Castor oil (topically and internally) for irritable bowel syndrome, whiplash, inflammation, etc.

Hi all, I just wanted to share something I've been experimenting with and see if anyone has comments to add. 


A few years ago, my naturopath encouraged me to rub castor oil on my belly, as an anti inflammatory, when I had constipation and abdominal pain from IBS.   That still works, along with a very gentle clockwise rubbing motion, which sets the bowels into a cleansing mode.  


Then earlier this year I had 2 car accidents and I use castor oil, topically, to relieve the swelling and pain of whiplash.


Today my stomach was really hurting and I decided to take it internally.  I took a quarter teaspoon and swallowed it down and then lay down and did reiki on my belly.  As the oil went down it just calmed it so nicely and gently, I wanted to go right to sleep.  I'm sure the hands on healing had something to do with it also, but I had to write and tell you all that you can do this too. 


But please be aware if you are going to take castor oil internally, don't go overboard:  1-5 tablespoons is the adult dose that will keep you in the bathroom all day.   So that is why I took 1/4 tsp.  It seems to be enough to make it feel better without causing any extra bathroom runs (no pun intended :)).  


Have any of you tried castor oil this way?  What was your result?  


Peace, Rachel.

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Hello Rachel,thank you for your post! I have had some beneficial experiences with castor oil as well.

I have had a lot of pain around an incision site from surgery I had in 2004. It just wouldn't clear up. Iwas told by my herbalist that there was infection there, she recommended making castor oil poultices and applying them liberally when I was lying down. I would use an old clean cloth,apply the oil onto it, put that on the scar, and put a hot water bottle on top. Then I would go to sleep for the night. I was also taking Ginger and other herbs for the infection. The castor oil along with the hot water bottle on top of the poultice heated up the whole area, I could feel the entire area that was in pain get really hot! This would last for about twenty minutes then would subside. For the first few days, the heat was intense, I did this for a few weeks, two or three days in a row, taking a couple of days off between treatments as long as I had the pain. Gradually the pain subsided until it no longer bothered me.

I will use this method for pain now, as it is a very gentle and inexpensive way to treat pain.

I have not used castor oil internally so I don't have anything to add in that regard.

I hope this helps! Many blessings to you Rachel!


Hi Tammy, It was interesting for me to read about your experience with castor oil for healing an inner infection.  It's amazing to me that the heat would make the oil penetrate and heal internally!  Thanks for sharing, and I'm really glad you  had such success with it.    '


You said you use it for pain relief.  Do you use that method for tissue damage, as well as infection? I'm thinking of soft tissue damage from a car accident, to my neck and back.   When I used it that way, I did it without the heat, and it was still helpful.  The heat might make a difference.  Maybe I'll experiment and let you know!   


I wonder if it would heal my tongue... I burnt it about 2 months ago on some hot tea, and it still hurts a lot with hot or spicy foods, or hot drinks.   The thing about castor oil is it's safe for internal AND external use.   What a wonderful thing!   If it healed your infection, maybe it'll heal my tongue!     


Thanks again for sharing, and many blessings to you, Rachel. 


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