Most of us know our Sun sign, unless we’re born on the cusp of 2 signs, but did you also know that another very important influence is your Ascendant sign, this is calculated according to your time & place of birth.  Of course a lot of people don’t know or are unsure of their time or place of birth.  I have over a few years ascertained ways of calculating an Ascendant when these details are not known, as the Ascendant generally rules how you come across to others, your initial reactions, & how you initially express yourself.  In addition to the 12 Sun signs, each sign can also be an Ascendant, making a total of 144 Sun/Ascendant combinations.  I don’t have room here to give descriptions for all but I have outlined details for each sign as an Ascendant.




An Aries Ascendant shows you’re confident, blunt, outspoken and vigorous, at times almost larger than life, very forward and intense, with good leadership skills, ness, an extreme driving force, and remarkable energy reserves, and a strong desire to win, at all costs. Some ruthlessness is typical, with a naturally competitive approach. Great strength and a positive approach is typical, but at times a tendency to charge in head first, with a need to step back from a situation or person, and take a closer look at personal actions and reasons for them. Aries rising does give a strong need for a permanent partner, with jealousy at times in love, but also surprising understanding, compassionate and tolerance shown to loved ones.




A Taurus Ascendant shows you’re naturally calm, centered, assured, dependable and logical.  Modesty and serenity is typical too, also obstinacy, self-righteousness and tenacity, with a strong need to possess both people and material things, which tend symbolize success, as security is very important, psychologically, with a strong need for routine, and dislike of going too far outside personal comfort zone.  It becomes important over the years to acquire deeper self understanding, but great psychosomatic strength and protectiveness is shown to loved ones.  Happy relationships are extremely important, and love relations tend to be demanding, very passionate and quite intense, with very strong sexual needs prevailing,




A Gemini Ascendant shows you’re bright, humorous, witty, at times mischievous approach, with enjoyment of chatting, which impresses other people.  A very strong need for proven answers to everything is typical, with ideas, views & news queried, and over the years a lot of self questioning, in various situations, but also good self-understanding acquired.  A changeable and flighty approach is usual, with a lot of nervous tension at times, and a need to watch stress levels.  In any relationships, a lot of passionate enthusiasm and vitality are normal, with shared interests being important, and intellectual satisfaction gained from friendly debate. Personal independence is very important, with a great dislike of jealousy or possessiveness.




A Cancer Ascendant shows you’re very caring, with nurturing, compassion and protection shown to others, and a lot of time and soothing energy given to loved ones, generally other people open up to you with problems, the advice you give, can bring great satisfaction.  However at times a defensive attitude prevails, with outsiders at times, viewed as a threat.  Very strong, intense emotions are typical, and if a loved one is not around, all this emotional energy may be focused in one particular area, such as a worthy cause, or a vocation, and at times illogical worries about health issues, can cause a lot of anxiety.  An ambitious attitude prevails for a partner, or loved ones, rather than personally, with at times social climbing on their behalf.      




A Leo Ascendant shows you’re very confident indeed, proud, regal and certain.  A distinctive, dramatic, and very spirited, dynamic approach, naturally attracts attention, from other people, with great enjoyment at being centre of attention.  At times this can come across as extreme vanity, or smugness, with a great deal of perceived self-interest, psychologically security, and inner strength.  Usually popularity prevails, with an incredibly well organized, but bossy or pompous attitude, and a very strong desire to succeed, which can if not careful, stifle other interests in favour of a career, as status and the standing of self and loved ones is considered extremely important, not just material success in its own right.



A Virgo Ascendant shows you’re dignified, modest, well put together, scrupulously groomed, enjoy keeping up appearances, and be drawn to the latest fashion.  At times shyness or a lack of confidence can give an appearance of aloofness or seriousness, or appear to have all the answers, even when feeling very sociable or energetic.  Generally in personal relationships, a lot of warmth is shown to a partner, but maybe some minor harassment too. A tendency to examine everything in great detail is typical, with good communication skills, and psychological balance, provided personal potential is positively directed and used, as worry and self criticism can cause a lack of self esteem and fluctuating energy levels at times.    



A Libra Ascendant shows you’re naturally charming, diplomatic, gentle and persuasive, with a worldly outlook on life, you try to avoid conflict when possible, harmony is very important, naturally drawing other people, with good communication, and need to relate to others, but unsuitable relationships might be rushed into, because of a strong need for a partner.  There may be a need to control vanity, sulkiness traits, or outward indecisiveness, but being seemingly irresistible, others tend to stick around. Tendencies to more in love with love prevail, with a deep sexuality, but usually the easy way is taken out of any tricky situations, with some self deception.



A Scorpio Ascendant shows you’re very intense, driven and purposeful, with significant energy and organizational skills, dynamic allure, leadership skills, and a need for power, to feel in control.  At times people may be inexplicably drawn to, and admire you, but keep their distance, or can be wary of a seemingly intimidating personality, that’s enigmatic, moody, and menacing at times.  Introspection is usual over the years, with a need for clarity, honesty, and to know and understand personal traits, but at times jealousy and possessiveness of a partner, can cause problems, or lead to an inner lack of confidence, as emotional security is extremely important.  Also avoiding being dictatorial, or learning to control obsessions, can prove helpful.



A Sagittarius Ascendant shows you’re assertive, charismatic, self-assured, endearing, expansive and enthusiastic.  Also quite open and friendly, seemingly controversial and indifferent, with at times quarrels started, just for a reaction.  However an inspiring, broad-minded, philosophical and impartial outlook on life is usual, with anything different holding an appeal.   At times restlessness and boredom prevail, with a need for challenges in numerous ways, at work, and personal relationships, to fully utilize personal potential, and grasp opportunities to avoid depression setting in.  Using intellectual skills usually proves beneficial.  In romance sexual exuberance prevails, with a need for excitement and an adventurous approach.     




A Capricorn Ascendant shows you tend to appear authoritative, industrious, old-fashioned and traditional, with a forceful demeanour, but pessimism, hypercriticism and a lack of confidence can cause problems. Often great surety prevails in business, but with reservation or shyness in personal matters or relationships. Being unable to clearly view personal traits, can mean compliments are ignored, or abilities and strengths undervalued, but an intrinsically rational approach is usual, and using this advantageously means much can be achieved.  Strong feelings and sensitivity are shown, once settled in a relationship, but worry, emotional tension, and cynicism can lead to nagging.  It may help to make time to develop a more spiritual approach.



An Aquarius Ascendant shows you can come across as aloof, detached, self-introspective, or a bit bizarre, and enigmatic, but can also seem eccentric, rude or thoughtless.  Kindness, with a friendly, independent, free spirited approach, acquiring self knowledge appeals.    At times it may be hard to get close to others, but generally popularity, innovation, and a humanitarian outlook prevail, on a general, rather than intimate level.   Typically an emotionally cool, diffident façade is shown, maybe with a need to learn to accept people at face value.  A loving relationship is sought, but also personal freedom and independence, with a times willful, stubborn traits shown, which can then aggravate personal problems, and a need to find a balance.




A Pisces Ascendant shows you come across as dreamy, fragile, ephemeral, hazy and intuitive, very introspective, quite visionary and extremely sensitive.  Many personal traits are hidden, with vulnerability, gullibility, and a tendency to panic, often mirroring or reflecting back at others precisely what is perceived.  Great artistic, creative and imaginative skills also prevail, that can be utilized in many ways, as can s very caring outlook, considerable healing and psychic expertise, with much spiritual knowledge acquired over the years, but shyness or a lack of confidence at times, it’s important to beware people who try to take advantage, and find ways to appropriately use personal talents, and when needs be set appropriate boundaries.   




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