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Archangels Meditation Music

Started by Ms.Gypsy. Last reply by Z Dec 13, 2011. 1 Reply



Started by Humanity Healing International Oct 7, 2011. 0 Replies

There are many ways to contact your angel guides. Three easy methods are meditation, focused breathing, and angel writing. Any one, or a combination, of these three methods will work. The secret is…Continue

Meet your Guardian Angel

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The Archangels

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The Archangels     The names of all the Archangels end in the suffix "el", which means "in God." Archangels are the leaders or“supervisors” of the Angelic Realm.  They are, like all other…Continue

The Angel of Hope

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The Angel of Hope  "I am the Angel of Hope and I empower you andcompel you to keep hope alive in the world by keeping hope alive insideyour being. I bring peace and understanding for those who pursue…Continue


Started by RaK Jul 4, 2010. 0 Replies

ANGELS REALMYou are Loved, You are Beloved, You are vital to the Universal plan, at the moment of your birth, the Angels sang.SOLAR ANGELMany people are more able to feel the loving energy of their…Continue

Angels Are Messengers Of Light

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Angels Are Messengers Of Light Angel In The CloudsWhen you find yourself in a difficult situation, imagine yourself wearing a halo and surround yourself with white light.Imagine your car wearing a…Continue

Morning Prayers

Started by RaK. Last reply by Ms.Gypsy Mar 8, 2010. 1 Reply

Morning PrayersSending Angels Before YouAngels, go before me to smooth my way. Draw to me those who can assist me in meeting this need in high and Loving ways. Protect me in this endeavor, and guide…Continue

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Comment by deZengo on February 12, 2011 at 2:12am

Someone sent me this link today and I thought this might be a good place to share it ::


All about angels.


Sending Love & Light,


Comment by Gabriel on January 31, 2011 at 6:40am

@ Dianne Wilson,

Just wanted to respond to your message. YES! I'm out here somewhere! :-D

It's true that this group is not very active and I don't really understand why.... sigh. :-(

Hope all is well,


Comment by gino plantamura on January 31, 2011 at 12:21am
Comment by Dianne Wilson on January 10, 2011 at 8:06pm
It doesn't seem as though anyone is corresponding on earth angels - is anyone out there in this group?  I have questions but want to make sure people (angels) are out there!  Thanks!
Comment by Ashanti Rose on January 5, 2011 at 6:24am

Surrender & Release: If we could see the miracle in letting go our whole life would change. Let go, allow God and the angels to help you.

When we willingly release and begin the process of healing from the unhappy situation, we may find we gain the necessary clarity that was not apparent to us before. In having gained clarity individuals often regain their own self determination and strength.

The angels ask you to try not to control the outcome of your troubling situation. It can take a lot of courage to let go and trust in the decision to do so but It may also be one of the most valuable decisions we can ever make. Let go, and let God help you!
For more Angel Messages,please visit me at


Comment by Gabriel on September 29, 2010 at 10:05am
Good idea Marianne :-)
I'll start with a question. The term "earth angel" what do we exactly mean by this?

Is it so that your actions here on earth, your willingness and devotion to do good for humanity, makes you an earth angel? Or does it have to do with your soul being somehow connected or originating from the angelic realm?
Comment by Marianne Adema on September 29, 2010 at 3:55am
I have joined this group,because i love angels and earth angels,pity i see no angels on here,would love to ad some soon,but pity there is no activity here since 2 february,i would love it,if the members on this group would be willing to be active in here same goes for the creator of this group,would love to be active with you all about this topic,love and hugs,Marianne
Comment by Seren Grace on February 2, 2010 at 11:38pm

Much has changed since the last WINGS post, as we have made great progress. Even though things may seem scary, uncomfortable, and at best, seem that the world is unraveling, I can assure you that things are right on track, as the divine plan continues to unfold. We are “re-setting” and “re-calibrating”…starting over once again as we begin the massive re-structuring of a very new Planet Earth. In this way, the old must fall, and falling it is.

As human beings, many of us are really a microcosm of the earth. So then, whatever happens with her, we will feel as if it is happening within us too. During recent times, we may feel that we, ourselves, are coming unraveled and falling apart, but we are simply a mirror for our beautiful planet, as we embody so much of her within ourselves.

The earth is now in the process of re-aligning with the higher realms, or new and higher vibrating ways of living and being. Part of the new ways of being involve coming together in unity. So then, the phase we have most recently begun, involves a pulling apart of energies as they begin to re-group. Like a massive cell division, we are leaving some individuals and arenas, as we connect to our true and rightful arenas. We are beginning now, and will continue with this process, of coming together in like-minded pods, as we form small groups of individuals who resonate with each other, and who will in time, begin creating with each other, and will as well, support each other in sustaining themselves.

This is the way it was intended. What is occurring now, is that this process is indeed beginning as it should be. Things are falling away, as this process will encourage many of us to unite together, leaving the old reality of the individual far behind. This will all happen very naturally for us, but we must also be willing to jump in and take our next steps of action as well. I have been writing of this process for many years, and it is in my very first book, Remembering Your Soul Purpose, as well. I tell you this as an example that this time was destined to arrive. There is nothing wrong here. This is a very exciting time!

When Barak Obama was elected the president of the US, his soul plan was to keep things as intact as possible, in order that the re-structuring would not cause a substantial amount of trauma for the planet. The soul print of the US is to serve as a vibration that reverberates out and affects the rest of the globe in its wake (and not in the best way at times!). Barak Obama had a soul responsibility to keep things as steady as possible while these changes were taking place. So no matter how strange it looked in regard to what he was doing, at the higher levels, he was following his plan.

As we know, the larger plan (and he was a part of it) did not take hold as was anticipated. Thus, the separation of the worlds. So now, with the creation of Earth Two, the very new structures are coming into play, as this is part of how Earth Two needs to unfold and be created. Thus, 2010 will indeed be a year of manifestations, creativity, and self-expression, as we will be embodying all of these things as we come together to create the new world.

Earth changes and natural disasters will also occur, and these shifts on the earth will also serve to bring us together in unity. The Haiti earthquake has already served this purpose and done so magnificently. The love and reverence extended to the souls who agreed to participate in this process goes beyond words.

Almost daily now, we are receiving massive amounts of energy coming through our crown chakras. This energy is serving to sustain these new and higher ways of living and being. This energy is greatly assisting in holding the space while the planet adjusts, along with all of her inhabitants.

These energies continue to arrive in stop-starts. In this way, we may feel high and magnificent one day, and deeply down the next. The contrast between the new reality energy and the massive let down, lull, or absence of any energy is quite extreme. I was recently involved with a large printing project. The pages would print for awhile, and then suddenly stop. Several times, I had to re-set my printer, and then it would begin to print again. I can be watching a dvd or satellite television, and the same thing happens. The story stops mid-stream, in a freeze frame, and then suddenly starts up once again. These are all indicators that the energies are indeed arriving, if only piece by piece, as we slowly but surely integrate them.

We can feel very connected and clear one day, and then totally lost the next. We can remember and connect to our next steps with complete certainty, and then fall off the planet the next day. We may find it near impossible to remember what we “used to” know as a higher level being. These are indicators of the new reality energy coming in bit by bit. Remember, we are starting over. But what is more recently occurring, is that the dots are starting connect very securely. The days of great highs and connections are getting longer and there are more of them. The lows are getting shorter and there are fewer of them.

We can wake up one morning, and things suddenly feel different (Monday, the 25th was one of these days). We had arrived somewhere new that day, because enough of the new energies had been integrated. This created a new shelf or new space for us to walk into. On other days, like today (Sunday the 31st), higher energies are coming through and our hearts may be racing. So many of the dots or higher energies within us, have connected, that we are now in a new space that sustains the new energies much more easily. At the same time, we may have felt like sleeping a lot of late, or been unusually tired. We are integrating rapidly now, as we create the new spaces and new pieces of our very new reality.

Our creating abilities are profound now. This is why focusing on and visualizing what we truly desire is so vitally important, as it serves to keep our spirits up, as well as serving to form the new reality in all ways, and keep that is place as well.

Our new connections will be the theme now for quite awhile. Not only will these connections serve to create the new world, but they will also serve in sustaining us, keeping the energies high and balanced through the connection of our own personal energies, as well as giving us the emotional support that we will need in times to come.

We have come together in times past, through web sites and the like, but the new connections will be different in that we will unite with our soul teams and those with whom we resonate the most. For me, now and in times past, I have never been affiliated with any web sites or groups outside of my very own web site, as I have always stayed in my own backyard in order to keep the energies as pure, clear, and pristine as possible, and quite honestly, know very little of what is occurring outside of my own web site (and no, I do not have a Face Book group).

I would like to take this time to say a big thank you to all of you who have posted the WINGS and What’s Up On Planet Earth? messages on your sites, and with your groups, whomever and wherever you are, in integrity and in alignment with the universal copyright notices at the bottom of this page. Your dedicated service to the planet, while connecting us all together, along with bringing your own special energies to your endeavors, have assisted so many in the challenging first phase of the ascension process. Thank you so much for assisting me as well. Although I do not know most of you personally, I cannot thank you enough. So please, allow me to thank you now.

A newly added Emerging Earth Angels role in times to come, will be in bringing us together through “soul celebrations” gatherings in physical form, along with communicating and supporting the new structure and grid, and connecting us more fully to our true and authentic selves. I greatly look forward to it, along with so many of your new offerings as well.

So as the dots begin connecting more and more, we will begin to feel a new a different security, as it will be the security of the very new reality. I look forward to seeing you there…

With much love and gratitude,

Comment by Deea on October 19, 2009 at 2:02am

Thanks Tinkerbell, that all resonates so much for me right now in life. Nice to know and feel I am right where I need to be and that the best is yet to come, love and light my friend
Comment by Brendanath on September 23, 2009 at 1:41am
Hello my name is dan and I'm 31. First off let me assure you I am very sane and very honest. I'm posting here in hopes of finding support, advice or resources. With what? Well to just state it, for the past 62 days, non stop 24 hours a day angels have been with me performing operations and procedures on me. These aren't little procedures either, these are massive, intense surgeries that are performed by many at once. These are unlike anything I've ever heard off, everyday is absolute amazement and beyond any science fiction or movie I've ever seen. To tell you about it all would take 400 or 500 pages, but in hopes of finding people going through or having gone through this I'll state a very brief and generic over view.

Basically my body has been completely rebuilt. They've redone all my centers, fused my channels and then completely unraveled my body. They then super tightly knitted or weaved a new shell and stuffed me internally with these super highly charged organs, like fuzzy footballs. Then they strung wires and weaved more and continually increased my vibration. We are constantly accessing these colored nebulous clouds and bringing down energy from them for my new parts. It feels like rain, snow or needles falling on me depending on the source. They're also constantly putting new layers on me and wiring them, especially in the head. For the last few weeks they have been working on my head and neck exclusively. It feels like they're weaving or sewing me new parts. Then the other day a very long and painful procedure started on my neck, shoulders and head. I swear to you this is going to sound crazy, but I promise I would not ever lie to you, they're building wings on me.

Ok so you're probably confused and that's ok. I would really love to tell you the amazing details of what's happened but that would take a month. I'm hoping that someone will know what I'm talking about, although I'm very doubtful. Yes that's only about 1% of what's happened to me but if you've gone through this then you know. There is no way in the world you could think you might have gone through this. It's like getting hit by a train, you'd know. This is as real as sitting in a hospital getting worked on.

Since the very beginning they've been telling me that I'm actually an angel and that I hold a certain type of light and am here to be an ambassador of sorts for my family. They say that my name is Brendanath, that I'm from what would be considered a smaller angel family and that I'm here as a representative of my mothers love. That really freaked me out but they told me not to worry that there are lots of other angels and beings from other families on Earth right now to participate in some major change. I fought this with every last breath for a long time. Even though they were there working on me I refused to even consider the possibility that I was an angel. Not that I've ever been a bad person, I've actually always been when of those people everyone says is way way to nice but I was always in trouble in a Dennis the Menace sort of way. And I never really fit in anywhere while fitting in everywhere. What I mean is while I always got along with and liked everyone and their groups, I was never really one of them, sort of a loner with a ton of friends. And although I faithfully followed the golden rule, ever since little, I've never been religious and was actually very turned off by religion. So no matter what they said I wasn't going to believe what they were saying. Well all that's changed now, I have wings starting come off of my back. It's kind of hard to deny it anymore.

Ok so what am I looking for here. One is a little advice. I don't know what I'm going to do. The moment these beings first came to me my life drastically changed. I didn't know who or what they were, at first it was just this big ball of warm energy hugging my upper body with these ghostly arms. I had no idea what was going on but instantly I started crying hard and began saying how lonely I've been and how nobody likes me here. I had no idea why I was saying this at all, it just sort of came out in this wave of intense emotion and for the rest of the day, all day we just sat there in my car in a parking lot holding each other crying. That night the procedures started and a few days later they started talking to me. A few days after that love hit my like I had no idea could exist. My heart exploded and all I could do for days was sit there and say I love you I love you I love you, I really really love you. Then I'd stop for a few seconds then have to start again. It was the craziest most wonderful experience of my life. My need to express my love for them was greater than anything else in my life, more important than breathing. And that hasn't gone away. They taught me to deal with it better and they are actually helping me cultivate it and keep saying I was created to love like that and that all this is just the very beginning. So I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't go back to work in a regular job. All I want to do is go sit with lonely, abandoned or broken hearted people and hold their hand and let my mother shine on them. One little touch from them and every bad thing that's ever happened to me vanishes. Every time they put their hand on my shoulder, blow on my face or hold me it's an absolute miracle greater than anything I would have ever dreamed of in a million years. Even one little touch from their little fingers is a miracle and worth everything. It's the softness they hold, it's everything good. And if they can shine through me onto people then there is no way I won't dedicate my life completely to doing that. So I don't know what to do. I'm never going to enter the rat race again or work 50 plus to live pay check to pay check. People here desperately need this and if I have to sell all and live in poverty to let my sisters and mother shine on the lonely or bruised of heart then that would be a perfect life to me. I don't know, they assure me that there is a master plan happening right now and that it's all going to work out beautifully, all I know is I know exactly what I'm going to do with my life I just have no idea how I'm gonna do it. Just wondering if any have gone before me and what your doing or if you know anymore about the big picture for us.

Also I was wondering if there are communities or colonies for us to go to while undergoing this process. This is gigantic process that's emotionally and physically very hard. 62 days might not sound like a long time but 62 days of sitting or laying while you get non stop surgery is a long time, and they say I'm only half way done with the building part! (Then they say it'll be a couple of years learning how to use it all and fine tuning) Amazingly I lost all my family, friends and responsibilities recently so I am able to just do it. But I could see it being almost impossible for those more tied down. Plus it's painful at times, I'm a tough guy (I always had terrible eczema, something they say is due to the fact I pick up others people negativity and take it into me and it comes out later through my skin, something like that, but I've had it all my life and whenever I'm in cities it's extreme, my point is I'm great with pain and this has almost killed me at times) and it's been unbearable. So it'd be nice to be able to sit and hold someones hand while they go through this when needed. There probably isn't a place like this but there should be a place where we could go and be able to sit in nature and be with similars while our families and friends work on us. It'd be real nice. If you've had what I've had done you know your mouth is always wide open and neck askew. I'm used to it now. At first when I'd be driving and my mouth would be agape while they worked I'd pretend like I was in pain like I was coming from the dentist. Now it doesn't matter. Even if a gorgeous girl pulls up next to me at a light I'll just look over with my mouth gaping and contorted and smile while I drool all over myself. My point being it'd be nice to have a place to go where people won't say "what the f is wrong with you, you've been sitting in the same spot for 8 days non stop laughing then crying uncontrollably while drooling on yourself". I'm lucky in that I'm completely alone right now but I could see families considering committing people especially when the person says angels are with them.

So I don't know. If anyone knows what I'm talking about could you please respond or write me brendanath226 at yahoo. I'd love to chat or talk on the phone with you if you've gone through this process before. At first my winged friends told me not to talk to anyone about this and I now know why. Out of desperation I reached out and let a few people know what was going on and they either looked at me like I was crazy or said something demeaning like everybody "thinks" they're an angel or the messiah. Others just completely belittle my experience and I know they think I'm completely full of it or exaggerating, but I'm not, I'm under exaggerating all of it. And every time I look at my sisters and they just smile and say Brendanath listen to us, not them, we're your family, you are with us now and you have a purpose here greater than being believed right now. Then they hold me which is my absolute favorite thing in the world. Anyway after I looked like I big idiot when asking others about this I looked on the internet and found a video called the angelic human race and my body started buzzing and all my centers spun up and my friends smiled and nodded at me. That's why I'm posting here. Any advice or recomendations would help. Ok gotta get back to them now (they've been working on me this whole time I've been typing, they never stop, I hope someone knows what I'm talking about, if nobody does then it's all good, no big deal at all) Thank you so much.

Take care,


ohh yeah, they say I not only live here now but also there with them. And sure enough often time when I look through my eye I'm with them in these courtyard gardens surrounding these pyramids. There's one big pyramid then smaller ones behind it and we are always in the courtyard to left of the small pyramid that's to the left of the big pyramid. They call them temples. Ohh yeah and there's these ellipsoid things in the sky around them. Anyone been there?

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