Esoteric Psychology I - Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature
e. The Problem of Sex

Esoteric Psychology I  Pp 268 - 277

I have stated that the incoming seventh ray plays through the planetary sacral center, and then through the sacral center of every human being. Because of this, we can look for the anticipated
developments in that human function which we designate the sex function.
We shall see consequent changes in the attitude of man towards this
most difficult problem. In speaking on the subject of sex, and in
outlining what it is possible to say at this time, I seek to be as
simple as I can, and to express my thoughts in such a way that something
constructive may eventuate, and a note may be struck which will sound
forth clearly in the present welter of discordant sounds, of conflicting
views, and of varying ideas.

It is obvious that the matter is a difficult one to approach. But why is it so difficult? In the last analysis, we shall find that the difficulty is based on the prejudices in men's minds, and upon their
inner assurance that their particular point of view is necessarily the
right one because they themselves live and act in accordance with it,
and it suffices for them; it is based on the fact that sex is one of the
fundamental primeval urges, one of the substantial instincts, and is
consequently the dominating factor in the animal side of man's nature;
it is based upon the excessive intimacy of . the subject, - an intimacy
which was transmuted into an indecent secret during the periods wherein
the race succumbed to an excessive puritanism and prostituted a natural
function into a prurient mystery. This intimacy relating to the subject
of sex caused it to be regarded as an unmentionable episode, and as a
topic to be shunned by decent people, instead of being regarded as an
instinctual and natural process, - as instinctual and as necessary as
the functions of eating and drinking. It is a function, however, which
has not been reduced to rhythm in the [269] daily life and regarded as
one to be followed and satisfied only when need arises and right
demands. Herein lies a great distinction and a clue is offered to the

Again, the difficulty of the problem can be found in the widely diverse attitudes of men's minds to the subject. These attitudes range all the way from an ill-regulated promiscuity to a monogamy which has
worked out into a cruel imposition and restraint upon women, and an
unbridled license on the part of men. Attendant upon these difficulties,
and growing out of these wrong attitudes, the legalities and the
illegalities, the license and the restraints, have produced points of
infection (if I may so call them) in our civilization. Because of them,
we find a lax morality which is based on bewilderment, "red light"
districts which are but an unhappy compromise with vicious tendencies
and unsatisfied desires, divorce courts which devastate the life of the
family and in time undermine the national life (of which each family
unit should be a wholesome part), and the steady growth of disease as
the result of the prevalent promiscuity and the many illicit relations.
There is also a psychological factor to be found, of real importance.
This fact is the militancy expressed by the many groups of people who
are seeking to impose their own ideas and their peculiar solution of the
problem upon their fellowmen.

Behind all these results of an age-long wrong attitude to the sex function lie two major evils, or rather two major effects of man's
actions, mental and physical. These are of dire significance. There is,
first of all, the development within man's consciousness of those
complexes, those psychoses and psychological disruptions and
inhibitions, which have so seriously undermined the health and the
serenity of hundreds and thousands of men. There is, secondly, the
threatening of the very life of humanity itself, as it is embodied in
the family [270] unit and family life. On the one hand, you have
promiscuity and over-indulgence in sex relations, which are resulting
(and have always resulted) in over-population and an over-production of
human beings. On the other hand, you have an enforced sterility which -
though in many ways the lesser of the two evils - is eventually
dangerous. This sterility is rapidly on the increase. It leads finally
to physical conditions which are undesirable. Nevertheless, at this
time, it is the lesser of the two evils. Two points might incidentally
be noted here. Out of the first of these evils, and as a result of
over-production, we have brought about an economic situation of such a
drastic and serious nature that the very peace and stability of the
world are threatened; out of the second, we should have a gradual
disappearance of humanity itself, if enforced sterility should become a
universal practice. This would lead to the consequent dominance of the
animal world and an immense increase of animal life, and we should have a
period of retrogression and not of progress.

In dealing with this subject of sex I shall have to generalize, and the exceptions to the rules laid down and to the suggested classifications will, of course, be many. I am dealing with the subject
as a whole, and my topic therefore is the menace of the present
attitude, the need for a fuller understanding, and the importance of a
re-arrangement of men's ideas on this vital matter. The attitude of the
unthinking savage to the sex life, and the attitude of the mentally
polarized and spiritually oriented initiate to the same subject, may
seem so widely dissimilar that on the surface there may appear no point
of resemblance; yet basically both of these attitudes are nearer to each
other and to the reality than is that of the average man today. The one
is controlled by the rhythm of his animal nature, and knows no more of
the evil side and of the vile promiscuity of the civilized man than does
the [271] animal in its wild state; the other lives his life in a
controlled fashion, governing through the power of the mind, and
animated by desire for the good of humanity. In between these two
approaching extremes, we have the many points of view, the many
dissimilar ideas, the many customs, the many types of relation
(legitimate and illegitimate), the many animal and psychological
reactions, the many forms of marriage, and the many perversions of a
natural process which distinguish modern man in all parts of the world.
These again vary in the different civilizations and under the influence
of the differing climatic conditions.

It is therefore obvious, - is it not? - that it is no part of my service to the readers of this book to enter into a detailed analysis of the marriage customs of the ages, past and present. It is not my work
to enlarge in detail upon the mistakes, the evil consequences, the many
types of perversion, and the sadistic cruelties which have grown out of
man's misuse of the natural processes and of his mate, nor to elucidate
his foolish misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. It
would serve no useful purpose if I put forth, in this brief discussion
of an immense subject, any of the theories which men have formulated in
their search for a solution. Their name is legion. All have in them a
measure of the truth. Most of them, express the depths of man's
ignorance, and they can be studied at any time by any student who has
the time to read, the intelligence to see clearly and without prejudice,
and the money to purchase the needed literature.

I cannot and I will not touch upon the medical and physiological aspect of vice, whether it be the vice of promiscuity or the vice of an
unhappy marriage. I can best serve you at this time by pointing out the
laws which should govern the life of man, particularly where sex is
concerned, and by [272] indicating - as far as I can and dare - why and
how the present peculiar and unique conditions have been brought about. I
may also be able to make certain suggestions which, when duly
considered, may help to clear from the mind those false and illusory
views which prevent man from seeing truly, and I may thus help him to
find the golden thread of light which will lead him to his solution in
due time.

One thing I will say, sad though it may seem to you to be. There is no
immediate solution of the problem of sex with which we are at this time
confronted. For ages men have misused and wrongly employed a God-given
function; they have prostituted their birthright, and through their
laxity and license, and through their lack of control, they have
inaugurated an era of disease, both mental and physical, of wrong
attitudes and illusory relations which it will take several centuries to
eradicate; they have also brought too rapidly into incarnation myriads
of human beings who were not yet ready for the experience of this
incarnation, and who needed longer interludes between births wherein to
assimilate experience. Those souls who are unevolved come into
incarnation with rapidity; but older souls need longer periods wherein
to garner the fruits of experience. They are however open to the
magnetic attractive power of those who are alive on the physical plane,
and it is these souls who can be brought prematurely into incarnation.
The process is under law, but the unevolved progress under group law as
do the animals, whilst the more evolved are susceptible to the pull of
human units, and the evolved come into incarnation under the Law of
Service, and through the deliberate choice of their conscious souls.

I shall divide what I have to say into four parts, for the sake of clarity and rapid reference: [273]

  1. Definitions of sex, of virtue and of vice.
    Sex in the New Age.
  2. Some suggestions for the present moment.Sex and the life of discipleship.
I deal not with history nor with the details of racial evolution. These are necessarily all connected with the problem of sex, but are too
vast in their implications for my present purposes. As I said before, I
deal not with the physiological aspects of sex, nor with the diseases
incident upon the misuse of the function, nor shall I deal with the
subject of sterility, except as it enters into our consideration of
modern man. I cannot touch upon the quarrels of the various schools of
thought, for I am not writing from any specific angle, such as that of
religion or of morality or of partisanship. The whole question is wider
and bigger than any religious view or the moral affirmations of the
little minds. What is morality in one country or in one specific
relation can be quite the reverse in another. What is deemed legal in
one part of the world is found illegal in another. What constitutes a
difficult problem under one climatic condition presents totally
different possibilities under another. Polygamy, promiscuity and
monogamy have been and are cyclically dominant in different parts of the
world, down through the ages, and are to be found functioning
simultaneously on the earth today. Each has been, or is, in turn right,
legal and suitable, or wrong, illegal and unsuitable. Each of these
forms of interpreting the sex relation has been the subject of attack or
defense, of virtuous horror or of specious argument; each has been the
common custom and the rightful method, according to the location, the
tradition, training and attitude of the men who practiced it. In one
part of the world, one woman may have many husbands; in another, one
husband is legally [274] entitled to four wives, if so he choose, and in
the harem and the kraal such conditions are always to be found. In the
West, a man has legally one wife, but through his promiscuity and his
so-called "romantic" adventures, he really has as many as an African
chieftain, and today, women are little better.

I have enumerated the above conditions with no thought of criticism in my mind, but simply as a statement of fact, and in order to awaken in
the average reader a realization of a world-wide condition which is
probably quite different to their ordinary surmise. I write not for the
specialists, but for the average intelligent student who needs a
world-wide picture of existing conditions.

It is divinely true that the trend of men's thoughts and desires is towards an established monogamy, but as yet this has never been universally achieved. If one faces this issue with courage and with
truth, one will be forced to the conclusion that down the ages men have
never been monogamists. Women have been more so in the past than men,
but are perhaps less so now, as modern knowledge is inculcating modern
methods of protection from the risk and pain of childbirth. Up till now,
the act of bearing children has been regarded as deterrent and as a
penalty for legal or illegal sex relations. Think of the horror unfolded
in those words! Women, practicing the ancient trade of promiscuity,
have of course always existed, but I am referring here to women in the

Will you believe me if I tell you that the world situation today, where sex is concerned, is so critical and so serious that there is not a
thinker to be found who can yet see the solution, or who can find - no
matter how clear his brain or erudite his mind - the way out of the
present impasse? The traditions of customs and of practices, with their
inevitable consequences and long established tenure, serve to bewilder
[275] the clearest minds. The physical results alone of sexual
intercourse, carried on within or without the legalized marriage
relation, have produced not only the world of every-day human life, but
much of the disease, the insanity, the evil tendencies, and the
perverted impulses which today fill our hospitals, our homes for
neurotics, our sanatoriums, our prisons and our lunatic asylums.

Our young people, especially the idealistic types and the clear-thinking boys and girls, find themselves faced with a situation
which defies their best efforts. They do not know what to think or what
to believe. They look into, or form part of, homes which are sanctified
by legal marriage, and find (on a large scale) nothing but unhappiness,
legalized prostitution, ill-health, the seeking of illicit relations
outside the home, neglected and unwanted children, the friction produced
by wrong mating, divorce, and no answer to their many intelligent
questions. They look then elsewhere, into the lives of those who have
avoided the responsibility of marriage, and find naught but discontent,
frequently a secret and hidden sex life, ill-health as a result of the
frustration of the natural instincts, psychological conditions of the
worst kind, sometimes illegitimate children, sexual perversions, and a
growing tendency towards what is called h***sexuality. They are
overwhelmed by complete bewilderment and the failure to find an answer
to their questions. They ask the worldly minded for a solution and for
help, and get no clear reply, no sound philosophy and no fundamental
instruction. They may be offered sound common sense, and the injunction
to avoid excesses and those conditions which would impair their health
or lay on them the burden of straitened economic conditions. The
moralities of the past may be pointed out to them, and they may be
warned of the results which inevitably follow when the laws of nature
are broken and the [276] physical body is prostituted to ill-regulated
desire. They may have the virtues of "straight living" eulogized to
them, and even the fact that they are sons of God may be emphasized to
them. All this is good and right and useful. But no true solution is
offered, and no light is thrown upon their problem, and their confusion
remains unrelieved. They may perhaps turn to the religiously minded
people and seek out the orthodox churchman. They may be told to be good;
the example of the saints may be cited to them; they may find
themselves deluged in a flood of puritanical injunctions, in righteous
platitudes, and with unsatisfying explanations, based often on personal
prejudice and predilection. But seldom is a clear note sounded, and
seldom is it possible to do more than enunciate the great Mosaic law,
"Thou shalt not..." To the bulk of the young and seeking enquirers of
the present generation the fact that God says thus and so, or the Bible
ordains this, that or the other, does not satisfy their longing to know
the reason why. The hope of an ultimate heaven, where self-discipline,
self-control and sexual abstinence will receive a just reward, seems too
far away to offset the temptations of the outer environing world and
the insistent urges arising within the man himself.

That many do withstand the "temptations of the flesh" is indeed wonderfully true. That there are men and women everywhere who pass through life clean and uncontaminated is equally and wonderfully a fact.
That there are advanced souls whose life is divorced from the animal
nature and whose minds control their daily acts is the glory of
humanity. But many of them, living in another world of thought and
interest, are not tempted as are the more animally inclined of the sons
of men. There are, again, of course, those who refrain from wrong doing
because they fear the results, either today in the physical body or
hereafter in the other world of [277] penalty. But which of all these
people, even the most good and saintly, can speak with real wisdom and
understanding of this universal problem? Which of them can see the way
out for humanity at present? Which of them understands the reason for
all the distress, sin and wickedness which have grown up around the sex
relation? Which of them really comprehends the true significance of the
sex life, its place in the great scheme of things, and the reason for
the relation between the sexes? Which of them can say with true vision
what the next evolutionary step will be, whither we are going, and what
will be the next development?

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