20,000 inhabitants of Hunza remained very healthy Zero Cup of cancer and serious diseases are unknown , in addition to Zero Cup Gastro -intestinal diseases , hen doctors concluded that his secret to health and longevity was in the water . So that had served to study medicine , and doctors? Well, simply that these Alpine inhabitants showed that western medical science is wrong in its basic principles based on Pasteur and Koch. ( A Paradigm )

To create a Identica Water or Over the Living Water of Hunza, the early 50's the Japanese re-invent a device based on the ionization of water based on Russian technology . . And we did ! A Delicious Water , Soft, invigorates us and refreshes us , but that keeps us healthy. This device is called Alkaline Water Ionizer . Currently in Japan , the drinking water is alkaline , and for that reason is the longest living people on the planet.
An ionizer works by Electric Power has several filtration systems with activated carbon , among others , and two storage rooms , and separating the one hand Acids Metals and secondly Alkali MetalsAnd therefore has a single entry from the tap tap of Drinking Water Supply , and has two outputs , a compartment where the metals were stored acids , and is known as ACID WATER OUT ionized and the other is the Ionized alkaline water outlet .
The only disadvantage of this device is that it depends on the Power Supply Basic contains alkaline minerals like sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Otherwise there will be obviously Alkaline Water . Some ionizers as the PLATINUM have a calcium tablet that is added to alkaline ionized water and a dual-filter system that improves quality.

Another way to get alkaline water is added to water Garrafon , a few drops of Concentrated Alkali or alkaline salts , but the disadvantage is that neither the structure as does the Water Ionizer or eliminates Harmful Mineral Acids.
Failure to obtain adequate alcalinaIonizada water , I suggest adding an alkaline concentrates droplets , the amount will be determined by an expert only in alkaline water . Suggest that it is very important that Consults with experts to determine the quality and quantity of alkaline water that you should eat daily.

I am very happy because lately in Mexico , there are several companies offering Alkaline Bottled Water , only you must make sure it is structured by a Japanese Ionization System ( invented suddenly very quirky names to differentiate the competition ) should have a maximum pH of 9.5, an ORP of - 750 mV or more. I recommend to -1000 mV . But that is not stored more than 7 days , unless it is wrapped in colored glass bottles , can last up to a month stored without losing its Molecular Structure and Efficiency. The problem of plastic packaging is that it allows easily the molecules of CO2 , and carbonic acid penetrate easily, so the water loses its properties. Remember that water is the universal solvent ! And will tend to balance . It is best to buy bottled Alkaline Water Color Container Glass .

I recommend that before starting to consume alkaline water , or purchase an ionizer you the best information possible and Consult an expert in The New Biology and Acid Alkaline Balance , but is a " living testimony "of the great benefits of Alkaline Water and Diet Alkaleriana , who is living in the World of Healthy Alkaline , for a minimum period of two Years old.
Just remember that there is no product or Miraculous water , everything is Integral.
We are what we eat, what we drink , what they think, what we do, or have not done as love, laugh, enjoy nature, walk , this time as are our emotions ( hate , anger, resentment, fear , envy, Greed , jealousy, etc ) and as is our spirituality .
THE HEALTH IS INTEGRAL, is a change in your lifestyle . A change of habits and you will become a being of light , harmony and happiness .

In Light and Love

Fausto Guerra
World Alkaline

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The pH Miracle by Robert O. Series Books Young



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