A potted history of fairies

Symonds Yat Faerie

Fairy origins

Fairy, faerie, fae, fay or fey all refer to the same family of ethereal beings. It is possible that Fay is linked to Morgan Le Fay, half sister of King Arthur and apprentice to Merlin. Faeries appear in
the mythology of the Anglo Saxons and Celtic traditions in which they
inhabited ’The Otherworld’, a place underground and in burial mounds.

Fairy is found in many forms including good and evil, living and spirit, helpful and mischievous, male and female, but whatever guise they manifest themselves they have haunted the imagination of popular
culture in literature, art and music. The Victorians especially embraced
fairy culture, artists painted works derived from Shakespeare’s ‘A
midsummer nights dream’. The Pre-Raphaelites created some beautiful
fairy paintings and Arthur Rackham’s illustrations are still as popular
as ever.

Do Fairies exist?

In 1920 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the Cottingley Faeries case believed the photos to be genuine. Though the girls who took the photos later admitted that they were fake, they always maintained throughout
their lives that they had seen the fairies and that one of the images
was not faked.

Fairy has been a part of our culture for as far back as we can trace. When Christianity arrived it tried to sweep away much of our pagan mythology and beliefs. Fairy became demonised as did most
everything else, but fairy never disappeared, along with the Green Man
and other spirits of the land they continued dwell in our imaginations,
links between ouselves and nature. For something spiritual to exist we
must first acknowledge it, perhaps as we enter a new age of awareness
concerning the planet's ecology we will once again learn to share wit

Fairy Realms flower and wood fairies

Fairy Realms recommends viewing flower fairies and wood fairies in the early morning or evening which are their favoured times. Often seen on days of the solstice and at midnight if the moon is full. These
faeries are playfull, happy beings, they love children and may show
themselvers to adults of a gentle nature.

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Bluebell Fairy

Wisteria Faerie

This faerie is amongst the beautiful wisterias of the National Trust property of Berrington Hall near Leominster. She is playing with one of the many bees who also love these vibrant blue flowers.

Bluebell Fairy

Bluebell Faerie

Bluebell Faerie is holding a bluebell in the palm of her hands, she was photographed in the Bluebell wood on a hill above Weobley in Herefordshire in the spring of 2008.

Apple Blossom Fairy

Apple Blossom Faerie

Appleblossom faerie was discovered daydreaming amidst the cider apple groves outside of Weobley in Herefordshire.

Croft Castle Fairy

Croft Woods Faerie

Seen at midnight in the woods near Croft Castle, a National Trust property at Yarpole near Leominster in Herefordshire, this faerie holds a glowing orb of moonlight. 

Fairy Realms sacred places faeries

These fairies are found amongst the stones and walls of ancient places and those of legend. Guardians of secrets they are illusive, but may sometimes stay a few moments in the presence of those they trust.
Fairy Realms advises caution when seeking these faeries, always ask
permission to enter their realm and tell them why you are there. They
can bring ill fortune to those who do not respect the places they guard.

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Glastonbury Abbey Faerie

Glastonbury Abbey Faerie

The Glastonbury Abbey Faerie is a melancholic faerie who inhabits the ruined walls of Glastonbury Abbey, she is seen holding a sphere of Black Obsidian which glows as she she skryes its secrets. In
the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey can be found the location of the
grave of King Arthur.

Tintern Abbey Fairy

Tintern Abbey Faerie

The Tintern Abbey Faerie is found amongst the ghostly ruins of Tintern Abbey at midnight. This beautiful abbey located near Chepstow in Monmouth, whose vaulted ceilings are open to the skies is home to moon
faeries. Entrusted by the Goddess these ethereal beings are blessed and
to behold one is a great privelege.

Faeries of mystical places

Fairy Realm's mystical faeries inhabit the mystical places we sometimes discover and know are special. Some of these beings don't look like faeries at all and so often go unnoticed. Fairy Realms recommends
waiting near the clear water of a garden pond or wild pool, by some
secret corner of your own or friend's garden, or in a quiet spot in a
park or wood. These beings will not show themselves to those that do not
believe in faerie.

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Hever Castle Fairy

Hever Castle Faerie

In the beautiful gardens of Hever Castle in Kent, once home to Anne Boleyn is an old wall. Damp with pools of water, the wall grows green with mosses and ferns and is inhabited by all manner of flowers
and plants that love this shaded spot. The Faerie of Hever Castle though
wingless, floats with grace amongst the plants and walls with all the
elegance of the Lady Anne herself.

Elan valley Fairy

Elan Valley Faerie

In the stuningly beautiful Elan Valley, Rhayader in Powys, is a stream. Tumbling from the hills above, its waters run dark, coloured by the soil. This guardian fairy holds a dragon's egg in her hands, the
young dragon can be seen through the clear shell, warmed by fire it
waits to hatch and fly into the night sky.

Elan valley Fairy

Forest of Dean Faerie NEW

Deep in the darkest parts of the Forest of Dean, lights can be seen at night shimmering through the dense layers of trees. To the unwary or those who have lost their way the lights bring promise of an
Inn, farm or road, but when approached will vanish as suddenly as they
appeared. Related to elves these fairies should not be searched for, to
see one of these beautiful creatures will leave you sad, lost and
searching for ever more.

h nature and respect it and also return fairy to the status they are entitled.

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