The least expensive source of glyco-nutrients that I know of is aloe vera juice by the gallon at Walmart for about $8. Apparently aloe vera juice is a good source of the nutritional sugar, mannose!
by Joseph Green-Bishop

"Glyconutrients have proven to be effective in the fight against HIV/Aids," said the Honourable Edith Grace Ssempala, the Ugandan ambassador to the United States.

"They are something that should definitely be used in the fight against the virus. It is my hope that some of the $15 billion allocated is used to acquire glyconutrients to treat people who are suffering from Aids. The future of an entire continent is at stake.

Ambassador Ssempala said that she was excited about the experiences of patients in Kenya who had successfully treated with glyconutrients by a Kenyan physician and saids believed that patients infected with the virus in her country would have similar results as those in Kenya that borders Uganda.

"It has worked in Kenya and I believe that it will work here," she said.

"People are suffering and glyconutrients are among the weapons that we should use to combat this dreadful disease that is destroying a generation of people in Uganda, and in countries throughout the world."

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Here is a quotation from Dr. Rayburn Goen regarding how eight different glyco-nutrients worked on his own conditions over a four month period of time.


I was already well versed in that kind of hype! I had previously tried, on myself, enthusiastically at first, the highly touted Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Cetyl Myristoleate, MSM, SAM-e, Blue Green Algae, Alfalfa Tea, Olive Leaf Extract, Colloidal Silver: -- each with lots of "ink" but not one helped me in any way. I proposed to try (surreptitiously-"don't tell anybody") Glyconutrients for a list of 21 ailments I could identify in myself, rated in severity from 1-10, attributable mostly to "old age" (I was 85 years old at the time). I was not neurotic-- just trying to be scientific. None of these completely disabled me, except Arthritis of knees, which required aspiration of fluid and instillation of a Cortisone, Depo Medrol, more and more frequently, eventually about every 3 months for one, then the other knee.Then I would again be functional; and I had a Peripheral Neuropathy which impaired my balance and walking, and sleep because of restless legs. Within 4 months, I became symptom-free of 20 of these 21 complaints: the two mentioned, and a right shoulder rotator cuff tear, low back pain, cervical disc with left C-5 radiculopathy, inflammatory osteoarthritis of hands (I could not shake hands without hurting the next 3 days), hypertension (190/105), hypercholesterolemia (320mg) since in my 30's, nocturia 4-6x per night, urinary urgency incontinence, prostate cancer, developing cataract left eye, etc. I was able to discontinue all the 6 prescribed drugs, and all over-the-counter, except 1 aspirin every other day (I had a Coronary in 1990, after which I began this). The drugs had been effective to a degree, but all had side effects that were either disagreeable or intolerable.

That result was not enough to convince me. This had to be some sort of “fluke."
I resolved I could disprove this "stuff" by persuading a "know-it-all" relative who scoffed at the idea of taking supplements like these for his refractory Raynaud's Syndrome (cold-sensitive fingers that turned purple and agonizingly painful upon exposure); uncontrolled Diabetes type 2 with serious adverse effects from Insulin and oral anti-diabetes drugs; Hypercholesterolemia and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, worsened by all “statin" drugs for cholesterol reduction. He was scheduled for replacement surgery of both knees, each of which had been operated twice for old injuries and loss of cartilage, poorly responding to NSAID drugs, and with intolerable side effects.

He had stated he was going to discontinue all the above drugs--- he had rather died than live this miserably. I reminded him that dying is an easy out, but that he might not die, but be disabled by Heart Attack, Stroke, Amputations, or Renal failure and Dialysis. I managed to induce him to try Glyconutritionals for 4 months, with the assurance they absolutely could not harm him. He reluctantly agreed...Three weeks later he reported he was free of pain and paresthesias, was having normalized blood sugars on just the one oral anti-diabetes drug he had continued (but that previously had not controlled the high blood sugar) His vision and mental clarity were strikingly improved. He neglected, however, to reorder the supplements, and the symptoms all recurred within 2 weeks. Upon resumption of the supplements, the symptoms again abated. Koch's postulates fulfilled!!
(Dr. Rayburn Goen, New Nutrition Paradigm)


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