From Teachings of the Temple
By Hilarion


The welcome truth that Sleep and Death are Twin Sisters,

beneficent, healing and vivifying, is gradually making its way through

the scientific as well as the religious world, bearing on its winos faith

and trust in the fundamental lays of life which underlie all phenomena,

and casting down forever the great Moloch of fear which stands at the

gate of all men's minds, ready to devour each child of hope which has

been conceived and born in the joy of life.

Erroneous conceptions of the substance of the brain, and the

hitherto mysterious action of interior forces within that substance, are,

one by one, giving way to sane, sensible conclusions, and to a better

understanding of the phenomena which have so long puzzled Science

[TT 30] . though perfectly understood and explained by ancient

Sages ; unfortunately . these explanations are oftentimes given in

symbolical language not easily interpreted by the unenlightened.

The formation of the cells of the brain and spinal cord, in

contradistinction to the formation of the cells of all other organs

tissues, produces some very peculiar characteristics, which have pas

almost unobserved, or at least unexplained by the average


The cells of the Spinal cord are classified as branched or stellate

cells ; these minute branches have a very important office, as they

serve to conduct energy from one cell to the other, as do also curious

little feelers or points of contact with which each brain bristles when

the blood is coursing naturally through the brain cell waking hours,

and which are a source of never ending curiosity the interested

observer. If the same observer has ever watched the little feelers on

the head of a snail as they disappear when brought in contact with an

extraneous substance, he will realize the similarity the action of the

brain cells under excitation ; for when the blood currents of the body

become sluggish as in sleep, the points of the brat, cells are indrawn.

The electric force or nervous energy generated by and in the

blood currents, operates through these points of contact by using them

conveyers of nervous energy from one cell to another ; and as each

cell is a miniature world in embryo, with all its powers dormant save

for the particular vibration manifesting in one Cycle, the receipt and

expenditure of the force by contact with the points of every

contiguous cell, awakens, or rather increases that particular vibration,

and permits the higher forms of electric energy known as mind, which

are conveyed by and in these nerve fluids, to pass through and leave

their impress within each cell. It is a mistake to think of the cells as

repositories of knowledge or power ; they are but reflectors and

conveyers of different, forms of energy. In hours of sleep when these

points of contact are indrawn, our consciousness functions on inner

planes where such material means of conveying force are not

operative, because no longer required, as the energy which required

their assistance to contact the physical plane then passes freely from

one interior cell to another in the same way as mundane electricity

passes from one pole to another as is manifested in the arc light, or by

the contact of such wires as are used to convey that form of energy.

Time and Space are annihilated in dream life because of the rapid

action of the energy of mind when freed from bonds of matter ; and

life in a state of dream is a foretaste of what life may be when the

coarser grades of matter which now hold the embryonic God-man in

[TT 31] bondage are refined ; and the energy which now must act

under all the difficulties man has ignorantly thrown up by unnatural,

unwise methods and practices, through countless incarnations, will

then be guided and controlled by the higher or Spiritual will of man,

for the perfecting of a body as much superior to the bodies of the

present races of mankind as the latter are superior to those of the

animal creation. There is no questioning the fact that ignorance is the

root of all evil. With the dispelling of ignorance and the acquiring of

knowledge concerning the laws governing critical states of energy, a

new era must dawn for humanity ; even now its signs are evident in

the interest shown in Mesmerism, Hypnotism and various other forms

of force ; for these are all differentiations of one great force or energy.

Some of you are frequently asked why mental healing is not openly

advocated by Temple members, as the power of mental energy is

freely acknowledged. As well might one ask a school boy why he

does not perform a difficult operation, or take upon himself the care of

a case of typhoid fever. Every human passion, every characteristic,

every organ of a body, is, in its ultimate state, a form of force subject

to Law. If a specific disease attacks some organ, and you try to

remedy the evil by mental healing, and you do not know just what

form of energy will counteract the force in, manifestation as disease,

and just how to apply it, and the necessary degrees to be applied . in

fact, know nothing about the subject save that you believe in mental

healing and imagine that you have the power to draw from an infinite

reservoir of healing force, and that the force itself will find out the

cause of disease and counteract it . can you not see that you are

abusing or ignoring the laws which govern all manifestation ?

Whether it be force as Matter, or simple force, all degrees of

manifestation are subject to the action of rigid law, and each degree

has its own specific form, which in turn has its peculiar

correspondences. If, for instance, you send a force of contraction into

an organ that requires the force of expansion in order to change some

condition resident within that organ or vice versa, you will inevitably

work harm ; you might hit upon the right form of force, but the

chances are you would not ; or if you did, you might supply a degree

of force that would injuriously affect some other organ. Even

admitting that you had so Perfected and purified your Will as to

enable you safely to direct such forces to a given end, you have a long

course of education to complete on interior lines, before it is safe to

attempt to tamper with these Powers that can kill as easily as create.

Countless examples of healing by mental or Christian Science are

pointed at as examples of the falsity of our position in this matter. If

physical health alone and that for a [TT 32] short period, be the sole

aim of the disciple, and if he is capable of the perfect diagnosis that

will determine how much or how little he has really been helped, our

position may be pronounced untenable by some ; but, knowing what

we do, we still insist on the truth of our statement.


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