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Firstly I hope that everyone has enjoyed the festive season, in whichever way you celebrate or choose to spend it.  Please accept my very best wishes for a wonderful 2012.  In many respects for a lot of people, 2011 has been somewhat challenging, both on a very large scale, worldwide, with far-reaching influences for everyone, and more personally, with individual circumstances, or as to how global influences relating to so many things, reflect on us all.  It has I feel been a very big learning curve, for so many of us, as we’ve had to learn to adjust on various levels in our lives.   So welcome to the horoscopes for January, 2012 is almost here, the start of a New Year, with new opportunities, some coming up when we least expect it, here’s my approximate guide to the planetary movements & potential influences that might come our way.  A great deal has been written about forthcoming planetary movements later in 2012, where the planets all line up, which will so strongly influence us all.  Life has been extremely busy for me in the last few months, manic even, & once I get the chance to study these influences in more depth, I will pass on more information.  At present getting the horoscopes weekly & monthly out on time has at times been a challenge, but one I enjoy, I hope they all bring you pleasure & information too.



I have included aspects to the Moon in the phases shown here, as people have shown an interest in this, but please note these only last a day or so, at most, & are shown for the dates indicated below.  The Sun is now settled in careful, dutiful, responsible, pessimistic Capricorn, with caution & a conscientious approach, a need for achievement, and acknowledgement, with some humorous but rather droll moments.  On 21st January the Sun moves into charismatic, humane, individualistic, unconventional Aquarius, expect the unexpected.  The Moon starts the month in active, excitable, impulsive Aries. On 9th January, there is a Full Moon in changeable, emotional, sensitive Cancer, & can make us very open to influences of other people & quite aware of the effect of our actions on them.  On 16th January, there’s a Last Quarter Moon in charming, harmonious, peaceful Libra, relating to fulfillment, preparation, clearance & final outcomes.  On 23rd January a New Moon forms in aloof, pessimistic, responsible & realistic Capricorn, a time of increase, when new projects can be started, often with impulsiveness.  On 31st January, there’s a First Quarter Moon in defensive, possessive, security conscious Taurus.  Mercury begins the year in Sagittarius, with some challenges, & difficulties remaining focused, but a broad-minded approach.  On 9th January it moves into practical, rational Capricorn, giving a logical approach to situations & people, that helps produce results.  On 28th January it moves again into friendly, inventive, humanitarian Aquarius, giving a fresh outlook.  Venus starts the year in attractive, detached Aquarius, with an original & sometimes unique approach to relationships.  On 15th January it moves into emotional, vulnerable, and responsive Pisces, & can make us nostalgic & self-deceptive.  Mars begins the year in detailed, hard-working, practical Virgo, where it’s been for quite a while, with occasional shyness, or problems taking the initiative.  On 25th January Mars travels Retrograde, and can cause some extremes in behaviour or emotions at times, with a need to step back & think.  The generation planets all begin the year in the same signs they have been in for quite some time as follows:- Jupiter starts the year in Taurus, generous, sensible, humorous Taurus, until well into next year, giving a love of life, & creature comforts.  Generosity prevails, with a knack for acquiring bargains.  Saturn remains in courteous, fair-minded, pleasant, but serious Libra, through most of this coming year, & gives more flexibility, with much work on behalf of the loser. Uranus remains in energetic, courageous, self-willed, proud Aries, with rebelliousness, sudden, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, distract us away from our usual routine, or help us see things in a new light, and hopefully starts to bring more balance.  Neptune remains in humanitarian, idealistic, independent Aquarius, staying there until well into the New Year, with a need for emotional balance, also to care for others, to remain realistic & find a balance.  Pluto remains in Capricorn for the foreseeable future, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with balance, & more realistic ways of recycling & developing our intuitive knowledge further, to use practically.  Planetary aspects this month are:- Sun & Pluto conjunct till 8th January - Some intensity at times, with a need for moderation & balance.  Sun & Uranus sextile 21-31 January – An outspoken, uninhibited approach, & possibility of excitement.  Sun & Saturn square 11-20 January – An ambitious, at times defensive approach.  Sun & Last Quarter Moon square 16th January – a possible subconscious conflict between ego and emotions.  Sun & Mars trine 3-20 January -  Vitality, self-confidence, and strong will power.  Sun & Jupiter trine 21-31 January – An intelligent, articulate and very well informed approach.  Sun & Mercury conjunct 28-31 January - Stress is handled well overall.  First Quarter Moon conjunct Uranus 1st January - strong intuitions, and an independent outlook.  First Quarter Moon sextile Venus – Good communication & sharing with those close to us.  First Quarter Moon square Sun 1st January – Possible conflict needs thinking over to be resolved.  Full Moon sextile Jupiter 9th January – Generosity shown to others, with great empathy.  Full Moon square Uranus 9th January – An ingenious & imaginative approach to people & situations.  Last Quarter Moon conjunct Saturn 16th January – A cautious somewhat reserved attitude may prevail.  Last Quarter Moon trine Neptune 16th January – Bonding with other family members.  New Moon conjunct Mercury  23rd January - A sympathetic, understanding approach to other people.  New Moon square Saturn 23rd January – Seriousness, with a need for progress.  New Moon trine Mars 23rd January - Strong feelings constructively controlled.  First Quarter Moon conjunct Jupiter 31st January – More sensitivity to your environment.  First Quarter Moon square Sun & Mercury 31st January – Arguments may prevail with other people. Some difficulty making reasonable judgments, due to emotional conflict.  First Quarter Moon trine Pluto 31st January – Willpower is used to help resolve problems.  Mercury & Venus sextile 1-8 January – Skillful expression of thoughts & ideas.  Mercury & Neptune sextile 2-9 January – Intuitive insight and a imaginative outlook.  Mercury & Pluto conjunct 9-18 January - Subjective evaluation of everything, with possible extreme behaviour.   Mercury & Uranus square 9-18 January – Very fast perceptions of people and situations.  Mercury & Jupiter trine 9-18 January – A more broad-minded approach generally.  Mercury & Saturn square 23—27 January –  Discipline used with restraint in awkward situations.  Mercury & Mars trine 18-28 January – A practical, positive outlook.  Mercury & Uranus sextile 28031 January – Curiosity, with some knowledge gained.  Venus & Neptune conjunct 7-14 January – Tendencies to be more impressionable, with great rapport with other people.  Venus & Saturn trine 7-14 January – Good judgment prevails about people & situations.  Venus & Jupiter sextile 15-31 January – Outgoing approach enables empathy with others.  Venus & Mars inconjunct 1-14 January – Some difficulty reacting appropriately to the opposite sex.  Venus & Pluto sextile 15-31 January – Extremely strong feelings & perceptions.  Mars & Saturn inconjunct – A need for positive self- assertiveness, but anxiety & impatience can hamper this.  Saturn & Neptune trine for some time - Creative idealism, with imagination & organization.  Pluto & Uranus remain square for some time – A need for independence, dislike of restrictions.  Neptune & Pluto sextile very long-term – Understanding & acceptance of world changes affecting everyone.



ARIES     21 March - 20 April

You start the New Year looking ahead at your career, evaluating & considering your long-term progress.  You’re also busy acquiring knowledge, professionally & otherwise. You enjoy seeing friends, but be aware of who you can really trust. Later in the month you socialise more, but might have strong feelings you can’t easily express.  Work may seem frustrating, especially if others don’t pull their weight. You can acquire some bargains provided you stick to a budget, loyalty in a partnership is ongoing.  You still have a magnetic attraction, needing excitement. 


TAURUS    21 April - 21 May

You start the New Year with a philosophical approach, & may study something of interest.  You deal well with personal & beneficial business matters, & you may have more responsibility to deal with. Later in the month your interest turns to your ambitions, perhaps you consider a change of career, but you can catch up with friends too, if you’ve been really busy.  If single you might now meet someone new.  You’re generous & warm-hearted, ready for any challenges, & work conscientiously, but get stuck in a routine.  Your intuition is good, with a lot on your mind.


GEMINI    22 May - 21 June

You start the New Year with a strong interest in joint money matters, & it’s long term influence.  You have mutual understanding in a relationship. You may consider a holiday somewhere different.  Later in the month you want to increase your knowledge or information, & may enjoy working with others, but have a very responsible approach.  Home life may still be very busy, you have a lot to deal with.  You take a spiritual, unselfish, very caring approach, & can improve your artistic skills, but may lack fun.  Your enjoyable social life takes you out of yourself. 


CANCER    22 June - 23 July

You start the New Year with a positive approach to your partner, but may be domineering at times.  You carry a lot of responsibility at work too.  You need to feel wanted, or can get jealous, as you’re very imaginative. Later in the month you may be very emotional, & might enjoy a trip away, perhaps experiencing a different culture.  You’re outspoken, hate to feel ignored, & may express views tactlessly.  You enjoy meeting broad-minded friends, & inspire them, but need to channel your intuition, if family life is busy.  You’re ambitious & need to use your initiative. 


LEO     24 July  -  23 August

You start the New Year by helping other people, & establish a routine, & concentrate on your work.  You enjoy speculation & communicate positively. You share a close bond with a partner too, with intuitive understanding.  Later in the month you find ways to work practically, but are emotionally intense.  You’re great at handling money, & bargain well.  You focus on career progress & success, & excel in business, but you might keep many of your thoughts & views quite private.  You may get easily bored, & are broad-minded, craving new experiences. 



VIRGO     24 August  -  23 September 

You start the New Year building on your creative skills, you’re successful, but emotional too.  You might work from home, but worry about family.  You need cooperation with people you work with, & to look after your health.  Later in the month a steady routine is very important, but you get your ideas across well, & share a close bond with a partner.  You may be impulsive or accident prone, so pace yourself.  You have an urge to learn something new, & are very fair, but maybe limited financially by circumstances.  You also need to be careful with joint finances.



LIBRA    24 September  -  23 October

You start the New Year focusing on your home life, & enjoy family life, you’re demonstrative.  You may be restless & very talkative.  You enjoy getting out, socialising, & all the attention, you’re imaginative.  Later in the month you’re proud of any children, might decide on changes at home, & may have to watch your weight.  You empathise with others, & are helpful, but keep personal problems private.  You deal well with business matters, & relate well to a partner, & might be a bit pessimistic.  You need a strong bond but independence in a partnership.



SCORPIO    24 October  -  22 November

You start the New Year positively, & catch up with people, you haven’t seen recently, but you’re also private.  You’re good at investing money & can get some great deals.  You also enjoy time spent at home with loved ones, but it can be chaotic.  Later in the month the past may influence you in some way, you communicate openly, & enjoy some luxuries.  You may make some new friends, or be competitive.  You have a happy relationship with intellectual rapport with a partner, but need some time to yourself too.  You’re innovative & need variety in your work.


SAGITTARIUS     23 November  -  21 December

You start the New Year you want to make money, & are good with business, but pace yourself.  You express your views well & are versatile.  You enjoy getting out locally, & socializing, but may daydream a lot.  Later in the month you spend time catching up with people, can bargain, & enjoy being with loved ones.  You bottle up stress, & are impatient to progress professionally.    You can do well in business, & help others a great deal, but look after your health.   You know which of your friends you can really trust.  You can also build on or expand your skills.


CAPRICORN     22 December - 20 January

You start the New Year being dutiful, conscientious & responsible, you have long term goals in mind.  You may try to rationalize your emotions, causing confusion.  You may be prone to over-spending & gullible.  Later in the month you might be overly generous, & can express yourself more openly, you also want to get out a bit more.  You may be drawn to travel, go somewhere different, or are very enterprising.  You’re enthusiastic about your interests, & dramatic, but may feel limited at home by professional duties.  You need personal freedom, but time at home too.



AQUARIUS     21 January  -  19 February

You start the New Year maybe worrying about irrational things you can’t resolve, & are intense.  You’re sociable & need to mix with other people.  You’re very charismatic, need peace & harmony, but fantasize a lot.  Later in the month you become more confident & extrovert, but may still be sensitive, though prone to overspending.  You work well & increase your business skills.  You enjoy a happy time at home with your family, but might have some challenges to overcome.  One minute you’re rational & logical, the next stubborn & contrary.


PISCES     20 February -  20 March

You start the New Year celebrating with some of your old friends, maybe who you haven’t seen in a while.  You’re restless if your career isn’t mentally stimulating.  You may feel romantic, but can’t express your feelings.  Later in the month your intuition greatly deepens, you start to socialise more, & really enjoy being with other people.  You may be selfish in a partnership at times, or quarrel.  You’re popular with people in your community, enjoying discussions, but a bit suspicious of a partner at times.  You might be prone to spending money erratically.


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