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Global Transformation through Conscious Conception, Conscious Birthing, Conscious Parenting: New Thought Leadership for Family Wellness--The Science, Spirit, & Heart of Parenting


Heart-wiring our children for love, compassion, and peace... Preserving and

recovering "Nature's 'biological plan' for human development, a genetically inherent design for open-ended creativity and freedom"

–        Joseph Chilton Pearce



Hosted by Linda Pannell with Guest Host, Marcy Axness, Author of Parenting for Peace—Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers with Special Guest of Honor, Joseph Chilton Pearce.


Joseph Chilton Pearce is the author of eight books, including Crack In The Cosmic Egg, a national best seller, Magical ChildEvolution's EndThe Biology of TranscendenceThe Death of Religion and Rebirth of Spirit and, most recently, Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation.


In this Special EditionFree Global TeleSummit—a gathering of world-renowned

experts in heart-brain science, birth psychology, and family wellness as well as experts in the heart of conception, creation, and birthing from a more expansive view—we explore how to “preserve and develop nature's plan for human development in a child and how to recover that plan in adults”. Together, we look at having children and parenting from multiple perspectives, including the neuroscience, neuro-cardiology—the "brain" in the heart—and the evolution and development of the brain from before birth and beyond.


Despite "mounting hostility, chaos, confusion and danger present in today's dominator world, ... negative cultural effects ... need not block or thwart an individual's spiritual creative unfolding"--Joseph Chilton Pearce


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Imagine... A Spiritual-Creative Unfolding of Magical Children Nurtured by Love.


UPdated Speaker Dates & Information


Dear Humanity Healing Community & Soul Family,

Excitement is building...

On December 12, 2011 at 3 p.m. ET, Joseph Chilton Pearce will be my Guest of Honor as I launch a Special Edition of our Fr*ee Global Telesummit -- Science, Spirituality,& the Sacred: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Miracles (Modern Science).

To learn more and to register for this FREE event, click here:

Marcy Axness, author of "Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers",
is my co-host for this event.

Marcy writes:  

"How grateful & delighted I am that you’ve invited me to co-host your TeleSummit on Conscious Conception | Conscious Birthing | Conscious Parenting. And to kick off the extraordinary series of conversations with Joseph Chilton Pearce— well, that makes it sublime!

Joe is a longtime friend… was a house guest of our family on occasion when in Los Angeles… and is a big champion of my  upcoming book Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers."

Writes Joe:
“While library shelves bulge with books on parenting and childhood, our situation has
only deteriorated. That serious lapse could be turned around through Marcy Axness's work.
Marcy has written the most comprehensive, all-encompassing, ‘scientifically valid’
book yet given us, and one that is captivating, engrossing and remarkably clear, free of jargon,
easy to read and loaded with common-sense insights that remain with one long after the reading.
I know of no one so well equipped educationally, intellectually, emotionally and intuitively to
speak to our times.”

And because P4P is a big part of what brought Joe and me together in this life, I think it’s so appropriate that a sneak peek of the book is one of the free gifts offered to those who everyone who registers for the TeleSummit!

The book’s premise is, if we really want to change the world, we need to raise children who are hardwired for peace,” beginning in the womb.

Parenting for Peace presents a 7-step / 7-principle roadmap that empowers parents (and future parents) to feel confident in their ability to make the small and big choices necessary to raise children who are “built for peace”—wired with such essential peacemaker capacities as intelligence, inner balance, imagination, trust and empathy. The win-win is that a child wired in this vibrantly healthy way is a joy to parent, and as an adult has the heart to embrace and exemplify peace, the mind to innovate solutions to social and ecological challenges, and the will to enact them. In short, to be successful in a changing world—and to help change the world!

Parenting for Peace offers readers a user-friendly shortcut around today’s information overload, because it distills and simplifies the most important scientific research from dozens of leading experts (including Joe) in neuroscience, psychology, biology, medicine and education, woven together with
its own empowering perspectives on bringing more joy into family life. I struggled tremendously with the challenges of mothering, and it’s my hope that what I learned in those trenches will allow others to enjoy more ease, pleasure and joy in parenting!

Like so much of what we’ll be hearing from the TeleSummit participants, parenting for peace helps you unlock the evolutionary promise of our biology: we’re designed to become happier, more intelligent, and more peaceful!

We just need to stop getting in our own way! The “Sneak Peak @ P4P” that listeners will receive will include excerpts covering how to tap into the power we each have to influence who we become in the coming weeks, months and years, thanks to the wonders of neuroplasticity, cell regeneration, and
epigenetics: we are always pregnant with and parenting our future selves! 

·       seven ways to transform a negative mindset and wire positive pathways in the brain

·       cultivating an inner ecology that is fit for life: bodymind principles to optimize fertility and your future child’s optimal health

·       statistics indicating it’s time to evolve our world by evolving how we raise our children—which, amazingly, has never been seriously considered as a strategic pathway toward individual, cultural, and global transformation! In the midst of our human, economic and environmental crises, we have
been overlooking a powerful—perhaps the most powerful—means of fostering peace and prosperity: the consciousness with which we bring our children to life and shepherd them into adulthood.

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PS Register even if you can't attend the live event. All calls are recorded and available for 24 hours after the event.

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PPS  You may also purchase the audio downloads for your lifetime library. I have created a very special early-registration purchase price for this event.  When you register, you will receive details about how to purchase the mp3 audio downloads.

World Changing Wisdom
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Akron, OH 44320 US

OM Times Health & Wellness - Dec 22, 2011 7pm EST

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(1) World Changing Wisdom - Live Global TeleSummit - Conscious People make Conscious Parents!  Join the TeleSummit!

(2) Changing begins withIN.  Within us as individuals and withIN the womb with a new soul that prepares to enter planet this world.

(3) You have the power withIN 2 create change, all U need R the tools & roadmap.  World Changing Wisdom connects us all.

(4)  Parenting 4 Peace changes our tomorrows by investing time & energy into our children today!  Healing beings at h(OM)e!

(5)  Time to take responsibility & create changes toward a sustainable life.  Join us as we talk about Conscious Parenting.

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Comment by deZengo on December 13, 2011 at 4:46pm

A message to all members of Humanity Healing Community





Conscious Parenting


 Aloha, my friend.

Excitement is building... we are proud to invite you to be part of

Global Transformation through Conscious Conception, Conscious Birthing, Conscious Parenting: New Thought Leadership for Family Wellness--The Science, Spirit, & Heart of Parenting

On December 13, 2011 at 7 p.m. ET,

Richard Greninger will be my Guest of

Honor for a Special Edition

of our Free Global Telesummit --

Science, Spirituality,& the Sacred:

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Miracles

(Modern Science).

In this Special Edition TeleSummit
Comment by deZengo on December 13, 2011 at 3:46pm

It's coming on Christmas, and my heart
is filled with gratitude for and wonder
at the magic, the miracle, and the limitless
possibility for creation in this season of
new birth and new beginnings.

Yesterday, my children and I bundled up
my grandson, Caiden, in too-big boots and
mommy's gloves to search for a "Kisses Tree".

Caiden's eyes widened as we climbed the
stairs to the tractor wagon.  He smiled
ear to ear, calling out, "Gra-ma-mere,
Gra-ma-mere! Trac-teur, Trac-teur,"
as if his board book had suddenly come
to life.

His smile only got bigger with doubt and
delight as we rode across the field atop
haystacks. When the "trac-teur" moved, he
threw his hands into the air and yelled,
"Wheeeeee..." When it stopped, he laughed
"Uh oh".  The entire wagon (people too)
laughed with him.

Caiden trudged across the field, stopping
now and then to kiss a tree. But his mind
was not on "kisses trees". He could hardly
to get back to his "Trac-teur" ride.

Yesterday was the first time we had been
to the tree farm since my children's father
died several years ago. The memories are
difficult for all of us, and I was hesitant
to go, but my daughter could not wait to
hunt for a Christmas Tree with her nephew,
so we went.

And I am happy we did.  That will always
be one of my most treasured memories.

I want to create more of those moments
and more of those memories. I'm hungry to
know more about the intelligence of creation,
evolution, and the heart.

I want to know more about the limitless
possibility within each of us to birth new
ideas, new moments, new spirit, a new earth,
new humanity.  I crave awareness of what
could be a "holy science" of heart and spirit.

I know of no better person to learn from
than Joseph Chilton Pearce, my guest of
honor for the Special Edition of Science,
Spirituality, & the Sacred:  Ancient Wisdom,
Modern Miracles. I am delighted to be able
to talk with Joe today as we begin the
celebration of this Christmas season of
new birth.

In his new book, "Strange Loops and Gestures
of Creation," Joe says, "Since evolution’s
'present state” is always the moment of its
stochastic movement to selectively go beyond
itself, that 'moment' is ever-present and
all there is. As Robert Sardello points out,
in that Moment, the future will flow
into our present, 'making all things new,' if

What greater gift to give our children and
my grandchild than to discover more about
the intelligence of creation and evolution.

Whatever will happen in 2012 is not "out there".
It is inside each of us.

Today, December 12, 2011 at 3 p.m. ET / 12 Noon
PT, Joseph Chilton Pearce will be my Guest of
Honor as I launch a Special Edition
of our Fr*ee Global Telesummit --
Science, Spirituality,& the Sacred:
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Miracles
(Modern Science).

To learn more and to register for
this FREE event, click here:

Marcy Axness, author of "Parenting
for Peace: Raising the Next
Generation of Peacemakers",
is my co-host for this event.

About Marcy's new book, Joe writes:

“While library shelves bulge with books on
parenting and childhood, our situation has
only deteriorated. That serious lapse could
be turned around through Marcy Axness's work.
Marcy has written th

Comment by deZengo on December 10, 2011 at 11:42am

Any chance that we can get a plug from Shay  / the rock girl / and any of our special contacts about our participation in this?  

Comment by deZengo on December 10, 2011 at 11:40am
Comment by deZengo on December 10, 2011 at 11:08am

Anyone from our community going to participate?  

Do we have a newsletter to send out about this event?  Please let me know if this is something I was suppose to do?  I know OM Times will be participating Dec 22, 2011 7pm est / talking about Conscious Parenting.

Would love to have your feedback / comments / ideas / suggestions about Conscious Parenting and the role it plays in creating change in our society / humanity.  

Comment by deZengo on December 2, 2011 at 1:42am

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