Power, Love, justice and Mercy, commonly termed attributes of God, are, in their last analysis, reflections of, and forces emanating from, the Triune Godhead ; and man has the right to demand and seize upon these and all other forces emanating from the same source, [TT 93] and use them for his own development. But that right exists by virtue of his relationship to every other man, and, unless his desire for individual development be subservient to his desire for the same development for all men, it becomes mere selfishness, and his right to demand and seize upon such forces then becomes at least questionable. Whether we consider God as a personality, a Jehovah, or a great ruling evolutionary power, He or It is the Father-Mother, the Creator and Preserver of every manifested atom.

The Law of Correspondences is one of the most exact laws of universal life. Every atom of force, substance and matter contains, either potentially or actively, the power to produce to some degree all that has been or may be produced by every other atom. Any fortuitous concourse of atoms, as well as any occurring event on any one plane of existence, will actively manifest a similar concourse of atoms or events not only on every other plane, but in every division of force, substance and matter on each plane which is in synchronous vibration with the dominant chord of those atoms or events.

In teaching the action of the Law of Correspondences, the more simple the illustration can be made, the better for the pupils ; for, by forcing the mind into unfamiliar channels of thought, such as abstract metaphysics, in an endeavor to show the action of the law, the mind of the western man becomes confused, and unable to discern the correspondence between such and the familiar signs and sounds of natural phenomena, while it would be readily understood by the mind of an eastern mystic, to whom the action of the law, as well as the substance in operation, would be perfectly familiar. In this field of research, as in all other fields, we behold the action of the positive and negative poles of life, and by keeping these in mind, a better understanding of the subject under consideration is attainable.

In endeavoring to show the right of Man to all things, as well as the probable care for His off spring by what we know as God, by means Of the action of Divine will on the evolutionary forces of life, perhaps we can do so in no more intelligible manner than by considering the probable action of a normal father and mother toward their children ; for here we find one of the most perfect correspondences to the action of the Godhead in and with His or Its creatures. Such a father and mother as have been mentioned, will never think of their possessions as belonging solely to themselves ; all that they are, all that they have, is at the disposal of their children, if those children will make a proper Use of it ; all just demands are complied with, as a matter of course.

It would never occur to such parents to deny their children the right [TT 94] to food, shelter, clothing and education, until such time as those children were perfectly capable of providing for themselves ; and even then, the Love which brought them into life and sustained them, the Love that is the. fulfillment of all law, would envelop them eternally ; for Love cannot die. A parent would have just cause for reproving a child for willfully suffering from hunger, if he had been called in some other, direction, and it was possible for the child to reach the receptacle of a loaf of bread, or if the parent had hidden himself from view for the purpose of observing how the child would proceed to cut the loaf, or whether it would take a little nibble, and throw the rest away, instead of giving it to some hungry child. The child would be perfectly justified in taking the bread under either of such circumstances, or at least so much of it as would satisfy its hunger, but it would have no right to take, either carelessly or intentionally, more than it required, when, by so doing, it might deprive some other child of its rightful share, or might injure itself through gluttony, in which case, the righteous punishment which would be inflicted by its parents or the suffering induced by overeating, would in the end be the most merciful action of the law, for the experience gained would be of value.

A child of God, the living result of the action of evolutionary forces in the form of man, whose soul is hungry for any particular power or force which pertains Io or is a part of God, has a perfect right to that power or force, if it has won the ability to grasp and hold it, even while its Father's face is seemingly turned away. But, to win the ability to do this is his first task ; and, in order to win such ability, he has first of all to do what the human child would do, if its parent were within hearing when it was hungry ; namely, ask for, demand, concentrate on or pray for the ability to seize upon the requisite power or force.

There are many forms of demand . prayer . but there is no more efficient form than that of perfect obedience to known laws, and by means of self-sacrifice cultivating the inherent will which dominates the personality of every man, and uniting that personal will to the engine of God's omnipotent will. It seems a trivial thing to you when you reduce some other man to a state bordering on frenzy, by taking advantage of his ignorance or weakness to enrich yourself, or merely for the purpose of amusement, gratification or revenge. The incident quickly passes out of your mind ; you are not cognizant of the interior effects of your action ; you are not able to see that you have changed the auric color-vibrations both of yourself and your antagonist. It might be only a short time thereafter when you would begin to experience a great hunger and [TT 95] dissatisfaction of soul ; you would begin to search for something to satisfy that hunger, and perhaps find fault with the teacher who is striving to point out the path of power and development to you, either utterly ignoring or ignorant of the fact that the changed color-vibration of your aura has brought your interior self into what is to it a foreign vibration, and one which will not harmonize with the dominant colors of your normal state, nor with the manifesting colors of the Ray which is in one sense your Father-Mother.

I mention the effect of this one possible act, only to illustrate the probable effect of disobedience to the law of brotherhood, and to emphasize the necessity for obedience to all known laws, by the Chela who would win the ability to grasp and hold the powers and forces which rule the universe and which are his by right. Whether a Master be of the right or left hand path, he has won whatever power he possesses by means of obedience to the laws I have noted. That the latter mentioned Master has fallen from a much greater height than you have yet attained, and still possesses some measure of the power he won in earlier ages, is no argument against the truth of my statements.


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