Beautiful beyond aught the mind of the present human race can

conceive was the great polar continent, which like a huge cap en-

compassed the north pole in the days when the Sons of God first came

forth to dwell upon the earth in bodies they themselves had created

from the vital sparks of the water enveloping the then fiery sphere .

the substratum of our earth.

And beautiful past power of description were the ensouled forms

so created . the first, the moon-colored race, to which the purest,

brightest moonbeams gave their character and colorings. Sexless

Lords they were during the first three of the Seven Ages of this

present Manvantara, and their immediate offspring were the creations

of Will and Yoga.

But in the latter half of the Third Age the substance which formed

the bodies of this First Race, began to solidify ; all matter became

denser and coarser in texture, and the animal forms created by

mindless man, as well as the human race began to differentiate.

The Sexless became in time the bi-sexual and the functions of

conception and birth obtaining now became common.

About the same time another continent appeared above the

surface of the water ; other atmospheric and magnetic conditions were

made manifest, and the end of the Fourth Age found many of the bi-

sexual offspring of the preceding races domiciled upon the new

continent, and greatly changed in appearance.

The "coats of skin" had taken on a yellow cast of color and their

spiritual purity and beauty had degenerated.

Then came the fall of the Race into gross sin, and wide separation

between families, tribes and divisions occurred. One of the [TT 290]

divisions . sub-races . fell into great physical sin, and became black

in color, another became red, and another brown, but a certain division

of the original race refused to be drawn into the gross sin which

tempted the others, and remained on the first formed continent,

keeping their original color for ages, and these were the ancestors of

the present Chinese race.

At the close of the Fourth Age, the chain of the Himalayas the

oldest mountain chain of the world . was thrown up from the floor of

the ocean, and circled the earth sphere beginning at what is now the

lowest point of northern Asia, which, by the way, was the first

continent thrown up after the separation of the sexes. Only a

comparatively short length of this mountain chain is now above water,

but during the Age to which I refer, it was an impassable barrier

between the northern and southern divisions, and between the

continents which subsequently appeared and the "land of the Blessed"

the North Pole ; and not only to man, for it gradually formed a barrier

which turned away the warm air water, and magnetic currents of the

south and left that Pole the frozen waste it still is, and must remain,

until those barriers (many stretches of which are under water) are

broken down by the changes in the configuration of the earth's surface.

These changes will occur during the lives of the Sixth Race which will

then inhabit the earth.

The continents and many of the islands of the seas now above

water in the southern hemisphere will then disappear from sight.

Lemuria will rise again, and connection between it and the northern

continent be again established.

The descendants of the White race now upon the earth, having

passed through incarnations in the Black, Red, Brown and lower

sub-races of the Yellow Race, must combine with the higher sub-races

of the Yellow Race in order to reach again the high estate from which

the whole human race fell in the Fourth Age.

There are now evolving in the Chinese nation and in America

certain progenitors of the new Sixth Race.

Both the white and yellow races are now on the upward arc of the

present cycle of manifestation. The White race turned the lowest point

of the arc several hundred years ago, while the Yellow race passed the

same point within the memory of the present generation.

Prejudice against intermarriage between these two races will

gradually die out as time passes, and by the close of another short

cycle, the first children of the first sub-race of the Sixth Race will be

born as a result of intermarriage between the before mentioned

progenitors of the new Race, now appearing in the White and Yellow

races. [TT 291]

The Red, Brown and Black races will gradually disappear from

the earth, and the close of the Sixth Age and beginning of the Seventh

will see a new sun dawn on a new earth, or rather a renewed earth,

containing one great Continent and peopled by one Race . the old

new, Moon-colored Race. A Race of self-conscious, God-like beings,

greater far than the First Race. A Race that has won by its own

inherent power and ability the one all-important principle the First

Race was deficient in, the principle of Manas, Higher Mind, self-

consciousness of its own Divinity.

The First Race possessed only race consciousness. The

knowledge evolved through differentiation and experience was an

unknown quantity to the units of that Race.

The identity of each unit was then hidden in the identity of the

race, and could only be uncovered by self-conscious experience on the

Seven planes . the seven stages of existence ; but once uncovered,

brought to recognition of itself, identity can never be entirely lost

again. It is necessary that you bear in mind the fact that the same

Egos, the same individualities which incarnated in the First Race will

be the incarnating Egos of the Seventh, as they have been the Egos of

all the intermediate Races of the Present Manvantara.

It is also necessary that you discriminate between both the

Chinese and White races of this cycle, and the same races in another

cycle during which the progenitors of the new race will be born. The

highest type of the men and women of the White and Chinese races

now in existence could not furnish the parents of such a race as I refer

to. At the very best the children born from intermarriage between

members of these two races today, would be four tunes removed from

the pure line from which the children of the new race will descend.


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