MONTHLY    HOROSCOPES   by Beverley 


I’m sorry the August Horoscopes are a few days late, it’s an extremely hectic few months for me recently, plus I was rather unwell last week, so The Sun is now settled in bossy, dignified, extravagant, organized & regal Leo, with a need to be in control of people & situations, where possible.  On 23rd August it moves into modest, organized, hygienic, modest, fussy Virgo, with some worry at times.  The Moon started the month in aloof, pessimistic, responsible & realistic Capricorn.  On 2nd August there was a Full Moon in imperative, magnetic, impulsive Aquarius, giving big reactions.  The Last Quarter Moon is on 8th August in defensive, possessive, security conscious Taurus, with a need for possible changes.  The New Moon is on 17th August in bossy, exuberant, flamboyant, melodramatic Leo, which can make us put our own needs first.  The First Quarter Moon is on 24th August in intense, determined, jealous, strongwilled, Scorpio, making us aim for personal goals.  There is another Full Moon on 31st August in emotional, sentimental, sensitive Pisces, causing potential over-reactions.  Mercury remains in organized, dogmatic, stubborn Leo, all of August, with some over-dramatization of everything.  It travels Retrograde until 8th August, leading to some misunderstandings.  Venus remains in light-hearted, flirtatious Gemini until 7th August, but then moves into devoted, sympathetic, caring Cancer, with deeper emotions, causing some over-reactions at times.  Mars is currently in diplomatic, fair, harmonious Libra enabling us to relate well to others people, & develop deeper understanding.  On 23rd August it moves into demanding, intense & powerful Scorpio, with possible resentment especially regarding emotional matters at times.  Jupiter is now in broad-minded, fun-loving Gemini until June next year, with a possible lack of concentration at times.  Saturn remains in courteous, fair-minded, pleasant, but serious Libra, through most of this coming year, & gives more flexibility, with much work on behalf of the loser.  It gives a need to get out & about.  Uranus remains in energetic, courageous, self-willed, proud Aries, with rebelliousness, sudden, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, may distract us away from our usual routine, or help us see things in a new light, and hopefully starts to bring more balance. Uranus is currently travelling Retrograde for the next couple of months, enabling us to use our inner, creative thoughts positively.  Neptune moves into sensitive, intuitive Pisces, & can help us gradually develop more empathy, compassion, & build understanding, though remaining realistic, will I feel also be important. It starts travelling Retrograde early this month, & can make us focus on our dreams more, with a need for realism too.  Pluto remains in Capricorn for the foreseeable future, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with balance, & more realistic ways of recycling & developing our intuitive knowledge further, to use practically.  It’s currently travelling Retrograde triggering a need for inner knowledge, or to discard what’s no longer relevant.  Planetary aspects this month are:- Sun & Mars sextile all month – Plenty of energy, with original approaches.  Sun & Jupiter sextile until 15th August - A philosophical, curious & amiable attitude.  Sun & Saturn sextile from 10-22nd August – Deeper understanding with modesty in self assessment.   Sun & Uranus trine until 11th August - An abstract, progressive outlook.  Pluto inconjunct Sun until 10th August - Possible over-reactions to other people’s expectations.  Sun & Pluto trine from 23rd August – Deeper powers of concentration and will.  Sun & Uranus inconjunct from 23rd August –  Tendencies to give in too easily to other people’s demands, causing resentment.  Sun & Neptune opposite from 23rd August – Problems may arise that are difficult to understand and resolve.  Moon & Uranus sextile 2nd August - Quick emotional responses to people & situations.  Moon & Venus sextile 8th August - A need for happy, personal relations with others.  Moon & Neptune sextile 8th August – Imaginative ideas with understanding.  Moon & Pluto trine Thursday – Positive willpower appropriately applied can be effective.  Sun & Moon conjunct 17th August – A more unilateral approach to situations.  Moon & Jupiter sextile 17th August - Generosity with empathy shown to others. Moon sextile Mars & Saturn 17th August – Energy put into resolving disagreements with people.  Some caution in close relationships.  Moon & Uranus trine 17th August – An alert, inquisitive outlook.  Moon conjunct Neptune 31st August – Imagination with great sensitivity shown to others.  Moon sextile Pluto 31st August – Emotional understanding given to other people.  Mercury & Jupiter sextile 15-28th August – Deeper intuition with an  ability to handle abstract ideas.  Mercury trine Uranus to 24th August - Deep intuition coupled with sharper intellectual skills. Mercury inconjunct Neptune to 21st August – A need to avoid making promises that can’t be kept.  Mercury inconjunct Pluto to 24th August – An overwhelming sense of responsibility at times.  Venus square Uranus 8-24th August – A need for independence within relationships.  Venus trine Neptune 8-19th August – A more romantic outlook, with empathy for others.  Venus opposite Pluto 8-24th August – High emotions & physical attraction within relationships.  Mars & Saturn conjunct to 23rd August – Constructive use of personal energy, with restraint when necessary.  Mars & Pluto sextile from 24th August – Considerably more willpower and forcefulness than previously.  Mars & Neptune trine from 24th August – More successful integration of forceful action and dreams.  Mars & Uranus inconjunct from 24th August – Greater drive and originality, but a feeling of being pressured.  Jupiter & Uranus sextile all month – An idealistic, probably lucky approach to certain situations.  Jupiter & Pluto inconjunct all month – A need for significant adjustment to certain situations might arise.  Uranus & Pluto remain square for some time – A need for independence, & dislike of feeling too restrained.  Neptune & Pluto sextile long term – Understanding, & gradual acceptance of world changes, over a long period of time.


ARIES     21 March - 20 April

You need to find appropriate outlets for your creative energy & skills, as you’re communicating very positively.  After 23rd you carry a lot of responsibility at work, but cope well with it.  From 8th August more time & money may be spent on your home & loved ones.  Try to be diplomatic with a partner & discuss any worries, than obsess.  After 23rd a happy love life is important, & joint finances might be a focus.  You enjoy learning, & gain a lot from discussions with others. You’re driven & outgoing, in a bit of a dream world & still trying to sort out career options.


TAURUS    21 April - 21 May

You have a strong, positive bond with your family, & work hard there, but may be worried about a loved one.  After 23rd you need to express your imaginative ideas & are proud of success.  From 8th August you enjoy mixing with people locally, needing peace & harmony.  You’re disciplined & conscientious at work, but may feel stuck in a routine.  After 23rd try to avoid quarrels & reach an understanding with a partner.  Money & security are important, with a need for luxuries.  You’re intuitive, drawn to like-minded friends, & have some ongoing changes to deal with.


GEMINI    22 May - 21 June

You may catch up with other people, by letter, email or on the phone, with a curious, restless, but superficial approach. After 23rd you need to enjoy time spent at home with loved ones.  From 8th August you might find you’re spending more than usual on luxury items.  If single you might be seeking romance, but may also lack confidence at times.  After 23rd you’re working hard, but hate dreary routines & repetitive work.  You’re optimistic, warm hearted & very enthusiastic.  You’re drawn to abstract friends, may seek professional changes & need a balance with a partner. 


CANCER    22 June - 23 July

You need to be seen as successful, & are feeling very generous, you enjoy making & spending money & bargain well.  After 23rd you may spend a lot of time on the phone.  From 8th August you’re very charismatic & popular, showing empathy to others.  You may spend a lot of time or money on your home, & have to take control, but feel trapped.  After 23rd you may be sporty or creative but are very impatient for results.  You appreciate some privacy & time to yourself.  You need more variety in your career, time to daydream & philosophise & honesty with a partner.


LEO     24 July  -  23 August

You can come across as larger than life, dynamic, energetic, a bit egotistical, & also expressive, & good at communicating.  After 23rd you may feel a need to make, invest or spend more money.  From 8th August you can feel over emotional or tearful at times.  You can be outspoken, even a bit scathing, but also hold back on some issues.  After 23rd you may have a lot more to deal than usual with at home.  You gain great enjoyment from socialising with friends, & can inspire them.  You can be easily bored & need variety, fantasize about your love life & are working very hard.


VIRGO     24 August  -  23 September 

You have a strong need for privacy & to spend time alone, but at times your emotions & intuition clash more than usual.  After 23rd you become much more confident & needing progress.  From 8th August spending time with understanding friends brings reassurance.  You may feel ambitious & need to achieve, but somewhat limited financially.  After 23rd you express your views rather sharply & may argue more. You work very hard to achieve success, having a sense of vocation.  You may be erratic with joint finances, need to share dreams with a partner & overly emotional.


LIBRA    24 September  -  23 October

You gain a lot of pleasure from catching up with old friends, especially those you share mutual understanding with.  After 23rd you feel a need for some time to yourself, but may worry at times.  From 8th August you enjoy taking on more professional responsibilities.  You can be driven & impulsive & very strong-willed, but also lack confidence at times.  After 23rd you manage your money & business matters astutely.  You’re positive, enjoy learning & travelling if possible.  You need independence in a marriage, to look at ongoing health issues & personal space at home.


SCORPIO    24 October  -  22 November

You feel ambitious, & want to succeed in your chosen career, you also take your responsibilities very seriously.  After 23rd you enjoy getting out about socialising, & meeting friends.  From 8th August you’re philosophical, & would enjoy a holiday.  You’re very imaginative, but find it hard to share personal problems, & you need somewhere private to relax.  After 23rd you are more enthusiastic, & impatient, & put your needs first.  You deal well with joint business & finances.  You get easily bored by repetitive work, are very imaginative, & rather private not saying much.


SAGITTARIUS     23 November  -  21 December

You enjoy broadening your boundaries, mentally or physically, & find pleasure in learning or travelling when possible.  After 23rd you focus more on your professional goals.  From 8th August you’re emotionally much more intense.  Your friends are important, you may be competitive with them, but also rely on their support of those you’ve known for years.  After 23rd you sympathise with others, but find it hard to express your feelings.  You share positive relations with a partner.  You feel creative, so use your ideas, may have disruptions at home, but great business skills.


CAPRICORN     22 December - 20 January

You might find your emotions get the better of you at times, & you need a satisfying relationship with a partner.  After 23rd you may be more philosophical, & enjoy getting away.  From 8th August you need to feel close with your partner, & are very giving.  You want to progress in your profession, & carry a lot of responsibility, so feel limited & impatient.  After 23rd you enjoy time spent with dynamic friends, you can spar with.  You do well in your work & try to help others.  You may feel a bit trapped at home, are a bit absent minded at times, & evasive or secretive. 


AQUARIUS     21 January  -  19 February

You gain great enjoyment from time spent with your partner, as you share mutual understanding as well as love.  After 23rd you may feel very much more emotional than usual.  From 8th August  you need harmony at work & good relations with colleagues.  You hate feeling bored & need adventure & excitement, but feel limited by circumstances.  After 23rd you want to get ahead in your chosen career, & work very hard.  You’re good company, very enthusiastic & optimistic.  You express unusual ideas well, may find your finances are uncertain & feel depressed at times.



PISCES     20 February -  20 March

You enjoy helping others & will be very supportive of colleagues, taking a practical & precise approach, but may worry.  After 23rd you enjoy being with a partner, & may be idealistic.  From 8th August you need some attention & enjoy looking good.  You work well in secret, & need to feel wanted by a partner, or may start to obsess.  After 23rd you feel easily bored & look for some intellectual stimulation.  You really enjoy happy times spent at home with all your loved ones.  You may be prone to overspending, be a bit gullible, & appreciate old friends support.  



I can’t guarantee anything shown on these horoscopes, they can only offer general information, as written by Beverley Taylor or Astrologymix so please note that they should be considered for entertainment purposes only. However I do make every effort to ensure the information I give is as accurate as possible. If you do have any queries please feel free to contact me.



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