# Does this Place belong to someone who's alive - and has it ever belonged to someone else? # # What name/names spring to your mind when looking at it? ..sometimes you can "pick up" a name around them that is not necessarily theirs!
# What type of personality does/did the owner of this place have or had?
# Do you sense another 'history' behind this?
# Any other impressions which come to mind (even if they seem silly to you)
# Can you see with your mind's eyes, where this is located?
One Clue: It is here on USA.

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I think this building does belong to someone who is alive. I think it sits behind the main house at the edge of the property. I think maybe the Pacific Northwest.

Possibly used at one time for a childs play house but now I think it's being used for some type of hobby...crafts...gardening.....

Alex, Alexandria, Cassie

The child that played here was/is gifted

I think it's a generation property, been in the family for a while..........

It's Monday....are the answes coming soon ??


Hello ?? Do we get the answers ?? :)
I first looked at this picture last week and gave up, but thought maybe an old man who had died and felt a bit sad. An unusual house perhaps in the middle of the woods but don't know where. Maybe now used as a play house for children.
either the owner is alive or a close family member. may have been used to hide slaves. jesse, carol, lucie. new york state or pennylvania.
My apologies for taking so long to reveal the truths about this place. It isn't on my usual to do list so it slipped beneath my radar.

This place is an old smoke house.
It dose sit back behind the main house and has been in the same family for several generations.
Behind it is a steep decline in the landscape (the edge you saw Kathy) which leads down to a pasture that years ago had cattle grazing in it. Behind that are woods (that you mentioned Maz) that go on for several miles , all part of the family land.
Off to the back side of the Smoke House there use to be a Hog pen. ~ Scraps from the table would all be taken back and shared with them.

Back when the Smoke House was in full operation, refrigeration was not so available. Once a year fresh hams would be laid into large bins inside the little house & covered in salt. After the appropriate amount of time had lapsed... the hams would be tied up and hug from the rafters inside. Beneath the loosely spaced floorboards a smokey fire would be set.... It would heat up the little house, not hot enough to cook the hams quickly but just warm enough combined with the salt & smoke to 'cure' those hams and make they last ~ After they were cured.... the hams would continue to hang in this building till the large family was ready for them.

Now a days, the youngest son who is in his 80's lives in the Main house and his garden tools are stored inside the building. It will always be referred to as "The Smoke House" though. ~ It's located in North Carolina.

None of the names match exactly... The closest would be one that you mentioned Connie. You mentioned Jessie. ~ Joseph is the old man's name.

Hiding slaves..... Very close to the Smoke House under one of the Main house porches.... disadvantaged black and some white men walking the long nearby road would seek safe shelter at night. They would be in search of work or food by day.

The death or sadness you have spoken of here would be "The long goodbye"... Alzheimer's disease taking the memory and life away from the now 80 year old boy that use to play in and around the Smoke House as a child.

Mirage, you mentioned well respected and cared for. ~ Yes, the five generations have all felt this way about the Smoke House.

Namaste, my love & thank you all for participating on this one.
I felt the owner alive however thought of an old couple, one of them deceased..i was thinking the man? aubrey melodie haha george herald henry jack phillip haha marguerite ...felt the owner is old now. something about when they were like 43 popped in? or the age...? i felt the shack used to be less decor. thought it was used for some type of processing like i was pictureing honey..and old man walking through the woods behind gathering something or searching for somtehing, accomplishing some type of task. i was way off on location...thinking mn because the trees it seemed homey and i'm from mn. uhh what else. anything else to say?
yes and no, an old couple and the hubby has passes the women is still there she has trouble with her hip~ kids are grown but come to help her. so she can have her independence

dutch dependents, crafty, in the states Washington around farm lands, small town...Vander something for last name...

Very involved in their church, Christian, had chickens for eggs and gardened ducks, berry fields (raspberries) ???


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