The message about sharing sent by HH today to all members

Beloved Sisters and Brothers

Today "landed" the below message in my private mail and I assume, each of you as well.

I sadens me, that on a network as HH is people get ANGRY or UPSET if they recieve an invitation to read a blog, discussion or see a video someone of us shared on this beautiful network.

Each of us have the opourtunity to ADJUST what kind of mail we want in the SETTINGS of our profile and can avoid even to have one mail sent from here.

Isn't it a BLESSING, that we have someone here that cares that if we post something, it can be seen by anyone that wish to KNOW that something is posted?  Not all have the time to come here daily to see if something is posted that may or may not interest us to read or seen, but by having an invitation sent we can easily come IN and read what is shared w/o losing time.

In conclusion, I would RECOMMEND, that the one that wrote this APOLOGIZE letter take into consideration to AGAIN share EVERYTHING with ALL and send out an other MAIL that those that don't wish to have "shared with all" messages in their private mail, to adjust their E-MAIL SETTINGS.




Attachment: Recieved letter.

I would like to apologize to the people that have been upset & irritated with my sending blogs & videos to All Members.  My intent was to call awareness to these as I thought they would be helpful in some kind of healing way.  Apparently a few have gotten so angry with me that they left the website. 

I love Humanity healing.  I have met some of the finest people in my lifetime here.  I know people are often times shy to comment on anything or even to just click the like feature below the blogs & comments.  But who are we if there is no participation from us.  WE ARE this website.  So I would like to encourage people to be who you are  & speak up.  It adds so much more here, to hear even just the smallest amount from you commenting on something you like.  It is an acknowledgement that you believe you matter & we all need to believe in this site.  By speaking up we can heal each other...even with just a simple smiley :)  We need to acknowledge each other & when someone posts a good blog & gets absolutely no response on it they feel unnoticed & unappreciated.  The people who post blogs are hoping to assist in some way & do this out of the kindness of their hearts.  THEY are sharing so why don't WE?  If you feel the nudge to comment let your beautiful voice be heard.

I would like to encourage one more thing & that is to come in & look at our front main page titled lobby in the above tab lines.  All our newest blogs & discussions will be there with new postings each day.  Since I will not be sending these out like I did please check them out & see if there are any new videos in the media tab, that you might learn from , laugh with , or simply enjoy in some way.

Like I said~WE are all Humanity healing, are WE not?

All my best prayers are with each and everyone of us.  We are blessed to have such a loving community here, so let's raise the vibrations here & acknowledge each other.  Aloha, Namaste & so much love to you all.

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Thank you Sineh you are such a gentleman. Ann will certainly appreciate it.

You and Ann~ are always welcome beloved Rak~

I assumed it was Ann that sent that message out but wasn't sure.

Thank you for the comment! Much apprechiated.



....& I do appreciate it very much Sineh & to everyone else here that has spoken up...I really do thank you all for your kindness & encouragement.  I had written the letter after several folks had left last weekend mentioning my name as the reason.  So feeling a bit bad I wrote it & then forgot to sign it. I will be sending out one email a day with 2-4 links of  what I believe to be the best of the day & you can access them that way if you would like.  Aloha, Namaste & so much love to all of you~

beloved Ann~

for the comment and that you continue to share!

I have already seen your first mail that is done the way you intend and I feel it is a good way that way

Much love from my heart IN your heart



Well then , it  was a time for them to move on ~ so it was..    ( Bye Bye ) I wish them  well hope they find happiness and light... With all the changes about - this  is no surprise it's the natural course most especially these days!

The  lightMinded  comments below reflect the the flow of resonation -You can see the majority of  wonderful grateful people of H H -love hearing from you -and whom ever - those emails .. they keep us all connected to this very healing humanity ! Ann you just Keep shining that light! ! It is Awesome !

Blessings &    LOVE Always,

          Seren Grace

Bless you Sineh, i was about to send a message saying the Same. 

Rak, may i? i have found a solution for this problem..but still some people wont read, so i do not get upset anymore, in my welcoming message, i have put a link, and ask them to click on it, this link, leads to a blog wich explains how to manage their mails. 

Like this everyone is Happy. i Love receiving these messages, form the bottom of my Heart and i find that you are doing a fantastic Work. Blessed Be. 

Rainbows of Love to all 

Ametrine, you may do what you feel in your heart to do... you have my blessing.


  Ohhh  that is such a Good idea Ametrine!

A link that shows people how to manage their emails ... SEE THAT IS Healing Humanity !

Enlightening people with some good e mail management and self - empowerment   !

Hope that works out!

Love it! 

Seren Grace

Thank you SiNeh for expressing pretty much what I felt when I read the above email. I am not very active on this site and I DO APPRECIATE the emails sharing various blog posts. The emails help me as a reminder to come on over and check things out. I am not sure who wrote the apology email and I would like that person to know that I graciously DO NOT accept the unwarranted apology,. I feel this person was performing a great service and it would be a shame to see it end. Please reconsider. I feel the solution is not in ending the emails but in making people accountable for their own email settings.


Mimi (AlcheMystic)

Thank you beloved MiMi~

You name it!



Hi Everyone, I have only just seen this post. I agree totally with the comments raised here and can’t believe that there have been complaints about the fact that Ann has been so prolific in encouraging HH members to read and watch particular blogs and videos which she has signposted. Everything that is achieved on this forum takes a great deal of time and effort, both by the managers and the members who go out of their way to participate. Time is of the essence for all of us – there are so many demands on our lives. Therefore, to all those members out there who get irritated and annoyed by being reminded that HH is an active forum, why don’t you do what Mimi suggested and change your email settings so that you do not receive any notifications about postings. THEN if you are still interested in HH you will have to sign in personally and check everything out yourself.

I feel really disappointed that those who profess (presumably) to be spiritual and loving individuals, have been impolite enough to complain because their Inbox has some inconvenient message, which, if they had paid attention when joining, could easily have been avoided.

I would say to all members that Ann, as well as the other managers, put an enormous amount of time, energy, and dedication into making HH the brilliant forum it is today. So, isn’t it about time we all appreciated what they do?

Also, despite members posting on HH in a spirit of love, with a desire to motivate and spread their knowledge and understanding, they, too, appreciate a ‘Like’ or comment as has been mentioned. It is after all a human trait to want to be appreciated.



Good morning to all, I was a little surprised as I opened my Inbox this morning to find the `APOLOGIZE` letter sitting there, and then a little sad to read that apparently, there are folk who choose a negative reaction to the postings that are sent to them, however, as others have stated here, it is easy to go over to your `Settings' that can be found near the top of your page among the list where you access your Inbox for private messages, just look down that list and you will see the word `Settings' and click on that and it explains how you can select what communications you desire.

I only wish I could organize my time better to be able to hop in and reply to heaps of Discussions and Forums here that are the most inspiring, helpful and thought provoking subjects which give me joy, along with a distinct feeling of being connected with other folk that may even have a different viewpoint - all is enlightening and I appreciate it so much,

thank you H.H. and Blessings to All.


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