Words are easily found to express philosophical or scientific ideas

or theories. Expression is readily given to the affairs of material

existence, [TT 154] but where words for, how give expression to the

deep truths of spiritual life, the intense, unspeakable longing of the

awakened soul for the source of its being ? How describe the

unutterable ecstasy of pain of that soul, at last alive, at once to its

separateness and its relationship to . nay, more, its unity with . all it

has ever been taught to believe, or has personally experienced of God,

the Infinite ?

Human life is held se cheap ; nature seems to vie with man in 

underestimating the value of a single life, that its inestimable worth as

a differentiated aspect of the Infinite Father-Mother does net receive

the reverent recognition it deserves, in fact receives no recognition

worth mentioning unless it has become an embodied $ (dollar mark).

This non-recognition of the value of life is especially noticeable in the

cases of the unawakened and the murdered souls of men. The former

have never experienced anything that could by any possibility afford

them a hypothesis or an analogy by or with which comprehensive

comparisons might be made to create an understanding of such a state

of spiritual consciousness ; and the latter, if there yet be left a memory

of such experiences, refuse to dwell upon them because of consequent

fear or hopelessness, either of which conditions awakens unbearable

suffering. It is to those who have reached, even in ever se slight a

degree, some one or, more of the immeasurable heights of spiritual

loneliness, that I would fain make my words convey a tithe of the

sympathy and desire to help that surges through my heart.

O, my children, could you but realize that the one word

"separateness" holds the key to all such suffering ! Could you but

force your hearts to respond to your brains when you attempt to

synthesize the life forces and gain some intellectual concept of unity,

and se reach to the certainty of spiritual knowledge that the same soul-

essence that is pulsing through your own hearts is likewise pulsing

through the heart of every other human being, good, bad or

indifferent ! If you could feel, intuitively, that the great Love Energy

toward which your soul is reaching with such unspeakable anguish

and longing is likewise appealing to you through the eyes of every

living creature, whether or net the intellectual part of that creature is

conscious of the fact, and that it is only a matter of greater or less

experience which keeps both it and you from recognizing your

relationship and duty to each other ! Never, until your own heart is

melted by the true spiritual fire of love for all that lives, will it be

possible for you to pass on over the top of those heights of loneliness.

The human love that you permit to chain you to some one human

being, thus [TT 155] giving rise to indifference toward all others, only

serves to fix your feet on some one step of the mountain side. In that

human love, as in all other material expressions of life, there are

always the two great universal forces of action and reaction in labor.

While that human love May give YOU for a limited time a slight

glimpse of what spiritual love of and for God may be, the reaction of

the same force, which must inevitably ensue, will as inevitably render

you cold and careless, by comparison, toward the object of your

erstwhile affection, as well as toward all others.

It is not for the purpose of repeating for my own satisfaction what

I have told you, over and over again, that I reach out and draw you to

me in longing now, but to try to impress upon you, if it be possible,

that never, until you can see the great Father-Mother force within the

outer lineaments of the most disreputable, repulsive human being .

never until you can feel the heart-beat of the Great Master against

your own heart at the call of your worst enemy as well as your dearly

beloved, will it be possible for you to scale the heights and reach the

haven of soul satisfaction. Do net let the specious reasoning of those

who know net what they say lead you into the belief that Wisdom is to

be gained by stifling sympathy and killing out love, for the reaction

which follows such methods will inevitably plunge you into a hell of

intense, unsatisfied and unsatisfiable Desire, such as no tongue can

describe. God cannot be safely mocked or set at aught, for God is love.

Of what use to you the treasures of sunken Lemuria, the hidden

wisdom of the Pyramids, the knowledge of the action of the combined

Suns of Space, and of Earth and Sea and Sky, if the one great reality

back of all and in all, is denied you ?

All else that I and others like me have gained in countless

incarnations, and might impart to you, is worthless chaff beside the

wheat . the love . which alone can impart life and value to that and to

all else.

What wonder, then, that I sometimes weary some of you with

what seem vain repetitions. Would you have me feed you with husks,

and while watching your starved faces, refuse to give you corn and

wine, and refrain from giving lest it trouble you to eat, or, lest you

throw the corn and wine back in my face again, as you have done

before ?

Some day the scales will fall from eyes now holden, and let the

light I bring reach to the inner chambers of the fast closed hearts now

locked to me by pride and ignorance. [TT 156]


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