This morning while sleep was eluding me I closed my eyes and all I could see were fairies and elves! Oh and butterflies and angels of course. It was quite delightful!
My thought was that they would certainly be included in the creation of a new universe along with beautiful birds that would talk in a sweet voice instead of the gravely voice of parrots! And there would be beautiful flowers that sang and swayed to the music!
I was still creating when I fell asleep!
Maybe you can create more and add to this creation in order for it to be a collective creation!


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I would love to helpyou create, and think it would save the air of the Earth if we had variouse flying pets, or friends? Now how fun would that be, weeee.....
It will be great and all of them will be trained so that they don't drop anything on us from the sky while they are flying around! Big Smile!
and a waterfall with a natural slide made of smooth stone so we can slide down from the top into a beautiful pool of water!

Oh what fun we have at the pool, us and others who dwell in and keep the waters, because now we have the eyes to see all the others who are here with us, how delighted we are to interact and play with those that use to only dwell in our dreams.

Magical moments created~
and just hitch a ride.....

That sounds like fun :D I woke up one night and my aloe vera plants were waving their arms all around in the air, and they were glowing pinky red and blue. This was before I saw Avatar, so I know that didn't influence me! I thought, oh, so that's what they really look like ! Before they had freaked me out a bit b/c they seem so conscious.... and like they could do things intentionally... it seems they do actually! :) Ohhh, that's ounds so lovely, to have beatufiul birds talking in sweet voices, and flowers that sing and sway!!! :D Like my aloes :) What a beautiful dream to dream into reality. Thanks!!! love and light, Rachel. PS. I have a question... have you seen fairies before, and did they ever talk to you? I'm inclined to believe in them, but I don't know if I have ever seen one... but I do think I sensed/and spoke with one... she was the guardian of the valley I was standing in. She led me up a hill until it came out to a place where you could see all the way up and down the valley, it was so pretty! Then later she told me her name, and when I repeated it (I forget now... began with S) that very moment I felt something touch my arm, pulled back in surprise and turned to see that it was a dragonfly :) Beautiful! Gentle kind person she was/is. May she and her valley always be safe. I don't know if she was a fairy exactly. Peace, light and joy, Rachel


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