Let Thy wish become my desire, let Thy will become my deed;

let Thy word become my speech, Beloved,

and let Thy love become my creed.

Let my plant bring forth Thy flowers, let my fruits produce Thy seed.

Let my heart become Thy lute, Beloved,

and my body Thy flute of reed.


A Sufi Song


Beloved Ones, the heart's journey is one that can be taken by anyone at anytime of life, day or night, in the morning or evening of life, in the heights of success or in the depths of emptiness - the heart can be turned to as the foundation for a new beginning and a new way of life, no matter what has taken place before.  For love is not a matter of having to learn something that one does not know.  It is a matter of remembering something that has been covered over or forgotten.

Remembrance, more than anything else, depends upon desire - upon wanting to discover the hidden depths of one's being and inner connection with the Divine so that it becomes clear, and bright, and tangible - so that it becomes as real as the most intimate part of oneself.  Often, the connection to the deeper strata of love has become buried in worries, or sorrow, or in concerns for the future or the needs of the present.  Then, it feels as if there is no time for love, no room for love, and that one must wait before involving oneself more in the inner life.

This beloveds, is an illusion.  For there is no separation between the inner life and the outer life of the kind that was once thought solid and clear.  What happens outwardly has everything to do with what is maintained inwardly, and what creates a surrounding environment that is filled with grace and blessing is the inner state of being ready to receive grace and blessing, of turning toward the light and of opening the heart with gratitude for what will come.   Without this, there are only the residues of the struggle for survival.  There is only the pain of feeling alone in the world, having only oneself to count on.  Without this, there is the continuing sense of separation that has fueled the alienation and sense of isolation of modern man.

But this is no longer necessary, Beloved Ones.  For a veil is being lifted from the collective eyes and heart of humanity so that what seemed entirely real and necessary before, no longer seems so, and what seemed vaporous and unreal before, suddenly moves into the realm of possibility.  The removal of this veil is a function of the earth's transition into greater light.  And, indeed, the light that is infusing the very cells of the Earth's physical body is changing all things that are embodied as well as the consciousness that they hold.  For this reason, it is a time of awakening, a time when more can happen, even for those who feel they have left their hearts behind - even for those who feel their hearts have dried up due to pain and circumstance.  This is because the heart's capacity to respond to new hope is always present. However buried it may be, however much darkness may still remain, it is only the willingness to contain more light that is needed in order that more light be present.  And with greater light, the heart can open again like a flower that has been closed for a period of time due to conditions of lack of light, that suddenly bursts into bloom.

Even a small prayer that the heart be opened can be a sufficient beginning to allow the inflow to begin.  Even the smallest of breaths, asking that love fill the heart, can begin the stream of energy that will altogether remove the hardened places of inner being.  It is a matter of knowing that it can be so.  It is a matter of willing it to be so.  It is a matter of trusting that it is so.

The current of light that is everpresent at this time, brings with it a quality of upliftment that has not been present before.  It brings with it the intuitive knowledge that there is hope for overcoming the limitations of darkness and despair that has not been possible before.  And with this new hope and upliftment comes a need to make a choice regarding the willingness to trust once again, to come alive once again, to let love and life flow so that the entire psycho-physical organism can be restored to its essential grace and purity.  Some may still feel that this is not possible, given all that has gone before.  But the light that is here and is true can heal all that is wounded, can bind up all that is broken, and can restore the heart of innocence to those who seek such restoration.

In place of cynicism, let new hope be present.  In place of doubt, let the willingness to trust, however tentative, be present.  And in the place of the belief in one's own incapacity to do more, feel more, grow more, believe more - let it be known that the possibility for growth is never ending.  For life and growth are perpetual, no matter what choices one makes.  And even if there is a choice in the present to remain closed and to remain self--protective in order to decrease the possibility of disappointment, even then life and growth will flourish, and will make out of the present decision, something that can give rise to new possibilities.

For this is the nature of hope, Beloved Ones.  It is not based on how we feel or choose to feel.  It is based on the nature of life itself and on the current that moves through life.  It is Life that creates hope, and that even out of cynicsm, doubt, despair, or suffering, can make all things new.

Julie Redstone~ 

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This is really beautiful, Anamarija, Lovely! Julie writes from the heart (and speaks to mine). Thank you for this  share. The Sufi Song above sets the scene nicely ...


Beautiful. *hug* So be it, so it is! Amen.

How it speaks and sings to me!! It's wonderful to feel my experiences translated so well as this post does. Thank you!!

Much Love and Gratitude dearest one! Namaste!! (bow) *HUG*


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