HOROSCOPES 21-27.11.2011

WEEKLY    HOROSCOPES   by Beverley 



There is slightly more planetary movement this week, with the Sun changing signs, and Mercury travelling Retrograde towards the end of the week, but not a great deal more than that at present, it is though still in some respects quite a strange journey for many of us, to some extent, I would say ‘expect the unexpected’ and try to be ready to adapt.  I’m afraid to some extent the planet influences in this section especially the generation ones are very similar indeed, just because they stay in signs such a long time.  Have a great week everyone.


The Sun is moving out of intense, secretive Scorpio, and on Wednesday it moves into adventurous, independent, philosophical Sagittarius, making us more broadminded, positive & tolerant, needing a reaction and more personal freedom.  The Moon starts the week in responsive, querying, analytical Virgo.  Tuesday it moves into charming, harmonious, peaceful Libra.  Thursday it moves into determined, jealous, strong-willed, Scorpio, with a New Moon on Friday.  Saturday it moves again into broadminded, optimistic Sagittarius, finishing the week there.  Mercury has now moved into challenging, broad-minded, Sagittarius, and can make us feel more positive.  From Thursday Mercury travels Retrograde causing some disruptions in everyday matters, and confusion in communications,   Venus has moved into free, sociable unrestricted Sagittarius, it can help make us less tense.  Mars is now settled in detailed, hard-working, practical Virgo, & can make us question ourselves, and cause problems with self-esteem.  The Generation Planets from Jupiter through to Pluto remain where they are till the end of this year at least, some for much longer, so their influence will be pretty much the same in this section and in the last parts of individual sign readings. Jupiter remains in generous, sensible, humorous Taurus, for a while, giving a great love of life, & creature comforts. It travels Retrograde now up till Christmas, enabling success in difficult situations. Saturn remains in courteous, fair-minded, pleasant, but serious Libra, for some time, & gives more flexibility than previously. Uranus is still retrograde until early December in energetic, courageous, self-willed & proud Aries, with some risk-taking & rebelliousness & some sudden, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, that take us away from our usual routine, or help us see things in a new light.  Neptune is still Retrograde until early next week, in humanitarian, idealistic but independent Aquarius, staying there until till the end of the year, we need to remain realistic & find a balance.  Pluto remains in Capricorn for the foreseeable future, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with balance.  Planetary aspects this week are:- Sun & Mars square from Wednesday – Over impulsive behaviour can antagonize those around us.  Sun & Neptune still square this week – A possible inferiority complex arising in certain situations.  Sun & Uranus trine – A progressive outlook, with unique ways of using personal skills.  Sun & Jupiter inconjunct from Wednesday – Possible problems may arise with self-esteem, or over-reactions in some situations.  Mercury & Venus remain conjunct this week – Skills relating to & understanding other people.   Neptune sextile Mercury & Venus – A chance to use our intuition & imagination creatively.  Compassion & sympathy is shown to other people.  Saturn sextile Mercury & Venus – Careful & resourceful, well thought out actions.  Loyalty is shown to friends & loved ones.  Mars & Jupiter are still trine– Personal strength & willpower is used advantageously.  Mars & Pluto remain in trine – Help is offered to other people out of deep personal convictions.  Mars & Uranus inconjunct – Great drive & originality is expressed, but maybe some feelings of pressure.  Jupiter & Pluto still trine – Great organizational skills, with resourcefulness.  The Grand Trine formed by  Mars, Jupiter & Pluto still influences us for a while yet - Dependability, creature comforts and practicality are goals, with creativity.  Jupiter & Neptune sextile – An imaginative, more positive outlook to the future in some respects.   Saturn & Neptune remain trine - Creative idealism, with imagination & good organization.  Pluto square Uranus for some time – A need for independence, dislike of restrictions.  Neptune & Pluto sextile long-term – Understanding & acceptance of world changes affecting everyone. 



ARIES     21 March - 20 April

You may still feel emotionally tense, from Wednesday you can expand your knowledge, but you may be easily distracted.  You might even get away for a short trip.  You get annoyed with colleagues who don’t pull their weight. Watch your spending, communicate with a partner, try not to over-react, remember honest communication is important, & focus on career goals.


TAURUS    21 April - 21 May

You might be focusing on partnership issues, from Wednesday you’re looking at joint finances, & may be emotional at times.  Communicate rather than argue if possible.  Use your energy positively, you remain enthusiastic, may feel limited by work or health maters.  You have a lot on your mind, maybe uncertain about your career, but can study to improve your mind.


GEMINI    22 May – 21 June

You keep busy helping people, from Wednesday you can focus on a partnership & spend more time together.  You enjoy some fun times together but may overreact a bit.  Home life is very busy, & you show concern for other people, but need to direct your talents.  You may be making new unusual friends, would like to get away, & need a balance in a relationship or joint finances.


CANCER    22 June - 23 July

You enjoy getting out & about, socialising, from Wednesday you’re very helpful to other people, & need a routine.  You work practically but may worry, & need a balanced diet.  You need to speak your mind, but your friendships are positive, if home life is stressful at times.  You may consider a change of career, & are quite philosophical, but beware control issues with a partner.


LEO     24 July  -  23 August

You have a lot going on at home just now, from Wednesday you can get out & focus on your interests & creative skills.  You communicate well, & are very charismatic.  Financially you’re very astute, & work very hard in your career, but you keep a lot to yourself.  You need mental stimulation, as your easily bored, communicate honestly with a partner, but are quite disciplined.  


VIRGO     24 August  -  23 September 

Your communication with those around you is hectic, from Wednesday family & home life is busy & happy but hectic.  You focus on family issues, & may have more expenditure.  You’re quite outspoken, & want to improve your knowledge & feel limited financially.  You may blow hot & cold with a partner, suffer from a health problem, & feel extremely emotional at times.


LIBRA    24 September  -  23 October

Your finances may be a bit erratic, from Wednesday you spend more time phoning, emailing or writing to people.  You’re restless but communicate well with others.  You’re compassionate, but private, deal with joint finances positively, but may not feel overly confident.  You need space to do your own thing in a partnership, have some imaginative ideas, but may feel frustrated at home.


SCORPIO    24 October  -  22 November

You seem a bit secretive, not revealing much, from Wednesday enjoy spending more money & are generous.  You make some good purchases, but may overspend.  Keep communications with friends open, & enjoy the happy relationship you share with a partner, even if you feel down.  You need a varied routine at work, may find home life is erratic & keep a lot to yourself.


SAGITTARIUS     23 November  -  21 December

Your subconscious mind is working overtime, from Wednesday you feel positive, confident & extrovert.  You express yourself positively & are charismatic.  You’re ambitious but impatient too, are successful in business & helpful, you depend on loyal friends support.  Expand on your inspired ideas, take some time to daydream & relax, & continue building your business skills.


CAPRICORN     22 December - 20 January

You’re busy catching up with friends, from Wednesday you need some time alone to think & focus on your feelings.  Emotional clashes arise versus logical thought.  You may feel limited by circumstances, but are creative & dramatic too, you’re very ambitious with many responsibilities.  Home life feels restrictive, you may spend erratically, & don’t reveal too much to other people.


AQUARIUS     21 January  -  19 February

You’re focusing on your ambitions, from Wednesday you have more time to socialise & meet up with your friends.  Mixing with people who think like you & empathise is stimulating.  You can get obsessed about emotional issues, family life is positive, but you may be wary of challenges.  You think & speak originally, may seem a bit vague at times, & may be very introspective now.


PISCES     20 February -  20 March

You enjoy expanding your boundaries, mentally & physically, from Wednesday you focus more on your ambitions & goals.  You know what you’re aiming for, & work hard.  Try to avoid arguing with a partner, communicating by being humorous helps, even if you feel serious.  You may overspend causing problems, may do best working alone, & need to feel accepted by friends.     

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