Humpback Whales Bubble Feeding Drone Views

When humpback whales are plying polar waterways, they’re constantly trying to fill up—sucking down as much as two tons of food a day. They need to pack on the pounds to support their 70,000-pound frame before migrating thousands of miles south to tropical waters to breed.

You'd think that with their massive mouths, humpbacks would search out the biggest fish they could swallow. But no, their diet is primarily made up of tiny shrimp and small fish they filter through their baleen plates.

And with hungry humpbacks on the lookout for the same food supply, you would expect that they would keep their distance from each other.

But take a look at this seagull-view footage, and it’s clear—humpbacks have a strategy all their own when it comes to fishing, and that strategy takes teamwork.

To execute the scheme, called bubble-net feeding, between four and 20 whales are needed. The group dives together, waiting below the school of fish that’s soon to become lunch. One whale breaks off from the group, circling below the fish and blowing bubbles at the same time. As the ring of bubbles rises around the fish, it spooks them and they naturally school up into tight balls.

Now comes the above-surface action. In unison, the rest of the whales lunge from below the school, mouths agape toward the surface, scarfing up the loads of fish in the process.

And thanks to the drone footage uploaded from AkXpro, we’re able to see, and hear, the humpback pod in Alaska's Prince William Sound coordinate the effort from above.
Large Group of Humpback Whales Feeding in the Pristine Waters of Alaska. Aerial Drone Footage from Seagulls Point of View. Checkout our other videos on YouTube.

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Comment by TerraNova on July 10, 2015 at 3:46pm

Thanks Rak ! A great sharing....I Love whales !....they are wonderful creatures & true gifts to the Earth !....nice to see this technology being used for a good purpose ! I will definitely be sharing this video, but on a sad note these pristine waters are no longer pristine & with climate change & the continued spilling of radiation into the pacific from F**ushima with no regulation in place from the outside world, much of the pacific marine life is either suffering or collapsed. Since the initial meltdown, most of the fish populations are down 90% now destroying the healthy food chain up to larger mammals & sea birds. As I very sad. We have entered the world's 6th mass extinction in which no human should be proud of & All should be trying everything they can to help & heal & prevent this from worsening !.....always the innocent voiceless ones that suffer the most at the hands of mankind. Anyways....I do Love your video !....& I will keep sending my spirit energy to assist them & help them survive !....xo Bev

Comment by Catalina Sharon Tucker on July 9, 2015 at 4:51pm

The krill industry has grown a thousand fold since humans discovered that krill could help keep them young The industry is scooping up all it can find! Soon the whales will go the way of so many other species simply because there will no longer be enough krill to sustain them. We will have taken it all.

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