Crystal Fairy healing

By Renee Abbott

Healing the wounded heart

Crystal Faires

A Fairy Crystal Recharging One's Battery Healing

November 21, 2009

You have come tonight with your inner light shinning but because of your own beliefs, this light has been shrouded it from others. We can
use this analogy to help explain this concept. It is comparable with
walking down a dark street trying to rely on the light from a flash
liight. The battery is very low, so can only dispel a dim affect. If you
had tended to the batteries, the light could have been bright to offer
rays for those who could not see. Your energy battery is low, and cannot
be seen by others. The Cosmic Source needs you to be able to eminent
rays of light from you to others. We can aid you in recharging your own
energy battery by offering you a technique that will heal this.

A Fairy Crystal Recharging One's Battery Healing.

The following tools are required.

1. pink stones 3

2. green stones 3

3 . 5 clear quartz crystals

1 pink crayon t

1. large unlined paper to draw a heart on it.The Ritual:-Part One

Soak your stones in a combination of water and sea salt for 20 minutes. As the stones soak draw a pink heart that covers the whole
paper. Rinse the stones off and set out overnight on a window sill
during the waxing moon. This is to attract the moon light. As you do
these, say a prayer requesting that the healing energies of the moon to
saturate your stones, crystals and paper to heal your heart chakra. Let
them sit out on the window sill all night.

November 22, 2009

The Ritual- Part Two

We suggest the following ritual to be done throughout the day. It is necessary to put the time in, when you do the first ritual and then
touch the tools throughout the day seeing and thinking of only the
positive proclamations we will give you to use on this ritual.

Placement of stones. Take the five clear quartz crystal and place one on each direction and one in the center of the paper. Place the stones
inside the heart, in a circle. using one pink, one green, and so on..

The proclamations

I am a part of the whole. This world is a part of me. I proclaim the following to be my truth for this time. This period of life is full with
light that is pink and green. It circles me and enters my heart,
swirling around clearly for the world to see.

This morning I proclaim I am not an independent worker but am a worker of the all encompassing Spirit. Today it is a day to be of
servitude and keep my focus on God's needs not mine. Every person who I
interact with is in the path of the swirling pink and green lights. It
is always within and without me as I intertwine with the all
encompassing one and do its' work to those I see and those I do not.
Every thought that I have must be filter through my safety net. This
invisible net will only keep the words that nourish and embrace the All.
Keep my mind focus on doing the work of God through myself, not me
through God. Each moment is a blessing to do the work of God, as it is
proclaim and as we do now. We are stretching outwards to touch each
person seen and not seen with the light of pink and green.

So mote it be.

When this ritual is done for 7 to 14 days, it will revive your energy through the heart chakra so you will become a guiding light for others.
This will also heal areas of concern in your own life, since this light
will attract to you the events to heal your situation(s).


Crystal Fairies

About Renee Abbott:

Renee Abbott has been channeling the Crystal Fairies for 9 years. She has channel a booklet from them title Entering The World of the Crystal
Fairies ,copyrited September 2001. For infomation on how to purchase
this booklet please contact Renee at

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