Psy Exercise Number 5
Try and avoid reading other members posts about this exercise as it may influence your reading.

````````````````````````` Study the pic and then ask yourself...

* Is this person in the pic still alive?

*What was her dreams

What name/names spring to your mind when looking at it? ..sometimes you can "pick up" a name around them that is not necessarily theirs!
What type of personality do you think/feel, she has or had?
Does she has /had a family?
Any other impressions which come to mind (even if they seem silly to you) ..
The results will be posted after 7 days...

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Nice names , Barbara ...If I was able to name myself Vanessa would of been nice : )
New Jersey is also a pleasant place . As far as my goals ~ Out of school , my goal was to have children and be a stay at home mom and raise them ....I wanted TEN ! I have 3 , all healthy ...2 sons and a daughter.
Thanks again Barbara ~ I find this exercise exciting .
Dear, just write a general answer, no need to be 101.
whoops sorry ! do you want me delete? and go back ? I will ....
it was very hard to tell anything about her because the picture seem very blurry. so i had to do a closeup. she is alive. she has a wonderful sense of humor she can make people laugh. she has animals or like animals mostly dogs. she is very involved with music, drama, art. someone close to her may be suffering from drugs or alcohol abuse. she liked the 70's i think her name maybe Amy she is very friendly and some people may try to take advantage of that. she looks like a person who was born in the spring time or someone who enjoys the spring time. her sign might be libra or taurus. she lives where the weather is either warm or hot. she also seems like a person who does alot of excerise.
Yes I am very much ALIVE < Michelle ....They say alive and kicking , well for me , I can kill them with laughter : ) .
I do love dogs ~ I recently had put to mine done after 14 yrs with him . His companionship is what I miss the most and his dedication towards me . I am still uncertain aout getting another ~
Involvement in music , drama , or art ? I have to say DRAMA for this one ....hehehehehehe~ my 19 yr olds drama that is ~ she still appears to have that title of Queen .
I am an alcoholic in recovery for 11 yrs now and yes , I believe that I have other family members that suffer , yet won't admit thier powerlessness.
I LOVE THE 70's .....I am a 70's child : )
The name Amy is close .....that is my sisters name .
I was born in April ....that is close enough to spring for me , and yes ~ spring is a favorite time of year for me ....fall comes in second.
I am Aries . I live where there are 4 seasons ~
yet , I have dreamed of living somewhere where there is no snow...
Exercise ........hahahahahahaha now that is a good one !
I am extremely active ~ and dance alot to the 70's while cleaning ~ and love to walk.....I guess we can call that exercise : )
Thanks , Michele .....
You were very close on many aspects of my life .....
sorry about the blurry pic ~ here is one of me and my daughter ....I am on my mother's computer and don't have many downloaded on here .
wow thats cool this is my second psy excercise I took part in.
Thanks Sheridan ~
Love candles , especially white ones ....I use alot of the little tea candles .
Laura is a pretty name .
I love pale mint green . I use to own a shirt of that color and wore it for many years ~
no little dog , sorry .
Funky personality .....I believe some may think so .
Yes, I have been out of work on disabilty .
Thanks Sheridan .
She appears to be full of life in the photo, if she is not alive then her spirit certainly still is.

Her dreams involve fun and laughter, living life to the full.

Name/names:- Emile, Fiona, FiFi, Effi.

Personality:- A fun loving 'live wire', laughs a lot, 'up for it', dashing around, an infectious happy personality, loves the world and all it's possibilities. Seems like a 'breath of fresh air' a bubbly person who was /is able to make most people feel the same when close to her. A 'free spirit' like a fairy or nymph perhaps.

Family:- There seem to be many people round her, a large social network and family would be a part of that, a fairly small part.

Other impressions:- Making a noise, singing, whooping for joy, quite loud. Still one moment then moving very fast to whatever attracted her attention the next. The eyes are full of fun & mischief. When looking at the photo at times there seems to be a mask over the eyes which at one point looked like a large pair of glasses.
Great Job !
I hate reading my own personalities , yet this one says alot about me .
My dreams do involve fun and laughter ....Thats how it was for the most part of my life while I was raising my 3 children ....Now I have my grandchildren : )
Children are the best People ....don't you agree ? they do allow us to have that infectious personality that you speak of .
I do have a large social network as far as my family is large , yet , unfortunatly not as social these days as I would prefer it to be.
under other impressions ....what caught my attention was still one moment ~ then off moving ....that is so me !
I can't sit very long ....I need to keep things stirring .
I wear contacts also , that what causes that mask around the eyes ????hahahahahahaha
I thought it was dark circles .....which do appear darker in some pics.

Anyways , Thanks Dr. Elizabeth .....
Again , I have to mention what a treat it is reading these .
Hi Peachy

Thank you so much for the feedback. I am new to this but it is showing me how I do pick up and what I don't pick up on. I loved the energy around you.

Love & Light

To own my own business was one of my dreams .....
yet , I did not become a cosmetologist .
Thanks ~
I pick up that she has passed on. She had a sister and possibly some trauma early on in life. I see Jennifer or Jess as a name. Her dreams were to help children and serve selflessly. I think she had a loving, outgoing personality, but a love for being homely as well. A vibrant soul! Just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Now everything being a reflection of myself ... chances are these are simply my lessons, not necessarily literal truth! Much love to All.


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