The Significance of Dolphins and Healing

The energy or spirit that runs through all of creation is also in you. Part of the human experience is forgetting this connection and feeling separate from each other and Creator. When life circumstances are viewed from this perspective of separation, you take on limiting beliefs and experience negative emotions.
Negative emotions such as hate, anger, worry, jealousy, depression, fear, and so forth create imbalances, stagnations, and blockages in the energy field within and around your body. Your normal vibration is decreased. These imperfections in the energy field and lowering of vibration are directly related to the formation of disease, weaknesses, and even your susceptibility to injury.

Each negative emotion has an opposite positive emotion associated with it. The same is true of negative and positive qualities such as weakness and strength. If you are stuck feeling a negative emotion or expressing a negative quality, you are cut off from the more positive one. Each Dancing Dolphin flower essence works with one quality. When a particular flower essence is taken frequently over a period of time, it brings balance throughout your energy field for its quality and raises your vibration. When the energetic imbalances have been corrected, physical healing can occur.

The imbalances began because of negative emotion based on limiting beliefs. Often as the rebalancing and vibrational increase occurs, the actual beliefs, and even the circumstances which caused them, will surface to be healed.

Profound emotional healing can take place with the use of flower essences. Each Dancing Dolphin Essence contains the Platinum Ray. This aids in the release of negative emotional patterns. All limiting beliefs ultimately stem from the feeling of separation from Creator. The use of flower essences over time can aid in healing your connection with Creator, with others, with mother earth, even with your own Soul. Ultimately, the use of Dancing Dolphin flower essences is a spiritual experience!

Dolphins play a vital role in reminding humans of their connection with the Divine. For thousands of years they have expressed the qualities to which you aspire - unconditional love, joy, playfulness, strong sense of community, creativity, and the ability to heal yourself and others. You have all these qualities within yourself. You have simply forgotten - due to feeling separate from Creator. The dolphins anchor the Platinum Ray on planet earth.

Many people who have worked with, swam with, or simply heard the voices of dolphins have reported healing on all levels. They have felt a sense of connection with all of creation. They have been shown what it feels like to open their heart and feel loved. Dancing Dolphin Essences combine the most potent flower essences with the healing sound of dolphins. Each essence addresses and balances its specified quality. As well as providing you with the loving, joyful, healing energy of the dolphin. Each modality is profound on its own. The combination is something you've just got to experience for yourself!


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