Working with Crystals: Carrying Your Stones

Working with Crystals: Carrying Your Stones

There are many ways to heal with crystals. Carrying crystals with you
throughout the day is a wonderful way to bring a sense of calm and
stability along. I equate it to having old friends around you when
you need them.

Choosing your crystal(s) for the day: Lay out your crystals on a
table, your alter or your sacred space. Choose the crystal that you
are immediately drawn to. This allows your intuition to make your
decision. There may be a very obvious reason for your choice or the
reason is within your subconscious mind. Whatever the reason, go with
the first choice.

Clarity: We are sometimes drawn to a crystal with great clarity,
which signifies that we may need this in our life that day. There are
many degrees of clarity from clear quartz to the more mineral
comprised stones such as obsidian or lodestone.

Color: We are drawn to color based on the need for that particular
shade that day. Color has great psycho-emotional attraction and
choosing a stone based upon its color is always a great decision.

Shape: We can be drawn to a crystal based on its particular shape.
There are several Universal shapes as well as those shapes, which are
considered the five platonic solids.
Each has meaning and can signify what your needs are that day.

Metaphysical Properties: Choosing stones based on their metaphysical
meanings can give you the advantage you need that day. I love doing
this experiment. Choose a crystal(s) in the morning. Carry them with
you throughout your day. In the evening, look up the metaphysical
properties of these stone. You will often be amazed at how
instinctual your choices were in the morning!

Carrying Multiple Stones: This issue is often divided among crystal
lovers. If you will notice, by choosing multiple crystals, they often
are each other's complement. Either by color, clarity, shape or
metaphysical properties.

In the Color Wheel, the color and their complement are on opposite
sides of each other. The following is the color with its
complementary color:

Red's complement Green
Orange - Blue
Yellow - Violet
Green - Red
Blue - Orange
Indigo - Orange
Violet - Yellow

I have also found that the conflict that may arise from carrying
multiple crystals is actually a conflict from with ourselves. Not the
crystals. If carrying multiple crystals does not feel right to you,
don't do it. Use your instincts. Remember, energy follows thought. Do
what feels right for you. Not what feels right to someone else.

I enjoy carrying multiple crystals. As in herbal, Chinese, Ayurvedic
and homeopathic medicine, the synergy of complements has much to do
with its affective outcome.

Put your crystals in a pouches and carry it with you. This is one of
the most interesting and oldest remedies. Usually a prescription of
2 - 4 crystals, these complementary stones are carried or worn on the
person or placed in a certain area. This prescription can be used for
anything from healing to psychic awareness, healing an emotional
wound as in discouragement or sorrow, or bringing about such aspects
as love, money, protection, guidance, spiritual attunement, strength
or even addiction. You can also carry the stone(s) in your pocket or

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac.
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

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Comment by tree faerie darlene on January 21, 2011 at 1:03am
i carry my white crystal soul mate (friend) everyday and also sleep with it in my hand. i have found that my visions increase when it is near my head, clasped in my left hand. lots of love!
Comment by Susan W. on January 20, 2011 at 4:42pm

Thank you for this interesting information. I would like to acquire small crystals just for the purpose of carrying them on my person. I sometimes use them in healing meditations whereby I place them on or near my chakras. I have upon ocassion noticed that sometimes crystals do not like to be placed in close contact with each other. Once I walked up to a crystal booth at a fair and had to back away and shield myself with white light before examining a bowl full of different crystals which generated intense energy.  Within this flow of energy, I saw shafts of different colored crystals that were drawn to my third chakra. My stomach felt like a pin cushion! 

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