I have walked the spiritual path all my life; I went to the woods in the 80s and woke up to seeing a new light. I worked selling beads doing jewelry work until 2006 the year of the Blue Star shift, in that year I was asked to teach full time and as the path works, a friend sold my things and kept the money. So I lived in my Bus (VW campers are known as Buses). In the spiritual terminology a women was put in my way and so I gave the bus to her and been doing with out for a year, also In that year my lap top died and so a friend loaned me a lap top and after 4 mounts wants it back, that’s were I am at his point, living in the woods and going from place to place as best as I can, with a back pack living on donations from classes I teach, and believe me no matter how spiritual they are, they do not want you showing up with a back pack. In all the time and thru all of this I have never asked for anything, have always been provide for and taken care of. I follow my inner most guides and was asked to write this letter and it may not be in the best order but it is as it comes down to me. Why, do people on the path of light talk the talk but in helping that is far and few between, it mostly come from people not on the path at all, Why is there not a foundation to help teachers of the path obtain a few basics to help them, Like me I need another bus to live in and an apple lap top (I can easily maintain a VW myself and do not need a shop and apples can take the abuse of being hauled around all the time better than a pc. That is how people get in touch with me I do not have a cell phone.) We are talking maybe 7,000 dollars at most with a year’s insurance. I know people on the path that make more than that in a month some in a few days and yet they do not care. As for me if it was not for the work, I wouldn’t care either. I am 56 and being a Wayfarer I have had a lot happen to this body and it takes a lot out of this body to do what I do and haul around a pack. I could write a lot more but people do not want to hear it, but its time we start helping one another as family and lift each other up (And no I Am not complaining I am just a messenger delivering a message). I have 3 engagements in November and I am not hitch hiking to them. I was ask to put out this letter other than that I will manifest a way or stay were I Am. In Love and compassion we can heal the world and live in Unconditional Love.

Love and Light. Malang

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