MONTHLY    HOROSCOPES   by Beverley 



Firstly I would like to say to everyone that however you celebrate the festive season I hope it’s a positive & wonderful time for you all, & your loved ones. 


Now welcome to December’s horoscopes, many of us are now preparing for the Xmas & New Year period, always a busy time of year.  The Sun is now settled in adventurous, independent, philosophical, positive & tolerant Sagittarius, and helps make us more broad-minded & bouyant.  The Moon begins the month in imperative, magnetic, impulsive Aquarius.   The First Quarter Moon is on 2nd December in emotional, sentimental, sensitive Pisces, & can make us over-react.  The Full Moon is on 10th December in chatty, impulsive, flirtatious Gemini, and might make us over-spend.  The Last Quarter Moon is on 18th December in responsive, querying, analytical Virgo.  The New Moon is on 24th December in adventurous, broadminded, optimistic Sagittarius.  Mercury is now in challenging, broad-minded, optimistic Sagittarius, for the whole of December, and can make us more optimistic.  It’s currently traveling Retrograde until 14th December, causing confusion in everyday matters and communications.  Venus is now in loyal dutiful Capricorn, with some emotional problems we keep private at times.  On 21st December it moves into unpredictable, individual, erratic Aquarius, so we can ‘expect the unexpected’.  Mars remains in detailed, practical, hard working Virgo, & can indicate a lack of confidence at times, or overly clinical approach in personal relations.  Jupiter remains in generous, sensible, humorous Taurus, staying there till the end of the year, giving a great love of life, & creature comforts, it’s still traveling Retrograde until 25 December, and gives a chance of success in seemingly lost situations, if approached the right way.  Saturn remains in courteous, fair-minded, pleasant, but serious Libra, for some months, & gradually lifts limitations.  Uranus is now in energetic, courageous, self-willed & proud Aries, staying there all this year & for quite a while after, with some risk-taking & rebellious traits surfacing at times.  It currently travels Retrograde giving many new experimental ideas.  Neptune is now travelling direct in humanitarian, idealistic but independent Aquarius, where it stays until at least the end of this year, it enables us to see people and some situations more clearly.  Pluto remains in Capricorn for the foreseeable future, knowledge acquired on a more personal level, with balance.  Main planetary aspects this month are as follows:- Sun & Mercury conjunct till 9th December - Plentiful psychological energy, with a need for appropriate outlets.  Sun & Pluto conjunct from 23rd December – Some extremes in actions, or problems finding a balance.  Sun & Saturn sextile from 10th December – Deeper understanding & awareness of personal limitations.    Sun & Neptune sextile 11-22nd December – Deeper awareness of personal creative potential.  Sun & Mars square till Mid-December – More assertive, over-impulsive behaviour than usual.  Sun & Uranus square from 23rd December – Impulsiveness, with possible unpredicatable actions.  Sun & Jupiter trine from 23rd December – Confidence, with an articulate, intelligent approach.  Mercury & Mars square 7-22 December – Being argumentative can cause tension headaches & other problems.  Mercury & Uranus trine 7-22 December – Using ideas intelligently with flashes of insight can be productive.  Mercury & Jupiter inconjunct 7-22 December – Some over-reactions to people or situations, coupled with giving away more than is affordable.  Venus & Pluto conjunct till 8th December – Emotional intensity, with a sense of drama.  Venus & Mars trine till 15th December – An affectionate, congenial approach to other people.  Venus & Uranus sextile from 23rd December – Charismatic social dealings with those around us.  Venus & Jupiter square from 23rd December – a self-indulgent, sometimes careless approach.  The Generation aspects still remain the same for this year. Jupiter & Pluto trine till the end of this year – Great organizational skills, with resourcefulness.  Saturn & Pluto still square long term – Inevitable changes are dealt with appropriately.  Uranus & Pluto square long term – Strong needs for independence, dislike of too many restrictions.  Neptune & Pluto sextile long-term – Understanding & acceptance of world changes that affect everyone over a long period of time.



ARIES     21 March - 20 April

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you’re taking a broad-minded approach, learning all you can.  From 23rd you look more at your ambitions.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn shows you have a lot of professional responsibility, but from 21st you have more time to relax with friends and socialise.  You may feel limited by your work, or health issues, & need to look realistically at your financial outgoings.  A partner’s loyal support is beneficial, but you’re a bit erratic at times & need to do your own thing.  You may be looking more closely at your friendships now.


TAURUS    21 April - 21 May

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you’re over-emotional, but discuss issues realistically with your partner.  From 23rd  your strong views carry you through.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn show if you get the chance you get away for a while, but can be self-righteous, but from 21st you enjoy working with others.  You have many bright ideas, if single romance is possible, & you’re cheerful & happy.  You work very conscientiously, & are disciplined, but have a lot at the back of your mind, that may worry you.  You seriously consider a change of profession if possible.


GEMINI    22 May - 21 June

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you have a positive relationship & mutual understanding with a partner.  From 23rd you may be more emotional at times.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn shows you can be emotionally intense, causing jealousy, you’re very intuitive, but from 21st you may plan a holiday away.  You have a lot to sort out at home, & are concerned for other people, but do need some personal space too.  You need outlets for your creative ideas, also to socialise & meet up with friends to relax.  You’re cultured & attracted to global or spiritual topics. 


CANCER    22 June - 23 July

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you enjoy helping people, & are charismatic.  From 23rd you need a routine, but enjoy helping others.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn show you have a very strong bond with a partner, & dislike being alone, but from 21st you may over-react to them or situations at times.  You express yourself very directly, & need to ensure you’re understood, you enjoy getting out & seeing your friends.  You may feel limited by home responsibilities, but are innovative & progressive in your career.  You’re overly imaginative, but quite passionate too.  



LEO     24 July  -  23 August

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you’re dramatic & creative & enjoy getting out.  From 23rd you try to help others, but may get stressed.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn show you enjoy your food & drink, beware health issues, but from 21st you enjoy a stronger relationship with your partner.  You’re astute with money, bargain well, & can make some great buys, you’re keen to progress professionally.  You watch & observe, but may not say much, & need mental stimulation, to avoid boredom setting in. but maybe unintentionally deceptive with a partner. 


VIRGO     24 August  -  23 September 

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, home & family life are quite hectic, but mostly happy.  From 23rd you need to get out & about, & meet up with others.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn you enjoy being centre of attention, & can be melodramatic, but from 21st you need to be more careful with your health.  You’re very strong-willed & impatient, but also optimistic, taking a broad-minded approach.  You may feel limited financially, but are practical, at other times maybe a bit irresponsible with joint finances.  You may find it hard to be disciplined at work at times. 



LIBRA    24 September  -  23 October

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you communicate positively with those around you.  From 23rd you find family life gets much busier, in a positive way.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn show you’re spending a lot of money on your family, but from 21st you enjoy getting out, & some excitement.  You empathise with others, but keep your own issues private, & may demand a lot emotionally from a partner.  You’re sensible, but maybe not always overly confident, & need some space to do your own thing in a partnership.  You’re imaginative & creative, but idealistic.



SCORPIO    24 October  -  22 November

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you’re very generous, but maybe overspending at times.  From 23rd you need to get in touch with people you know.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn show you enjoy socialising, especially with intellectually stimulating people, but from 21st you enjoy spending time at home with loved ones.  You may feel competitive or ague with a friend, but have a happy relationship with a partner.  You need somewhere private to retreat too, & are innovative, but may find it hard to relax.  Home life might be disorganized due to circumstances.


SAGITTARIUS     23 November  -  21 December

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you’re confident & maybe egotistical at times.  From 23rd you may be spending much more money.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn show you’re drawn to luxury buys, & need to feel secure, but from 21st you need to mix more with those around you.  You’re ambitious but impatient & easily distracted, you’re helpful to others, exercise & a steady diet helps you.  You enjoy meeting with loyal supportive friends, & expanding on your creative ideas, & expand on your talents.  You may be a bit vague or have problems concentrating. 


CAPRICORN     22 December - 20 January

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you need time alone to relax & do your own thing.  From 23rd you feel more confident, dynamic & energetic.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn show you’re articulate & charismatic, drawing people to you, but from 21st you may be prone to overspending.  You might take a holiday, & enjoy increasing your knowledge, but are enthusiastic, dramatic & great company.    You’re very ambitious but carry many responsibilities, & might find home life overly restrictive at times.  You might be overly generous, & find yourself short of funds. 



AQUARIUS     21 January  -  19 February

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you enjoy getting out, socialising & seeing all your friends.  From 23rd you may worry too much about irrational things.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn show you may feel very emotional, but can’t express it, but from 21st you enjoy being with other people, but may need motivation.  You need to feel wanted by a partner, & love spending time with your family, & loved ones.  You focus on serious subjects, but may feel limited, & may be erratic with money at times.  You might feel gullible or lack confidence, but don’t know why.


PISCES     20 February -  20 March

With the Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, you need to feel rewarded in your career & progress.  From 23rd you enjoy meeting friends or expanding your social life.  Venus & Pluto in Capricorn show you relate well to caring people & enjoy being part of a group, but from 21st find your intuition deepens.  You may have some emotional spats with a partner, but enjoy learning what’s going on & chatting to people you know.  You can be despondent, with a serious outlook, & unpredictable with money, causing problems.  You’re more impressionable, prone to escapism. 




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