The Gift of the Dolphins

Love Heals.  Joy Transforms.  Dolphins are unconditional love and joy.
My spiritual journey with the dolphins began in 1995 as a pod of dolphins
surrounded our boat.  I asked them telepathically, “What are you here to
teach us?”
“Unity / Community,” was their reply.

A year later I found myself alone in the ocean, face-to-face with a wild Spinner
dolphin.  A few clicking sounds later, he swam away.  In the days and
weeks after that magical moment, I watched amazed as people received
spontaneous transformational experiences in my presence.  Somehow, I had
become a vehicle for the energy and consciousness of the dolphins.

Back in my desert home in Sedona, Arizona, the dolphins came to me in
meditation and asked me to become one of their ambassadors on land. 
They told me that it is
not necessary for humans to be in physical contact with dolphins to
receive their love and gifts.  Their consciousness transcends time,
space and physicality.  They invited me to share their healing energy
with humans, and to make this my profession.

More than a bit reluctant to put myself out there in the world as a “Dolphin Ambassador
and Dolphin Energy Healer”, I could not deny the magic I was
witnessing.  Again and again I saw people open up right before my eyes. 
Suddenly we were connecting from a place of deep intimacy.  The dolphin
energy seems to touch a place deep inside us, a place that longs to be
touched, to be recognized, and to be set free.

If just talking about dolphins has this kind of affect on people, what else can their energy
do?  I wondered.  I said YES to the dolphins’ invitation, and began
sharing their healing energy with anyone who was willing to receive it. 
Over time, with
specific guidance from the dolphins, these sharings evolved into formal
Dolphin Energy Healing sessions.

What is Dolphin Energy?  It is the frequency of Joy…of Movement…of Creating Flow-- the flow of Love, the
flow of Abundance.  It is an Opening of the Heart, as never before.  
I am continually amazed by the depth and power of the healing technology
the dolphins transmit through me.  Each client’s experience is unique. 
We are all in awe of the unconditional love, safety and acceptance that
seems to penetrate to our very core. 

I now see the dolphins as living masters upon the Earth.  They know us better than we know
ourselves.  They see our essence, our radiant wholeness.  They also see,
clearly and without judgment, our illusions of separation, our limiting
beliefs, and the patterns of protection that we have created around
ourselves.  The dolphins gently reconnect us to our own true
essence, and help us to realize it in our daily lives.

As my connection with the dolphins deepened, I realized that this frequency
was my home.  I longed to MERGE with them, fully and completely, for all
of time.  But how could that be possible?  
One of the dolphins’ greatest joys is to help us manifest our deepest heart’s desires.  They
want us to discover our joy…and then live it…be it! 

They took me on as a project.  As I delivered their healing energy to clients, the
dolphins led me on a journey to my own heart…to the manifestation of my
own deepest heart’s desires.  This journey lasted seven years.  (Some of
us are slow learners!)

In January 2003 the breakthrough occurred.  I awoke one morning feeling brand new.  The dolphins had merged my human
consciousness with theirs.  We became ONE.  Since that time, my life has
taken on a quality of vibrancy and aliveness
that surpasses anything I have ever experienced.
That journey is now complete...but it was not just for me.  The dolphins told me,  “Now it
is time to initiate others to this path.”
In that moment, my work with the dolphins shifted to a new level.  My focus now is mentoring
others through the radical transformation the dolphins gave to me.  The
vehicle for this transformation is a revolutionary new spiritual school,
created and taught in collaboration with the dolphin
consciousness--Dolphin Healing HeArts…A Gateway to the New Paradigm.

The dolphins are making a profound gift available to humanity.  This gift
is one of the planetary keys to support humanity in making the shift
away from lives based in struggle and fear…to lives based in love and

“We are changing the course of history,”  the dolphins said.  “It’s time.”
Are the dolphins calling you?

ãCopyright Linda Shay

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the dolphins and many others have been calling me for a long time but I have never known how to get to any of them and so I still feel stuck.  I reach out and then I slip back in a never ending cycle of such.  I am tired of this cycle and I want to move forward but I think I just think I can't and so I don't..... It is almost as if I need someone to grab my hand and give me a pull lol.  Is that at all possible?




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