Welcome to my Astrology Influences group, Astrology has always fascinated me,  & I enjoy working with it, because every chart & reading is so different, & because it can teach us so much, I never stop learning I work with it, also I found years ago I need to use both sides of my brain, and Astrology does that - factual data for each person concerned, & deeper intuition, as I'm working on a chart or reading.


I want to share my information with anyone who is interested, & would like to offer anyone joining my group a FREE reading showing their Western Sun, Ascendant & Moon sign, plus Chinese sign.  If you're interested in having this done, please let me know your Name, DOB, Time & Place of Birth.  If you're unsure of a detail like time, get in touch with me, I can work our your accurate Ascendant in other ways.  I will also post weekly & monthly horoscopes here for those who are interested.


Astrology is so much more than just our Sun or Chinese signs, algthough of course these are great starting points & can tell us a great deal. There are of course several forms of Astrology practised all over the world, & within those, various methods of interpreting different Astrological Charts.  These include Natal or Birth charts or readings, Future Influence Charts of readings - a Solar Return is a Birthday Chart, a Transit Chart, shows planetary influences for any particular date in the future.  Some Astrologers interpret Progressed charts, which are slightly more complex, at present I don't do these.  Compatibility or Synastry Charts are drawn up to show how people will get on with each other, & interpret the dynamics between the 2, those that are apparent, & those that are much more subconscious.  Compatibility Charts are commonly drawn up for couples in a romantic relationship or marriage, but can be interpreted for friendships, relatives, & many other relationships.  The different types of Astrology I currently understand and practise are:-


Western Astrology, often know by other terms, as we know & use it in Europe, most of us know our Sun sign, if nothing else.  A full Birth or Natal chart, is very much more detailed than that.


Chinese Astrology, which can be muc more indepth than just our Year of Birth signs, that most of us know. The complete Chinese charts are very indepth, and use some methods of interpretation, that can be complex, (both to interpret & understand) but is fascinating. 


Vedic or Indian Astrology is also very indepth, it's common practice in India and other parts of Asia for a Natal Chart to be drawn up as a matter of course, when a child is born, and Compatibility charts are interpreted when a marriage is considered.


Within these 3 different Astrological groups I interpret Natal, Compatibility, Future Influence charts or readings.




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