How much longer must we choose to ignore ourselves and our  fellow people?    How much longer will we ignore our children?  Our animals? Our trees?  When will we say that life does not have to be like this... we all know it in our hearts.  Life could be beautiful and cohesive.... natural.  How many times will we take a puff off of that cigarette and play the rationalize game with what we know it is doing to us?  

When will we finally realize that the reason things are the way they are is because of all of our actions, not just the big corporations, or evil governments...or religions.  Do not blame.. accept responsibility and take action.  When do we get off our couches and make a difference?  Too big of a problem for you to handle alone?  Then don't...  Do what you can in your own life.... but do.  Create the intention for change and power it with action.  You will contribute that to the collective... you do not have the necessary perspective to see all the different lives that assist you...and vise versa... have faith.

When will we as a society stop encouraging greed and start listening to our voice that tells us right from wrong?  When will we say that buying things with the intention of breaking down so we can buy more is unnatural?  When will we shed this cyclic consumerism and go back to the natural path of  conservation?  Of making something that is built to last.  When will we take pride in our work again... in ourselves?  When will we redefine what is sexy?  when will we finally be aware that these bodies are all just vehicles and our obsession with them is so silly... and devastating. 

  When will we release our hate and fear for those that challenge our own self image and realize that we have more in common than we could ever have in difference?  When will our holy men realize that fear separates and divides...and choose the path of love? That if they only truly tried to understand what connects them.... the drive for peace and love...brotherhood and so much stronger than fear and the beliefs that separate them.

What about feeding the hungry and eliminating poverty?  What we are not capable?  when will we start to ask questions and moving for change?  How many days must we choose to dehumanize our classmates and friends.. strangers behind the register.. just because we choose not to question why?  Why do we feel this way? Why are we not happy... when we all want to be?

 Why must a handful of people decide what is best for all?  How is that even physically possible?  Why must we drive such big  gasoline hungry cars when some part of each of us knows that we are bleeding our mother..... by cutting down our trees we are eliminating our source of oxygen?. when will we find our courage to make a stand? To say NO.... enough is enough.

I want a life where my children do not have to suffer and toil to just to survive in a society without morals and compassion.   When will we break the cycle?  When do we move our stationary ideas?  When do we become compassionate towards all life?  I used to think most people were just out for themselves... now I know the truth...most people are generally good people...  you are led to believe that you as an individual are small and have no power...just like we teach our children...  an adult can seem as big and as frightening as our corporations and governments make us feel at times.  Keep that in mind... it is fear that makes us feel so small.... we as humans built the corporations and religions and governments.... without us they would be powerless....  We are the power.  When will we rediscover it and change everything?

When will we realize that we are robbing our children of the very lessons they came to teach us?  When will we nurture imagination and integrity like we do sex and money?  When will we realize that the system is broken... that money is a slave collar around our necks?  When will we be brave enough to step into the unknown and create something new...

a society based on consciousness and love?  Impossible you say?  Possible I say.  When will we change our thoughts from we are weak and nobody cares to  we are strong ...and love is what connects us.

Every discovery must begin with a question.    

Love!! - David

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Comment by David on August 2, 2012 at 1:28pm

when we think we have mastered, that is when we find out that we have to start asking more intricate and detailed questions.  one will never be at the top of the room, there will always be room to grow and expand your awareness and perspective.  do not stop questioning ever.. do not stop pushing the internal boundaries, when we think we have mastered, what are we doing but putting a top on the jar?  We are creating restrictions for our growth.

Comment by David on August 2, 2012 at 1:09pm

I have no idea how many people have mastered this question, as I can only be responsible for my own actions.  This question was written for me of course and shared to inspire.  I do not need a list of what people are doing, i just want to get questions moving inside their heads if there is not.  This might have been originally shared here where people are more aware of things but this is not going to be this information's last stop... it will be shared into circles where the awareness level is not open minded. That is one reason I share it here among responsible light bringers, so we can help spread each others inspiration. Love!!

Comment by Christiane Morin on August 1, 2012 at 3:30am

Have a positive month of august!!!

Comment by Marek Zielinski on July 31, 2012 at 8:58pm

'Enough is enough' is my wife's favourite saying.
She, so do I agree with all that what you say that above David.
Check it all out on my website

Initiator of

Comment by Soul Set Free to Fly on July 31, 2012 at 5:08pm

profoundly true David..thank you..

Comment by Joyce ONeill on July 31, 2012 at 4:13pm

Bravo, David!  You are on the right trak.  Keep going and keep posting.  People need to hear what you say.  Every single person who listens and does something counts. 

You hit the mark about personal responsibility.  We each need to take 100% responsibility for whatever way our life is.  This is a path to power, not only for each individual, but collectively, many such individuals have even more power and things begin to change.  Change takes time, it  is not instant gratification, but it needs to happen for us and most especially, for our children and future generations.

Comment by David on July 31, 2012 at 2:50pm

Thank you all for taking time to read my thoughts.  What is the magic that transforms something into being popular?  If enough people take an interest in it.   If the people want the change.. the establishments must give way to the multitude.  It is pure survival on their part...  However if integrity and love become popular they will transform every outlet that people turn to... entertainment, work,  governments, business...  All these are extensions of our own interpersonal relationships.  So if we change how we view  ourselves and interact with each other we will constantly inspire and challenge one another to grow and expand.  We will have politicians with integrity joining together to make a stand...  holy men bringing their flocks together to learn from one another's experiences rather than fear them....  children learning early the valuable spirituality of living a moral life and creating new possibilities with their encouraged imaginations.  We can do it.  Anything is possible if we believe.

Comment by Joan Rimer Manning on July 31, 2012 at 12:31pm

I agree!

Comment by Nancy Newton on July 31, 2012 at 11:21am

Dear David...

i totally agree.. Have been making steps for years to be off the grid and live a loving life.. life.

Enough is enough for sure... If we all take that position and care for our little worlds.. we make the difference... Praying for the hearts of men to heal, open and realize all your words...

This blog is helping... thank you for your insights...

Much love, light and compassion..


Comment by Ann on July 31, 2012 at 10:57am

 "Be a column of love for all the worlds that touch yours"  Your blog is inspiring & thoughtful (((David)))~ thank you for the loving energy in the time you took to write this for us. Namaste little brother.

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