The last six days have been a real eye-opener into a true accounting of how often I reach for something to "chew on" in times of restlessness, restlessness brought on by one of those "So, Whatta' I Do??", or "I can't believe that!!" kinda moments.

I'm neither a gum chew'er nor a smoker, and just couldn't see myself walking around chewing on a straw-or toothpic.
So now, on the evening of my sixth day on the Master Cleanse,
I'll tell you, that I have actually worked my self into a pattern
of squeezing my upper teeth over the outside of my lower lip, and releasing it slowly...taking a deep breath in through my nose,
then wiggling my mouth and jaw around swishing an imaginary slug of mouthwash.
After restoring my expression to an acceptable normalicy...I'm often temped to
conclude with a couple of fluttering eyebrows, or batting eyelashes.

All kidding aside-I'm truly amazed at how well this is going for me. Thus far, I lost 7-lbs over the first three weeks (while reducing my regular eating habits by food catagories), then have lost 5-lbs in the past 6 days (while consuming only the "Lemonade"-no solid food what-so-ever).

I am feeling so much healthier, alert, and enthusiastic. Daily stress doesn't just go away, simply because your feeling better, yet it is true that, feeling better makes dealing with what life throws at us an easier pill to swallow.

Speaking of swallowing pills, I have been taking vitamins while doing the Master cleanse. Along with walking, bike riding, and babysitting a 9-mo old, three days a week-to keep the blood flowing at a good pace.

The program suggest a minimum of 10-days. The Raw Food Restaurant owner who introduced me to the program had been on it for 40 days. Makes me think of a group called "Breathaterians". I have come to be close friends with an older couple(later 70's early 80's), who were telling me about such a group. They exist on the same principle as an Air Plant. How absolutely amazing-don't you agree!!

So "How long will I stay on the Cleanse?"
"The answer would have to be, 'For as long as my body tells me that it is the right thing to do'."
In my late 40's I told myself I would start a full life "makeover" at 50. It's taken 3-years, through, a shattered ankle, a new marriage, my Mom passing away, and the birth of 3 grandsons..for me to find a place of peace-within myself- so that such a personal commitment could be carried out.

I have to assume it is all a part of my awakening.
This is the right time for me-at 53!

Much Love to you all, Kimmie

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